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NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019

NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets 2019
By now, with the NFL's Super Bowl matchup long since set, you've probably placed your moneyline, spread and over/under wagers. But what are your prop bets? Sportsbooks have them everywhere this time of year, and they can be super profitable—not to mention fun.

When looking at this year’s Super Bowl Prop Bets, you’ll notice there are no shortage of options that don’t directly relate to the game. These types of wagers are our favorite. Here are some of the prop bets we’ll be going over:

  • Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds
  • Super Bowl National Anthem Props
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show Bets
  • Super Bowl Commercial Wagers
  • Off-Beat Props

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

Lines for all of these wagers can be found at Bovada and are accurate as of January 24. Make sure you double-check them, as they are subject to change right up until kickoff.


Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds: Heads (-105) vs. Tails (-105)

No amount of statistical analysis can help you determine the result of the Super Bowl Coin Toss. This is one of those bets rooted purely in luck, and people love it.

If it helps, while the coin toss came up heads last year, the NFL saw tails come up in each of the previous four years. And prior to that, there were four consecutive years of it turning up heads.

Is heads due to make another run?

OSB Pick: Heads (-105)


Super Bowl National Anthem Props

Will Gladys Knight Forget a Word: Yes (+300) vs. No (-500)

Forgotten or omitted words happen during the Super Bowl National Anthem. They just do.

But banking on them is never smart. Gladys Knight is a veteran of the music industry. Her and her representation have to know the dangers involved of mucking up the National Anthem—memes, going viral, etc.

OSB Pick: No (-500)


Length of National Anthem: Over 1:47 (-160) vs. Under (+120)

Brevity is never a strong suit when it comes to the Super Bowl’s National Anthem. Artists tend to draw it out.

Gladys Knight is above making it a spectacle, but if she sings at her typical pace, we may be in for a two-minute National Anthem.

And hey: It’ll probably sound great.

OSB Pick: Over (-160)


Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

Which Song Will Maroon 5 Open With?

Here’s a complete list of all the options and odds for Maroon 5’s opening song:

  • “One More Night” (+300)
  • “Makes Me Wonder” (+500)
  • “Sugar” (+550)
  • “Animals” (+600)
  • “Girls Like You” (+600)
  • “Moves Like Jagger” (+600)
  • “Don’t Wanna Know” (+700)
  • “Payphone” (+1000)
  • “Maps” (+1500)
  • “She Will Be Loved” (+1500)
  • “This Love” (+1500)

People who have attended a Maroon 5 concert will have an edge here. Our advice: Don’t sleep on the classics.

The NFL is a traditional, old-school league. They’re not big on songs with profanity, and it stands to reason they’ll have steered Maroon 5 toward opening up with something safe. 

Our favorite dark-horse options include “She Will Be Loved” at +1500 and “Moves Like Jagger” at +600.


How Many Songs Will Be Played: Over 7.5 (-120) vs. Under 7.5 (-120)

Picking this prop is always tough. Bands never get through entire songs. They do mashups of their portfolio, which allows for more volume.

Still, the TV networks have ad space to sell, and 7.5 songs is a lot.

Unless Maroon 5 brings out a co-headlining guest, we’re taking the under.

OSB Pick: Under (-120)


Super Bowl Commercial Props

How Many Commercials Will Run: Over 96 (-120) vs. Under 96 (-120)

Forecasting the number of Super Bowl Commercials is always a little bit of a crapshoot. The total depends on plenty of factors, including how much ad space each company buys, the number of timeouts, the number of scores and even the number of penalties.

In today’s fast-paced digital age, though, we’re betting on a bunch of shorter ads, which would support the over.

OSB Pick: Over (-120)


Which Alcohol Commercial Will Appear First?

Here’s the complete list of choices and odds:

  • Budweiser (+150)
  • Bud Light (+210)
  • Stella Artois (+400)
  • Michelob Ultra (+400)
  • Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer (+400)

Personally, I’m pulling for an upset from Stella Artois or Michelob Ultra. That being said, common sense is telling me to pick Bud Light, which remains the most popular beer in the country.

OSB Pick: Bud Light (+210)


Off-Beat Props

How Many Times Will Broadcast Mention Sean McVay’s Age: Over 1.5 (-175) vs. Under 1.5 (+135)

Sean McVay, head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, just turned 33 on January 24. We already hear plenty about how young he is. Factor in the spotlight of the Super Bowl, and forget about it. The broadcast will mention his age a ton.

In fact, McVay’s opponent actually helps this case. 

New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is 66—exactly double McVay’s age. That little tidbit will be good for two references on its own.

OSB Pick: Over (-175)


Number Of Players Tony Romo Correctly Predicts: Over 7.5 (-140) vs. Under 7.5 (Even)

Anyone who has seen a Tony Romo-broadcast football game before knows how good he is at predicting plays. That skill won’t suddenly disappear.

At the same time, the Patriots are less predictable than most, which could dampen his total. But…eh. Tony Romo is the best color analyst in the business.

Trust the over.

OSB Pick: Over (-140)


Check out all the best online sportsbooks below so that you can find the one that’s perfect for you:

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