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“Super Bowl” for Pot-Friendly States of Washington and Colorado

Seattle Seahawks: Primed for a league title

Seattle has been waiting for this day since Pete Carroll was hired prior to the 2010 season. In his four years at the helm, the former USC head coach has led the Seahawks to the playoffs three times. Now, the Seahawks have an NFC title and a spot in the Super Bowl. Coming from Washington, where marijuana has been legalized, the Seahawks will face plenty of challenges in this game. Aside from the Broncos high-flying offense, the Seahawks will have to deal with near-freezing temperatures in New Jersey. Can they make the cross-country trip and win the game? Only time will tell.

Super Bowl

Denver Broncos: Can Peyton win a second crown?

Peyton Manning is looking for his second Super Bowl title in his storied career. It would be his first as a member of the Broncos and would tie him with his brother Eli, not that there is a family rivalry or anything. Manning and the Broncos will be tested by the Seahawks number-one defense even though Denver has the number-one offense. Can the Broncos exploit the Seahawks defense? It might not be as easy as some fans from Colorado might think, especially since pot is not legal in the state. Denver will need to create a game plan that balances the run and the pass if they want to win this game.

For the Super Bowl odds this early, we head over to and find that the Seahawks are three-point underdogs in this contest. The line has changed multiple times since the Seahawks clinched their spot in the Super Bowl late on Sunday night leading some of their fans to spark up in celebration. The odds surely will change as the game gets closer a couple more times as well. For now, we will take the Seahawks in New Jersey to secure their first Super Bowl title by betting 10 percent of our bankroll on them to win outright.

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