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Packers vs Rams NFL Week 7 Best Bet Handicapping Call

Green Bay Packers: Moving past early season shenanigans

Call the NFL what you want – but you can’t can’t say that it’s predictable. In what has been a very strange season to date (only two of 16 AFC clubs are above .500 six weeks in) the Green Bay Packers have been quite a conundrum. Sitting at 3-3 and alternating wins and loses, the Packers are 2-0 against the Bears and Texans who have a combined 9-2 record and they are 0-2 against the Seahawks and Colts who sit with a combined 6-6 record. The Pack were robbed in Seattle but that doesn’t count in the official NFL standings. They pulled it all together as they routed the previously unbeaten Houston Texans 42-24 in Week 6 action.

St. Louis Rams: Alive and kicking in the NFC West playoff picture

After totaling just two wins during the NFL 2011 season, the St. Louis Rams can already call the 2012 season a success as they sit with a 3-3 record through six weeks. Much like Packers, the Rams season to date has been weird one as well. They blew a lead to the Lions, won by a field goal over the Redksins, got pummeled by the Bears, won back-to-back games against NFC West foes Seattle and Arizona, before falling by a field to the Dolphins on the road. Through six weeks they have 110-111 combined total score count. Now they get the Packers and Patriots (who have scored 154 and 188 points) for two home games before their Week 9 bye.

Rams vs. Packers Online Sports Betting Game Day Prediction

Scanning the betting board at the online sportsbook, we were surprised to see this game posted with a low -5 (-110) point spread. Whether it’s a “sucker bet” or not, this line is too low in our opinion. During Week 6 of the 2011 NFL season the Packers were -14 point home chalk and won by a 24-3 final count. Even given the fact that the Rams are playing better this year, and are at home for this contest, shaving nine points off the spread just doesn’t add up. While we’re not big fans of laying points with a road team, we’ll give the -5 point spread as we can’t see the Rams keeping pace with the Packers in this one.

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