Best UFC 279 Bets: Nate Diaz vs. Khamza Chimaev Picks

Best UFC 279 Bets: Nate Diaz vs. Khamza Chimaev Picks

At long last, we finally have the odds necessary to begin our UFC 279 betting.

It took linemakers a little while to get these numbers out. The marquee fight card was still being finalized, and there was some uncertainty as to whether they needed changes. As it turns out, though, no alterations were necessary. And now we get to bet on Khamza Chimaev vs. Nate Diaz, which will be taking place on Saturday, September 3, as originally planned.

Not only that, but there are a handful of other tantalizing matchups on the primary UFC 279 fight card. We've got Jingliang Li vs. Tony FergusonKevin Holland vs. Daniel RodriguezIrene Aldana vs. Macy Chiasson and Ion Cutelaba vs. Johnny Walker. And better still, our UFC 279 picks are going to cover predictions for every single one of these head-to-heads.

Let's begin by checking out the latest UFC online betting odds, which we'll be grabbing from BetOnline:

Khamzat Chiaev-1500+700Nate Diaz
Jingliang Li-269+229Tony Ferguson
Kevin Holland-200+170Daniel Rodriguez
Irene Aldana-213+183Macy Chiasson
Ion Cutelaba-180+155Johnny Walker

Make sure to double-check these UFC 279 betting odds until you submit your wager. All MMA betting lines are subject to shift through the opening bell, and our UFC odds are accurate entering Monday, September 5—a full five days before these fights start.

Given how much time you have prior to UFC 279, we strongly suggest heading over to our reviews of the top online sportsbooks. We've also got plenty of information on the best betting apps for UFC in 2022. Both of these resources can help you identify favorable specials and promotions, as well as give you a permanent home for all of your betting on the UFC.

Without further delay, though, let's get to some UFC 279 predictions!

Does Nate Diaz Even Stand a Chance Against Khamzat Chimaev at UFC 279?

Nate Diaz has recently had a rough go of it in the octagon, which is why he may soon find himself working on a UFC Fight Night rather than a main event like UFC 279. After losing at UFC 202, 244 and 263, he needs to recapture the momentum he built up in 2016 before he took a years-long break.

Unfortunately for him, he's not going to regain much of anything against Khamzat Chimaev.

The rest of The Company is officially on notice following victories by Chimaev over Jan Blachowicz at UFC 267 and Alexander Volkanovski at UFC 273. If he beats Diaz, he could be fast-tracked toward even more prominent matchups.

And at this point, frankly, Chimaev's victory feels fait accompli. He is landing 7.89 significant strikes per minute at a 59 percent clip, and he's also converting 66 percent of his takedown attempts. Diaz no longer has the defensive package to hold up against so many different modes of offensive operation.

OSB Prediction: Khamza Chimaev (-1500)

Khamza Chimaev To beat Nate Diaz at UFC 279

Jingliang Li Could Have a Tough Time Taking Down Tony Ferguson

Both bettors and, by extension, oddsmakers seem convinced that Jingliang Li will drop Tony Ferguson fairly quickly. We're not quite there yet.

Ferguson is landing more than five significant strikes per minute and remains more adept at evading grappling and wrestling maneuvers.

Still, Ferguson has lost each of his past four matches, the last of which came by a total knockout against Michael Chandler at UFC 274. Li can be a little slower to attack, but his selectivity tends to pay dividends. He is also the far more accomplished takedown artist.

This may not be a particularly fast match, but it should be a victorious one for Li.

OSB Prediction: Jingliang Li (-269)

Jingliang Li To beat Tony Ferguson at UFC 279

Kevin Holland Feels Like a Sure Thing at UFC 279 Against Daniel Rodriguez

To Daniel Rodriguez's credit, he's not your typical +170 underdog. The sheer volume at which he throws punches can be overwhelming; he's currently landing just over eight significant strikes per minute, which he connects on at a respectable 50 percent clip.

A lack of fighting variety ultimately does him in. It hasn't hurt Rodrigues in any of his past three matches, but facing Kevin Holland at UFC 279 is a different beast altogether. Holland packs more power and accuracy, and he's especially skilled at thwarting fast-twitch strike attempts, like those delivered by Rodriguez.

OSB Prediction: Kevin Holland (-200)

Kevin Holland To beat Daniel Rodriguez at UFC 279

Irene Aldana will be Too Overwhelming for Macy Chiasson

There is a real temptation to take Macy Chiasson as the underdog. She uncorks seriously powerful punches and has become exceedingly good at blocking strike attempts from both the strong and weak sides. 

Irene Aldana also poses some risk as a pretty decided favorite. She can deliver more than her fair share of knockout blows, but she does so at the expense of footing and positioning. The 5.94 strikes she is absorbing per minute have no doubt hurt what would be much better than a 13-6-0 UFC record.

None of this changes the facts, though. Aldana is still landing more than 5.60 strikes per minute, and she's blocking 84 percent of her opponent takedown attempts.

We understand if you're worried about her not fighting since July 2021. But we're not concerned.

OSB Prediction: Irene Aldana (-213)

Irene Aldana To beat Macy Chiasson at UFC 279

Ion Cutelaba's Versatility will Prevail at UFC 279

Ion Cutelaba shouldn't have too much trouble against Johnny Walker, who only has him beat when it comes to submission tactics.

Aside from that, Cutelaba has the clear edge. His arsenal includes a mix of uniquely angled strikes, abrupt takedowns and lateral quickness that makes him both tough to hit and bring down. Bet on him without a second thought.

OSB Prediction: Ion Cutelaba (-180)

Ion Cutelaba To beat Johnny Walker at UFC 279

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