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Betting Odds Breakdown for Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson

Betting Odds Breakdown for Tiger Woods vs Phil Mickelson
Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson. Together. One-on-one. Head-to-head. It's happening, and it's happening soon. And with this November 23 showdown fast approaching, it's important you figure out which way to bet. Luckily, that's why we're here: to provide you with a full Mickelson vs. Tiger breakdown.

Have you gotten your bets in for the November 23 head-to-head matchup between golfing legends Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson? If you haven’t, you better get on it. Their Las Vegas tee time is coming. Fortunately, we have you covered from A to Z with:

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  • Tiger Woods analysis
  • Phil Mickelson analysis
  • Outright betting odds
  • Prop betting odds
  • More

Betting Odds for Woods vs. Mickelson

Please note all betting odds with henceforth be coming from BetOnline unless otherwise indicated. These lines are accurate as of Friday, November 9, so be sure to double-check them before placing your wager.

Outrights: Tiger Woods (-200) vs. Phil Mickelson (+170)

There’s nothing to really see here. It makes sense that Tiger Woods is favored. Back issues have predominantly derailed his tear through the golf industry, but he’s looked a lot better in recent tournaments, and the concept of going head-to-head with someone seems to suit him.

That said, Phil Mickelson at +170 is excellent value here. During his path back to semi-regular action, Woods has often struggled at the onset. He won’t have an extra day or two to get going in this winner-take-all exhibition match for $10 million. It’s all unfolding in a singular round.

Anyone who hasn’t placed their bet would be smart to monitor the news in advance of these proceedings. If reports of Woods being less than 100 percent surface, it might be a good idea to jump on Mickelson while you can.

As another piece of advice, we’d recommend steering clear of live outright odds in this one. Both golfers will be placing side bets with one another, so each hole is going to have its own stakes, which can warp the bigger picture wagers depending on the size of said side bet.

More than that, it’s been stated that this competition won’t be a one-time thing. Woods and Mickelson plan to make this something of a series. (With so much money at stake, why wouldn’t they?) And since they’ll want more opportunities to face off against one another, keeping things close will be paramount to the competition. If one gets too far ahead, then, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them kind of let their foot off gas to drum up drama, a ploy that presents all sorts of unsavory live-bet possibilities.

Our outright pick: Phil Mickelson (+170) (according to Bovada)

Prop Bets

There are a few props available for this match. Here are the most popular ones to date.


  • Tiger Woods -1.5 (-115)
  • Phil Mickelson +1.5 (+115)

Isn’t weird to see a spread as a prop bet? Golf doesn’t typically use spreads to this degree. But in a head-to-head matchup, sportsbooks are allowed to be more creative. 

Our pick: Mickelson at +1.5 (+115)


Color of Mickelson’s Shirt

  • White +150
  • Black +250
  • Blue +400
  • Other +400

Yep, we’re diving into shirt colors! Mickelson usually wears a white or black shirt, but he has been known to mix in some dark green on occasion. Going “other” isn’t a bad bet, but we’re playing it safe.

Our pick: Black (+250)


Color of Woods’ Shirt

  • Red (+300)
  • White (+300)
  • Black (+450)
  • Other (+150)

More shirt talk! Wood has been known to mix it up more than Mickelson. He’s donned all different sorts of shirts. We like the other option. It seems like Nike could have him wear something loud for such a high-profile event. One thing’s for certain, betting on black is a mistake. That’s not a color Woods has usually sported.

Our pick: Other (+150)

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