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NBA Trade Deadline 2018: Pacific Division Preview

NBA Trade Deadline 2018: Pacific Division Preview
Things are heating up in the NBA as this year's trade deadline draws closer and closer. No quite knows what to expect on a collective level given the salary-cap squeeze that's projected to take place this summer. But you can bet on there being at least some action in advance of Feb. 8's 3 p.m. ET cutoff—hence why we're talking a look at each division and forecasting outlooks based on championship odds. Up right now: The Pacific Division's five squads.

Championship odds for each Pacific Division team come via TopBet and are accurate leading into games for Wednesday, Feb. 7. Please, as always, be sure to give these lines an additional once-over before deciding on or placing a wager, as the numbers could change.

Record projections and statistical ranks are all courtesy of Basketball-Reference or NBA.com and are accurate as of games played on Tuesday, Feb. 6. Keep this in mind should you be taking stock of the Pacific Division landscape sometime after the fact. And finally: Teams will be tackled in order of increasing winning percentage.

Sacramento Kings (+300000)


  • Offensive Rating Rank: 30
  • Defensive Rating Rank: 29
  • Net Rating Rank: 30
  • Win-Loss Pace: 26-56
  • Buyers or Sellers: Sellers
  • Biggest Need: Cap relief for next season

The Sacramento Kings overcomplicated their situation this past summer. They should not have loaded up on veterans like George Hill, Vince Carter and Zach Randolph in hopes of remaining competitive or helping the locker room remain stable amid rampant losing. It created a weird dynamic.

Head coach Dave Joerger has been left trying to dole out adequate minutes to everyone, both youngsters and veterans alike. Only recently did the Kings come out and commit to giving the youth more run over the old heads. That type of push and pull lays the groundwork for an inconsistent direction. The Kings should not—nay, cannot—have that. They’re in a fragile part of their development: the very beginning. They need to aggressively be seeking out picks and prospects and salary-cap relief that they can then parlay into more picks and prospects.

Count on them doing just that—or attempting to do just that—in advance of the trade deadline. At least one of George Hill and Garrett Temple should be finishing the season elsewhere, while we shouldn’t be ruling out a deal for Kosta Koufos or an eventual buyout for Vince Carter.

Expect the Kings, in turn, to get worse. They should exit the deadline a little more rich in picks and prospects, and perhaps cap space, but they’re not suddenly going to morph into a viable single-game bet.

Phoenix Suns (+200000)


  • Offensive Rating Rank: 27
  • Defensive Rating Rank: 30
  • Net Rating Rank: 29
  • Win-Loss Pace: 27-55
  • Buyers or Sellers: Both
  • Biggest Need: Point guard help 

With the Phoenix Suns contending for top-three lottery odds, they should technically be sellers. But they’re not like the Kings and many other rebuilding teams. They’ve already started reinvesting in the current core.

T.J. Warren signed a four-year extension earlier in the season, and third-year guard Devin Booker will be extension-eligible this summer. And when young players you intend to keep long term get more expensive, you have no choice but to strike on some level.

That doesn’t mean the Suns will begin auctioning off their own first-round picks or other incumbent prospects. They cannot be doing that either. They should, however, be trying to add talent at the point guard position, since they traded Eric Bledsoe in November, waived Mike James shortly thereafter and just recently lost Isaiah Canaan for the year. 

Players like Elfrid Payton of the Orlando Magic and Emmanuel Mudiay of the Denver Nuggets both spring to mind. They’re fliers who could end up being part of the Suns’ long-haul trajectory, but who also won’t break the asset bank in any potential trade.

Los Angeles Lakers (+100000)


  • Offensive Rating Rank: 28
  • Defensive Rating Rank: 11
  • Net Rating Rank: 23
  • Win-Loss Pace: 34-48
  • Buyers or Sellers: Both
  • Biggest Need: Financial flexibility for summers of 2018 and 2019/more first-round picks and prospects

Get ready for the Los Angeles Lakers to maybe, quite possibly, potentially switch course.

The book on them has been the same all year: They would look to shed salary at the trade deadline so they could have enough cap space to sign two max free agents this summer. But that aim has apparently shifted.

The New Orleans Pelicans lost DeMarcus Cousins for the season, Paul George appears happy with the Oklahoma City Thunder, and no one quite knows what the heck LeBron James is going to do. Ergo, the Lakers don’t figure to be major winners on the free-agent market.

Recognizing this, they’ve tabled most of their ambitions until 2019. And while that could spell a quiet deadline for The Purple and Gold, it could also turn them into a miniature dumping ground. They can, and should, be looking into the acquisition of unwanted deals that both expire by 2019 and get them a first-round pick or prospect.

Los Angeles Clippers (+50000)


  • Offensive Rating Rank: 12
  • Defensive Rating Rank: 15
  • Net Rating Rank: 13
  • Win-Loss Pace: 43-39
  • Buyers or Sellers: Should-be sellers; could-be buyers
  • Biggest Need: Picks and prospects

After trading Blake Griffin to the Detroit Pistons, the Los Angeles Clippers should absolutely, most definitely, without a doubt be full-on sellers. And still, they might not be.

Although most signs point toward the Clippers considering a teardown, they’ve also proved resistant on the DeAndre Jordan trade front and made progress on an extension with the 31-year-old Lou Williams.

Neither development tracks with the modus operandi of a rebuilding team. Rather than holding onto and reinvesting in elder assets, the Clippers should be trying to move Jordan and Williams in search of not only cap relief, but picks and prospects that restrock what is, as of now, a ruthlessly bare cupboard.

Stand pat, or worse, actively double-down on this role-player-heavy core, and a +50000 won’t even be enough to sell you on the Clippers. They’ll have the look and feel of an expensive first-round stepping stone and nothing more.

