Utah Legal Sports Betting

If you’re a heavy gambler, Utah is probably not a place you’d want to live or even visit. The state offers beautiful tourist attractions, but casinos or any betting establishments aren’t among them. Sports gamblers in the state are left looking for other options to safely and legally place wagers on professional or college games. Fortunately, there is one major way residents are now placing money on sporting events. We break it down for you in our latest state-by-state review.

Utah Online Sports Betting

There aren’t many states in America that completely ban any form of gambling. Utah is in that small group as any type of gambling is strictly enforced. We are breaking down the sports betting rules and regulations in all 50 states and in this instalment, we look at the laws in Utah.

      Many American states accept some forms of gambling. Then there are states such as Utah, which ban all betting completely.

      The harsh rules and regulations against gambling go back to the mid 1800’s when Brigham Young led a group of Mormons from the Church of Latter Day Saints to settle in Utah. The church is against any forms of gambling, which is why all forms of betting is strictly banned in the state.

      That means there are no commercial or tribal casinos, state lotteries in Utah. Even social and charitable gambling is prohibited in the state. Horse and dog racing is banned as well as online gambling.

      Bingo halls and poker rooms have popped up in the state — both trying to operate through legal loopholes.

      Southern Utah borders Nevada so it is common for residents in the state to take short trips to Las Vegas to get their gambling fix — going from a place that has zero tolerance on betting to a city known as America’s Playground.

      With so many staunch rules against gambling, it comes as no surprise that sports betting is illegal in Utah. However, residents in the state have other options to safely place wagers on professional or college sports. The rise of offshore, Internet-based sportsbooks has gained in popularity throughout American states, such as Utah. These websites are fully licensed within their respective countries and are completely legal for American customers to use.

      Legal Utah Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks 

      There’s a rich sports history in Utah, which also known as a basketball state.

      There are a couple of professional franchises based in the state, most notably the NBA’s Utah Jazz. When you think of the franchise, the glory years of Karl Malone and John Stockton come to mind. The dynamic duo led the Jazz to multiple NBA Finals, but they could never capture the coveted championship.

      Another professional franchise making waves in Utah is Real Salt Lake of the MLS. The team was founded in 2004 and is among the top teams in the league each season.

      The Brigham Young University Cougars are the most recognized NCAA team in the state and one that produces a strong basketball program on a consistent basis.

      With all of these strong sports clubs in Utah, it comes as no surprise there are many residents in the state that want to bet on their hometown teams.

      With offshore sportsbooks such as Bovada.lv and BetOnline.com, it’s now easier than ever to safely lay down wagers on any professional or college sporting event. With strict rules against sports betting within Utah boundaries, there’s been a large number of residents making the transition to the online wagering world.

      Both Bovada and BetOnline offer features traditional brick and mortar bookmakers would — often times even more. For example, both websites offer new customers a welcome bonus — essentially free cash deposited directly into your betting account to be used when laying down a wager on any sport.

      With horse racing banned in Utah, online sportsbooks also have residents in the state covered. Bovada and BetOnline both have full-fledged horse books with daily odds from tracks around the globe.

      You’ll find every betting method possible on these websites, regardless if you’re looking for a straightforward money line wager or more complex point spread odds.

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