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Online Sports Betting’s Lightning Fast Preview Of The NBA’s Biggest Free Agents

Online Sports Betting’s Lightning Fast Preview Of The NBA’s Biggest Free Agents
It's one of the most exciting dates on the NBA calendar and it features absolutely zero basketball being played. On July 1, the NBA opens up shop free agency action. Here's a look at seven marquee names in this year's signing mix.

LeBron James – Small Forward

Okay, this feel a little misleading, but King James really is an unrestricted free agent this summer. It’s expected he’ll come back to Cleveland after the Cavs confirm they can bring in talent, but seeing as the Best Player In Basketball™ contractless in a bid to keep this traditionally flawed franchise on task has to be nerve-wracking for the city. Do you trust the Cleveland Cavaliers (a projected 11/4 shot to win the NBA title) not to screw this up?

Kevin Love – Power Forward

Speaking of Cavalier players opting out of deals, Kevin Love has elected to test the free agent market after a mixed bag of a 2014-15 campaign. Love could return to Cleveland where he averaged nearly a double-double per contest or maybe he’ll have his eye focused on new surroundings with the Celtics or Lakers. The LBJ factor might entice him to stay, but there’s the potential to take on a starring role in a bigger city.

LaMarcus Aldridge – Power Forward

Provided you’re confident LeBron won’t be bailing, LaMarcus Aldridge scores the coveted “most important free agent” crown of this year’s class. Aldridge showed in Portland that he provides an enviable low post presence with the ability to nab rebounds and shoot for the deeper portions of the court. There will be no shortage of franchises looking to turn the game’s default “underrated superstar” into a high-profile part of their championship bid.

Marc Gasol – Center

Can the Memphis Grizzlies survive without Marc Gasol? Maybe, but it won’t be easy. (By the way, the Grizzlies are a 28/1 shot to grab championship glory next summer.) A skilled big man on offense and defense, Gasol boasted a career-high 17.8 points-per-game in 2014-15 and gave opponents fits when they tried to score. The NBA’s thirst for talented big men is always there so Gasol will definitely be in-demand this July.

DeAndre Jordan – Center

Speaking of quality centers, the Clippers may experience life without DeAndre Jordan. The 26-year-old Aggie alum was an ultra bright spot in a Los Angeles defense will some serious flaws. Jordan collected 15 rebounds a contest last season and might be looking for a locale where tension isn’t an issue. (Reports have it that Jordan and Chris Paul aren’t exactly pals.) Could Dallas or Houston make a play to bring this free agent back home to Texas?

Paul Milsap – Power Forward

All-Star power forward Paul Milsap will be looking to cash in on a strong year where he was vital to the regular season run of the Atlanta Hawks. Milsap provided ATL nearly 17 points and 8 rebounds a game last season and he’ll be looking to keep that up in a new market.

Dwyane Wade – Shooting Guard

Miami’s not exactly thrilled about this, but Dwyane Wade has opted to enter free agency this summer. The Heat superstar was asked by the team to consider hanging on until next summer so the franchise could take a run at incredible free agents like Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis. That could still be an option, mind you. Wade’s just taking stock of his options.

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