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Gambling laws vary from state to state and while some regulate betting, in Vermont many forms are banned all together. That’s right — Vermont does not have any casinos and almost all types of gambling are strictly enforced in the state. That means sports bettors have had to find alternatives ways of safely placing wagers on professional and college games. However, there is one way to wager on sports in a safe and legal manner in the state of Vermont.

Vermont Online Sports Betting

Vermont is among a small group of states that bans almost all forms of gambling, with the exception of horse racing and a state-owned lottery. We are breaking down the sports betting rules and regulations for all 50 states and in this instalment, we look at the laws implemented in Vermont.

      Gambling is virtually non-existent in Vermont — a state that is among four others in American that have no casinos to speak of.

      Vermont bans almost all forms of gambling, with the exception of a state-owned lottery as well as wagering on horse racing. Tribal gaming is permitted, but there are no federally recognized Native American tribes in the state. Charitable gambling is legal in Vermont, but only under approved formats that follow strict guidelines.

      Poker and social gambling is also illegal in Vermont, while the rules surrounding online gambling remain unclear. Daily fantasy sports legislation was passed by Senate in 2016, however legalization is still awaiting House approval.

      As for regular sports wagering, draconian measures set out by the federal government strongly prohibits residents in Vermont from placing money on professional or college games. Those laws apply to anyone looking to bet on sports using an unlicensed brick and mortar bookmaker within Vermont boundaries.

      There is actually no language in Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act or the Federal Wire Act that says residents in Vermont are prohibited from using offshore, Internet-based sportsbooks.

      The websites, which are fully licensed within their respective countries, have attracted a huge number of U.S. customers who are unable to safely and legally bet on sports in America.

      We break down a couple of our favorite offshore sportsbooks to consider down below.

      Legal Vermont Betting Sites & Online Sportsbooks 

      Vermont may not have a professional sports team to speak of, but it is sandwiched between sports-centric states such as Massachusetts and New York, which have plenty of franchises in all four North American major sports leagues.

      It’s common to find New England Patriots fans in Vermont or even Boston Celtics supporters. On the other hand, Vermonters may opt to back New York-based franchises such as the New York Giants or New York Yankees, to name a few.

      Either way, it is now easier than ever for residents in Vermont to lay down wagers on professional or college games using offshore sportsbooks that operate online. and —two of the industry leaders in online sports betting — have full-fledged sportsbooks that feature every major sport in North America and around the world.

      In a state such as Vermont, which imposes fines and even imprisonment under section 2133 of the Vermont Statutes, it is better to use offshore sites rather than risk the chance of breaking the law.

      Websites such as Bovada and BetOnline have fully serviced sportsbooks that offer the same features to customers that traditional brick and mortar bookmakers would.

      Whether it’s a straightforward money line wager you’re after or more complex point spread odds, Bovada and BetOnline has it all.

      Surprisingly, horse racing betting is legal in Vermont, but Bovada and BetOnline also offer full-fledged horse racing books with daily odds from track around the world.

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