Golden State Warriors (-275)


  • Offensive Rating Rank: 1
  • Defensive Rating Rank: 6
  • Net Rating Rank: 1
  • Win-Loss Pace: 62-80
  • Buyers or Sellers: Buyers
  • Biggest Need: Shooting and/or size in the second unit

The Golden State Warriors shouldn’t need anything or anyone at first glance. They have the best record in the league, to go along with the top offensive rating. They’re sitting pretty. Another title feels likely, if inevitable.

But the Warriors have run into problems recently with their bodies beyond the starting lineup. They aren’t getting enough shooting from their bench—Golden State’s second-stringers rank dead last in three-pointers made per 100 possessions—and could use a bigger body to rebound, protect the rim, dive out of the pick-and-roll and just serve as a general nuisance.

Short on trade assets, the Warriors don’t have a lot of options. Stealing someone like Kyle O’Quinn from the New York Knicks or Nerlens Noel from the Dallas Mavericks is probably the ceiling on their trade-deadline capacity. And that’s fine. They don’t need anything more than a miniature frontcourt punch to cement their status as unbeatable. One small, yet meaningful, tweak will be more than enough.

To that end, you should probably bet on their championship odds right now. They’ll only travel in the complete opposite direction, closer to -350 or lower, if they make any additions at the deadline.

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Away Score Home Money Line
Monday 05 February
FT Blazers 91 - 111 Detroit Pistons +120 -141 Odds
FT Washington Wizards 111 - 102 Indiana Pacers -149 +130 Odds
FT Orlando Magic 111 - 109 Miami Heat +325 -455 Odds
FT Utah Jazz 133 - 109 Pelicans -110 -110 Odds
FT Charlotte Hornets 104 - 121 Denver Nuggets +160 -179 Odds
FT Chicago Bulls 98 - 104 Sacramento Kings +110 -130 Odds
FT Dallas Mavericks 101 - 104 L.A. Clippers +220 -263 Odds
Tuesday 06 February
FT Cleveland Cavaliers 98 - 116 Orlando Magic -303 +250 Odds
FT Boston Celtics 91 - 111 Toronto Raptors +175 -208 Odds
FT Memphis Grizzlies 82 - 108 Atlanta Hawks +130 -149 Odds
FT Houston Rockets 123 - 113 Brooklyn Nets -769 +520 Odds
FT Milwaukee Bucks 103 - 89 New York Knicks +100 -120 Odds
FT Washington Wizards 102 - 115 Philadelphia 76ers +240 -278 Odds
FT Thunder 125 - 105 Warriors +400 -588 Odds
FT Phoenix Suns 93 - 112 L.A. Lakers +275 -345 Odds
Wednesday 07 February
FT Brooklyn Nets 106 - 115 Detroit Pistons +375 -556 Odds
FT Houston Rockets 109 - 101 Miami Heat -200 +170 Odds
AOT Wolves 138 - 140 Cleveland Cavaliers -164 +145 Odds
FT Utah Jazz 92 - 88 Memphis Grizzlies -278 +240 Odds
Ppd Indiana Pacers 20:00 Pelicans +145 -164 Odds
FT San Antonio Spurs 129 - 81 Phoenix Suns -588 +400 Odds
Thursday 08 February
FT Atlanta Hawks 98 - 100 Orlando Magic -125 +105 Odds
FT New York Knicks 88 - 113 Toronto Raptors +800 -1429 Odds
AOT Boston Celtics 110 - 104 Washington Wizards -130 +110 Odds
AOT Charlotte Hornets 103 - 109 Blazers +130 -149 Odds
FT Dallas Mavericks 103 - 121 Warriors +800 -1429 Odds
FT Thunder 81 - 106 L.A. Lakers +100 -120 Odds
Friday 09 February
FT Pelicans 82 - 100 Philadelphia 76ers +210 -250 Odds
FT L.A. Clippers 108 - 95 Detroit Pistons +145 -164 Odds
FT Cleveland Cavaliers 123 - 107 Atlanta Hawks -130 +110 Odds
FT Indiana Pacers 97 - 91 Boston Celtics +150 -169 Odds
FT Denver Nuggets 104 - 130 Houston Rockets +325 -455 Odds
FT Milwaukee Bucks 85 - 91 Miami Heat +100 -120 Odds
FT Charlotte Hornets 94 - 106 Utah Jazz +210 -250 Odds
FT Wolves 113 - 114 Chicago Bulls -345 +275 Odds
FT Blazers 118 - 100 Sacramento Kings -208 +175 Odds
Saturday 10 February
AOT Pelicans 138 - 128 Brooklyn Nets -135 +115 Odds
FT Milwaukee Bucks 111 - 104 Orlando Magic -208 +175 Odds
FT L.A. Clippers 98 - 112 Philadelphia 76ers +180 -169 Odds
FT Washington Wizards 101 - 90 Chicago Bulls -233 +190 Odds
FT L.A. Lakers 123 - 130 Dallas Mavericks +145 -164 Odds
FT San Antonio Spurs 105 - 122 Warriors +500 -714 Odds
FT Denver Nuggets 123 - 113 Phoenix Suns -323 +260 Odds
Sunday 11 February
Toronto Raptors 13:00 Charlotte Hornets -149 +130 Odds
Detroit Pistons 15:30 Atlanta Hawks -161 +140 Odds
Cleveland Cavaliers 15:30 Boston Celtics +170 -200 Odds
New York Knicks 17:00 Indiana Pacers
Dallas Mavericks 19:00 Houston Rockets Odds
Sacramento Kings 19:00 Wolves +750 -1250 Odds
Memphis Grizzlies 19:00 Thunder
Utah Jazz 21:00 Blazers

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