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2018/19 NHL Stanley Cup Betting Odds

2018/19 NHL Stanley Cup Betting Odds
The best time to place your futures bet for the winner of the NHL's Stanley Cup is at the beginning of the season. That's when prices are at their friendliest. And it just happens that means you should be investing in these odds right now! To help you decide where you put your money, we cycle through some of the favorites and dark-horse contenders.

With the 2018-19 NHL season still in its infancy, now is the time to take advantage of the best prices on potential Stanley Cup champions. We help you single out the top options from the rest of the crowd by tackling all of the following:

  • Complete NHL future odds
  • Odds-on Stanley Cup favorites
  • Dark-horse contenders
  • Statistical analysis of each pick
  • More

Note that all Stanley Cup odds come courtesy of Bovada and are accurate as of Tuesday, October 9. Always confirm these lines before placing a wager, as they will pivot depending on the time of year.

2019 Stanley Cup Favorites

These five teams have been billed as the most likely Stanley Cup champions by oddsmakers.

Toronto Maple Leafs (+700)

Peddling the Toronto Maple Leafs as the absolute favorites is a little bit ambitious, but it’s not completely off-base. Their depth at forward is perhaps the best in the league, which is kind of scary. They finished tied for second in total goals scored last season and have the personnel to build upon that pole position this year. 

Not surprisingly, the 20 goals they scored through their first four games to start 2018-19 put them on a record-setting offensive pace. This output won’t hold, but it reinforces just how dangerous they remain in the championship picture.

Tampa Bay Lightning (+850)

Okay, if there’s a team that can rival or exceed Toronto’s depth at forward, it’s these Tampa Bay Lightning. They span nearly nine deep at the forward slots and are coming off a season in which they led the NHL in total goals scored by almost a 20-point margin.

Don’t let their slow start to 2018-19 fool you. This team belongs in the Stanley Cup conversation.

Winnipeg Jets (+850)

Purchase Winnipeg Jets stock now if you’re going to funnel any of your money into the leading Stanely Cup favorites. Their odds aren’t going to increase your payout as the season wears on. Said lines will, in fact, go the other way.

The Jets are only laying a +850 right now because they’ve had a few bad beats to begin the current season. Their “slump” won’t hold, though. Star player Patrik Laine is playing for a new contract and heads an offensive attack that ceded status only to Tampa Bay last year.

Nashville Predators (+1100)

Generating enough offense could wind up being a problem for the Nashville Predators. They finished in the top 10 of both total goals and shooting percentage last year, but they’re not teeming with reliable firepower.

On the flip side, however, their defense is ridiculous. Pekka Rinne remains one of the game’s top goaltenders and continues to anchor a defense that placed first last season in save percentage. The Predators, like the rest of these teams, will be hanging around the championship discussion all year.

Washington Capitals (+1100)

This one’s pretty simple: The Washington Capitals won last year’s Stanley Cup and are returning basically the same group in 2018-19—including goal-scoring machine Alex Ovechkin.

Age could harsh the good vibes surrounding this team, but the Capitals will remain in the championship mix all season.

Dark Horse Stanley Cup Contenders

None of these teams are laying top-seven Stanley Cup odds at the sportsbooks, but they nevertheless belong on your radar.

Los Angeles Kings (+2600)

Are the Los Angeles Kings old? Sure. Are they bogged down by overpriced contracts that make improving the roster at the trade deadline almost impossible? Definitely.

Should you care? Not really.

Los Angeles is all-in on this season following the addition of Ilya Kovalchuk. He boosts the offensive appeal of a squad that ranked in the bottom half of total goals scored last season. Pair this upgrade with a stellar defense, and the Kings might do some damage. 

Philadelphia Flyers (+2600)

Truth told, the Philadelphia Flyers might be a year or two away from making good on this designation. They’re a touch too young for most bettors’ taste.

But don’t let that totally dissuade you from investing in them. The defense should be a tad better than last season, and they now have the offensive depth to flirt with a top-10 finish. 

San Jose Sharks (+1200)

Honest question: How are the San Jose Sharks not closer to favorites? They acquired William Karlsson from the Ottawa Senators. He now completes the best one-two scoring punch in the league with Brent Burns.

Things can get rough on the defensive end at times for this group, but they know how to scrap and claw. They placed second in penalty killing percentage in 2017-18. We recommend jumping on their odds before they move.

See below the top sportsbooks where you can wager online and choose the best one for you:


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