Online Sports Betting

Online Sports Betting

The following online sports betting sites come highly recommended by our team of experts for all your sports betting needs. We also feature the best sports betting bonuses of any site. Our site only promotes the highest rated sportsbooks that accept bets from players in the United States.

We also feature the best Canada sports betting sites, and a variety of European, UK and Australia bookmakers. So indulge yourself with our growing treasure-trove of invaluable information on sports wagering on the web.

The unmatched convenience of betting on sports online has propelled the internet betting industry to new heights. Just as you can in Las Vegas, the best sportsbetting sites offer a variety of wagering options on everything from sports to American Idol…

Everything You Want To Know about Online Sports Betting…

  • Against the Spread (ATS) – This type of wager is probably the most popular wager. A bettor places a bet that a team will win or lose by a certain amount of points.
  • Moneyline – As one of the oldest types of wagers, bettors are given odds for a team to win a game. Both the payout and the amount needed to stake are dependent on the odds of a certain team.
  • Parlay – A parlay allows you to combine multiple bets for greater odds. You can parlay multiple ATS or moneyline wagers for a higher payout.
  • Teasers – Teasers allow the bettor to combine multiple ATS wagers with the opportunity to move the pointspread in their favor.
  • Totals – Totals are similar to ATS wagers but you are wagering whether the total of points scored in a game will go over or under a predetermined number.

The online sportsbook industry has provided a convenient and safe environment for sports bettors. A sportsbook account is free to open. After entering your information, placing a wager is as easy as a click of a button. All account information at reputable sportsbooks is private, and these operations hold this information in the highest regard.

The evidence that online gambling is safe is that every more and more money is wagered online. A 2003 ESPN report estimated that 25% of United States citizens placed online wagers and that the online industry collected over $63 Billion in wagers. In 2010 $2.7-$7 Billion was estimated to be wagered on March Madness alone compared to $90 million in Las Vegas.

Many sportsbooks have opened online since the beginning of internet gambling. As in any industry, there are a few established companies that have provided consistent service to their clients. The most popular online sportsbooks are Bodog,,, Sports Interaction and Beside the service that they provide, they also offer great sign-up bonuses for opening an account. These bonuses are free money added to your account for wagering

Online Sports Betting Sites

Gambling on sports has been part of everyday life in the United States and most Western influenced nations. Throughout the years, sports betting has evolved from unorganized horse races, cockfights and boxing to a million dollar industry in Las Vegas, your local bookie, and of course, online!

The internet provided a new realm for sports betting in the form of online sportsbooks.
Just like a sportbook in Las Vegas, their online counterparts offer a safe and convenient environment for placing wagers on sporting events – not only in the United States but all over the world. Online sportsbooks offer many of the same wagers that you place in Vegas such as pointspreads, moneyline wagers, parlays and teasers along with other exotic wagers with a click of a button.

There are many online sportsbooks littering the internet. But a few stand head and shoulders above the rest. Bodog,,, Sports Interaction and consistently provide a safe and reliable service to their customers as well as special bonuses for playing at their site.
These sportsbooks have made betting online convenient and safe. No more do you have to spend money on an airline tickets and hotel rooms in Vegas just to place a wager.

After opening a free account all you have to do is log onto the website and click a few links to place a bet. Reputable sportsbooks are located in countries that require licenses and offer regulation that these sportsbooks must follow.
Not all sportsbooks are the same.

There are rogue sportsbooks operating illegally or in an unregulated country. Our knowledge of the industry allows us to provide up-to-date information about each establishment. We continuously review online sportsbooks to weed out these rouge websites.

Our independent reviews provide the online sports bettor a list of only the best and safest online sportsbooks for an enjoyable experience.

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Still a relative new comer to entertainment and sports wagering scene, is now one of the most recognized online betting brands in the world – for good reasons. With an award winning betting platform, generous player rewards, and helpful customer service, Bovada has built a reputation for being nothing less than the best!


