Bellator 277 Predictions: Can Patricio Pitbull Exact Revenge vs. AJ McKee Jr.?

Bellator 277 Predictions: Can Patricio Pitbull Exact Revenge vs. AJ McKee Jr.?

Check out our best bets for Bellator 277.

If you've never bet on Bellator MMA matches before, now is a great time to start. A loaded fight card has been scheduled for Bellator 277 on Friday, April 15, giving you every opportunity to capitalize on MMA odds while taking in some truly tantalizing matches.

Among the most sought after Bellator 277 predictions, of course, is the head-to-head rematch between Patricio Pitbull and AJ McKee Jr. Not only do we have picks for this fight, but we've got Bellator 277 betting odds and predictions for the other three battles on the main card: Vadim Nemkov vs. Corey Anderson, Aaron Pico vs. Adli Edwards and Linton Vassell vs. Tim Johnson.

Let us begin by poring over the latest betting odds for Bellator 277:

AJ McKee Jr.-300+250Patricio Pitbull
Vadim Nemkov-156+136Corey Anderson
Aaron Pico-1400+700Adli Edwards
Linton Vassell-135+115Tim Johnson

Please remember to double-check all of these odds on Bellator 277 prior to settling on any MMA picks. Though the big night is almost here, Bellator 277 betting lines will continue to shift right up until the opening bell of each fight.

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Can Patricio Pitbull Fend Off AJ McKee Jr. This Time Around?

Who doesn't love a good featherweight championship rematch? Patricio Pitbull lost the belt to AJ McKee Jr. last time around, and because he's one of the very best fighters in the business, he's earned himself an immediate chance to get his title back.

Consider us skeptical that he'll be successful. McKee essentially destroyed Pitbull when they first faced off. He had him flailing around with a bunch of different kicks and grappling holds, and Pitbull had no answer.

Granted, Pitbull is still incredibly fast. He can use that speed to keep McKee off balance, which in turn would open up opportunities for hard hits around the midsection and upper body. Still, given the complete and utter dominance McKee showed in their first meeting, it's hard for us to roll with the former champion and underdog here.

OSB Prediction: AJ McKee Jr. (-300)

AJ McKee Jr. To beat Patricio Pitbull

Will Vadim Nemkov Ruin Corey Anderson's Perfect Bellator MMA Record?

Corey Anderson has yet to lose since leaving UFC for Bellator. That should scare everyone. And yet, Vadim Nemkov is 7-0 inside the Bellator octagon himself. He isn't just some pushover.

On the contrary, Nemkov excels at turning matches into slogs. He is an expert in defense and completing takedowns, the latter of which always renders him a knockout threat.

In the end, though, Anderson is the more versatile fighter. He is the better grappler and striker and won't have any issue winning scrums on the ground. From where we're standing, Anderson should be the favorite rather than the underdog.

OSB Prediction: Corey Anderson (+136)

Corey Anderson To beat Vadim Nemkov

Aaron Pico Should Make Mincemeat of Adli Edwards

Look, if we're being honest, we're not even quite sure why Adli Edwards is being thrown into the octagon against Aaron Pico.

These two fighters aren't in the same class of skill set. Pico is an anomalous blend of power and precision and someone who can bag knockouts with his complex and powerful kicks or explosive striking combinations. Edwards is the equivalent of a pusher; he waits on his opponents to make mistakes.

The thing is, Pico doesn't make many errors. And so, this isn't just a fight he should win. It's one that should end in an early knockout or submission.

OSB Prediction: Aaron Pico (-1400)

Aaron Pico To beat Adli Edwards

Can Tim Johnson End Losing Streak vs. Linton Vassell

Oddsmakers seem terrified of billing Tim Johnson as a favorite after he just dropped two fights. We're not all that concerned.

Both of Johnson's losses came against top-shelf competition in Valentin Moldavsky and Fedor Emelianenko. There is no shame in falling to any of them. It's also not like Johnson went down with a whimper. He continued to display the heavyweight striking expertise that has earned him his claim to fame.

To be sure, Johnson is no longer in his heyday. But the same can be said for Linton Vassell. The difference is, where Vassell's aging curve has seen him forfeit some power, Johnson remains a potential "one strike knockout" machine.

OSB Prediction: Tim Johnson (+115)

Tim Johnson To beat Linton Vassell

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