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Who’s Got The Power?: Online Sports Betting’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings

Who’s Got The Power?: Online Sports Betting’s Weekly MLB Power Rankings
The hunt for the World Series is in full swing and some clubs possess more might than others. (Sorry, Phillies fans.) Each Thursday we look at Major League Baseball's most fearsome squads in our Weekly MLB Power Rankings.

Good ol’ June. It’s a fantastic month where Major League Baseball still offers up hope of your ball club getting fitted for World Series rings even though we haven’t gotten to the All Star Break yet. (Optimism Disclaimer: Hope may not be redeemable in Milwaukee.) Every Thursday we provide a rundown of the five most fearsome clubs with our weekly power rankings. Who’s got the power this week?

5. Texas Rangers

Odds To Win World Series: 25/1

Consider this a value bet and no we haven’t been drinking. The Rangers have been sneaky hot of late winning 20 of their last 27 games. That stretch has included winning sets versus the Yankees, Royals, Twins and Dodgers. Heck, two of those series triumphs (including three straight Ws against L.A.) came just this week. Their pitching’s been nothing to write home about, but this is a Rangers squad that scores runs and has an enviable habit of beating stellar teams.

4. Los Angeles Dodgers

Odds To Win World Series: 15/2

The NL West hasn’t exactly been as stellar as advertised this year (so long, Bud Black), but the Dodgers have certainly done their part. No one in the Majors gets on-base as often as Los Angeles and their slugging percentage is nothing to sneeze at. Getting megastar hurlers like Clayton Kershaw and Zach Greinke to dominate on the mound would be a plus, but the W-L record of both pitchers fails to properly showcase the run support drought these arms have dealt with at times this season.

3. Houston Astros

Odds To Win World Series: 16/1

The cream of the AL West crop and in possession of a rotation that includes Cy Young contender Dallas Keuchel and wonder rookie Lance McCullers. This week, McCullers and the bullpen shared a two-hit outing where Houston crushed the Mariners 13-0. By the way, Houston’s won their last four contests.

2. Kansas City Royals

Odds To Win World Series: 7/1

It was a bit of a messy week for the Royals. The Cards smacked them down twice in interleague play (it could have been thrice if Sunday’s game wasn’t posponed) and Kansas City proceeded to get their mojo back by stomping the lowly Brewers in three consecutive games. Even with the early week Ls, the Royals still look a serious contender and their collection of arms have kept opponents to a league-stingiest .235 batting average.

1. St. Louis Cardinals

Odds To Win World Series: 15/2

We’re all having a good schadenfreude-y laugh at Cardinals fans that are scrambling to defend their franchise following Hackgate 2015, but that doesn’t mean St. Louis is a joke. Their pitching is dynamite (see: a sparkling 2.63 team ERA) and they looked super strong against the AL Central’s best this week. In action against the Royals and Twins, the Cardinals nabbed four out of five wins and continue to enjoy the best winning percentage in baseball by a wide margin.

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