  • $250 Free Bet welcome bonus on your initial deposits
  • Payouts by check via mail or courier with quick delivery
  • Caters to sports bettors, poker players and casino enthusiasts more
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In the bustling and ever-growing US and Canada online sports betting scenes, TopBet is a book that understands what players want and crave. Offering a valuable 50% Match bonus to new bettors, all the way up to $250, TopBet isn’t just asking you to consider them, they’re daring you to register an account and do it today!

  • 10% hassle free reload bonus offers on every deposit
  • The QUICKEST credit card deposit process you’ve ever seen
  • 50% Match Bonus up to $250 when you sign up and make your 1st deposit more
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With a Lifetime Bonus, there is no need to search any further for that ideal sportsbook. BetOnline prides itself on top quality customer service and offers fast and secure account funding, BetOnline keeps up the pace and to this day has a great reputation in the industry. This a reliable sportsbook for players of any skill level.

  • Better Bonus Guarantee – BetOnline matches or beats any other offer
  • Player rewards across the poker, casino, sports and horse betting platforms
  • Sports Betting Edge section offers helpful handicapping tips for all major sports more
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mac Sportsbetting flash

We are proud of the fact that we keep our nose to the ground when it comes to changes in the online betting community. For that reason we are happy to add the wagering website to our recommended list. This full service, one wallet brand brings bettors the best in sports, casino, poker, and horse betting excitement.

  • Up to $900 in free play bonus offers with your initial deposit
  • Convenient, safe, and popular account funding withdrawal options
  • Bonus For Life player rewards extend to sports, poker, casino and horse betting more
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mac Sportsbook flash

Retooled under the guidance of a well seasoned online betting management team, we are pleased to bring the back to our Top Recommended list. Offering global sports handicapping, along with a nice mix of casino and poker betting action, this online wagering veteran is relaunched and ready to serve!

  • Collect up to $500 with the Sports Match Deposit Bonus
  • Fantastic selection of sports and entertainment wagering options
  • State-of-the-art Live Sportsbook betting and Live Casino action 24/7 more
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Approaching two decades of quality service to the online betting community, 5Dimes continues as a global leader in sports and and entertainment gambling. Pioneers of the reduced juice wagering system, 5Dimes is a sports handicapping first destination that also features quality casino, poker, and horse wagering action.

  • Generous pick your own Player Rewards Bonus program
  • Fully stocked Sportsbook featuring a vast selection of Dime lines
  • One wallet wagering extends to the Racebook, Casino, and Poker Room more
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mac Bookmaker flash

As a premium offshore wagering website, that has been built by and for the hardcore betting fanatics, Bookmaker’s 10+ years of service to bettors speaks for itself. Based in Costa Rica, alongside sister site BetDSI, it should be noted that this bookmaker is designed for seasoned, high-limit bettors and recreational players alike.

  • Professional and Recreational bettors co-exist at this bold brand
  • Wager “Where the Lines Originate” at this sports first focused website
  • Mobile betting on sports, poker, casino and horse handicapping action everyday more
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mac BetDSI flash

As one of the longest standing brands on the offshore sports betting landscape, BetDSI caters to the high-rollers as well as recreational bettors. Are you a high-limit bettor looking to UP your level of play? If the answer is “yes” then BetDSI will be a fantastic sportsbook for your needs. BetDSI is full service one wallet wagering destination.

  • Generous pick your own Bonus Player Rewards program
  • Fully stocked Sportsbook featuring a vast selection of Dime lines
  • One wallet wagering extends to the Racebook, Casino, and Poker Room more
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Bet Smarter

Between the wide variety of sportsbooks bettors can choose from, various bonus offers designed to get your attention and all the different betting techniques that you need to learn to bet smarter, you’ve got some homework to do. We try to make your life a little easier by giving you everything you need to know on online sports betting.

