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Who will win the 2019 NFL Super Bowl?

Who will win the 2019 NFL Super Bowl?
Ready or not, here comes the 2018 NFL season! Super Bowl odds are popping this time of year, so we've got sort of a who-you-need-to-know guide for you to follow—including the best potential favorites and some ultra-intriguing underdogs.

Are you fully prepared for the start of the 2018 NFL season? You better be, specifically because now is the time to get your Super Bowl bets in. Sportsbooks are laying the best odds, and there is a unique window of opportunity for you to capitalize on underdogs. Luckily, in the event you’re behind the eight-ball, we’ve got you covered with all of the following:

  • Top Super Bowl favorites
  • Best under-the-radar bets
  • Analysis on every pick
  • Special mention of the reigning-champion Philadephia Eagles. 
  • More!

Note: All Super Bowl odds come courtesy of TopBet and are accurate entering Week 1. Please confirm these lines with your sportsbook of choice before deciding on a wager, as they will shift throughout the season.

Top Super Bowl Favorites

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers are once again contenders.

These teams are being given the most love by current oddsmakers. Make sure you stay on top of their progress throughout the entire year.

New England Patriots (+600)

Tom Brady and the New England Patriots will fade into irrelevance at some point, just not now. They have the offensive talent to survive Julian Edelman’s suspension so long as Rob Gronkowski remains healthy, and their defensive scheme is tailor-made for the regular season.


Los Angeles Rams (+900)

Was the Los Angeles Rams‘ offensive success in 2017 for real? Can they sustain such a high level of performance while working running back Todd Gurley tooth and nail? Or are they more likely than not going to crash back down to Earth unless quarterback Jason Goff makes an appreciable leap?

The sportsbooks seem to think last year’s squad was for real. We’re a little more skeptical. View them as a borderline favorite for now, but get ready to pivot into a separate bet on Week 5, because there’s a chance this outfit played too far above their heads last season.


Philadelphia Eagles (+900)

The defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles could wind up being a drastically improved squad with Carson Wentz, an MVP candidate before his ACL injury last year, returning to play under center. The key for them will be providing an encore for their big-play backfield and defensive success from last season.


Minnesota Vikings (+1000)

Sleep on the Minnesota Vikings at your own peril. They’re a borderline powerhouse after signing Kirk Cousins. They’ve now paired a top-five defense and run game with a top-10 arm. You do the math. This team should flirt with 12 or more victories and the NFC title.


Pittsburgh Steelers (+900)

Truth be told, the Pittsburgh Steelers may be getting a little too much hype here. Ben Roethlisberger is getting old and is hardly the most durable quarterback, and their secondary remains a little suspect. Keep them in your mix, but it might make sense to holster big-picture bets until they’ve proven to be a pretender or genuine contender.


Green Bay Packers (+1200)

Aaron Rodgers is healthy and under center for the Green Bay Packers again. And really, that’s all you need to know. There will be some questions about their run game and how well the receivers perform in the wake of Jordy Nelson’s departure, but with Rodgers’ arm, you’re likely looking at a top-seven offense and 10- or 11-game winner. That’s enough to warrant their inclusions among the NFL’s odds-on superpowers.


Best Super Bowl Underdogs

Eli Manning may be captaining a quality Giants squad.

Though these teams aren’t generating a ton of support from oddsmakers, be sure to keep them on your Super Bowl peripheral. With a couple of the right breaks, they too could emerge as viable contenders.

Denver Broncos (+3500)

People are underestimating the Denver Broncos. Sure, they’re coming off a hard-knocks 2017 season. But this year’s defense will be better. More importantly, they finally have an NFL-level quarterback throwing passes. Case Keenum did wonders for the Vikings last year. He should help forge a more balanced—and therefore dangerous—identity for this team.



New Orleans Saints (+1500)

Some wouldn’t call the New Orleans Saints a sleeper. Don’t be one of them. They finished in the top 10 of both offense and defense last year and were a fluke play away from the NFC title game. They deserve to be treated like a powerhouse on the odds front, and yet, they’re being peddled more so as a fringe contender.

Whatever, though. That just opens the door for you to capitalize on odds that more lucrative than expected.


New York Giants (+3500)

Investing in the New York Giants qualifies as an immense risk. They won just three games last year and have not done anything to noticeably improve an underachieving defense. That’s fine. They’ve finally given Eli Manning two things he’s never really had since joining them: a star running back, in rookie Saquon Barkley, and an offensive line worth a damn.

Add in the the talents of star wideout Odell Beckham Jr., and this is an offense that will catch plenty of defenses off-guard. Don’t be shocked if the G-Men find themselves back in the postseason discussion right away.

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