  • Online Sports Betting Reviews

    Online Sports Betting Reviews

    All sports bettors are different. Some might only bet on a certain sports or sporting events while others prefer to place bigger wagers on every sport played throughout the year. Just as every sports bettor is different, so is every sportsbook. Our reviews help online sports bettors select a sports betting site that fits his or her needs.

    Each sportsbook offers a wide variety of deposit and withdraw option. This is the first thing to review. Different sportsbook have different minimums and maximums on deposits and withdraws as well as wagers. You will want to make sure that the minimums or maximums meet your wagering style.

    Sportsbooks might also have other restrictions on withdraws. Some sportsbooks will only allow you to withdraw a certain amount at a time and only so many times a month. This is important depending on the size of your bets. If you are wagering a small amount, you don’t want to sign-up with a sportsbook that has a high withdraw minimum. There are sportsbooks that charge for certain withdraw option such as Western Union or bank wire, while others only allow one free withdraw every week or month.

    Sportsbooks all offer other promotions such as sign-up and reload bonuses. Most every sportsbook online offers some sort of sign-up bonus – usually a percentage of your initial deposit. Reload bonuses used to as common as sign-up bonuses. In recent years, some sportsbooks have either limited the bonus or eliminated them all together. Again, depending on the amount you are depositing, one sportsbook might be a better fit for you than another.

    Please educate yourself with some of the best sportsbooks online such as Bodog,,, Sports Interaction and Consult our reviews for these sportsbooks to pick the best fit for your wagering style.

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  • Best Online Sports Betting Sites

    Best Online Sports Betting Sites

    The internet is home to a huge number of online sportsbooks. As you can imagine, while these sports betting sites all look similar on face value, they vary a great deal when you compare the details. While we list the best online sports betting sites right here, there are a handful of rogue sportsbooks that we recommend avoiding at all cost.

    The main difference between a rogue sportsbook and a reputable sportsbooks is like night and day. Rogue sportsbooks are often fly-by-night operations that attempt to scam their customers out of their money. The biggest complaint from clients of rogue sportsbooks is the inability to collect their winnings. Many times these rogue sportsbooks will payout a percentage of the total amount of the payout request, but not the whole amount. This is often done hoping the player will continue to place wagers and lose the remaining amount in their account.

    We have reviewed an abundance of online sportsbooks and compiled a list of the top five online sportsbooks. Bodog,,, Sports Interaction and have all been industry leaders for years. Their years of existence and quality service provide their players with the best online sports betting experience. Read our reviews for each of these sportsbooks and pick the one that best fits your wagering style.

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  • Sports Betting Guide

    Sports Betting Guide

    Any self respecting sports bettor knows that proper online sports betting technique will result in bigger winnings. Developing a style and method that works best for you is the way to go, but how do you go about carving that out for yourself? Luckily, we’re here to help. Consult our online sports betting guide for a great step-by-step sports betting how-to.

    Our team of wagering experts goes into great detail about everything from the very basics of how to find the best odds, to more intermediate subjects such as sound money management techniques, to more professional subjects such as how to study sports betting stats and trends and what are the best odds comparison softwares available.

    In short, everyone from novice sports bettors to professionals of the sports betting industry have something they can sink their hungry teeth into.
    So go on and read this betting guide before you make any more big mistakes that could cost you more money than you’re really looking to lose. The whole idea is to polish up on your skills so you know how to win at sports betting. And from there, it’s like riding a bike – you never forget!

    Learn More

Top 5 Online Sports Betting Tips

We finally decided to give in and listen to our visitors by posting this list of our Top 5 Online Sports Betting Tips. That’s right, the golden rule book of To Do’s and What Not To Do’s of sports gambling on the interweb. Most of it is fairly obvious stuff, but then again, we’re pros so we tend to forget this stuff. Click on the little “+” sign right here to see our Top 5 tips.

1 – Only Trust the Good Books

Always, and we really mean ALWAYS bet with a reputable sportsbook. Trusting your hard earned money anywhere else is just as smart as throwing your money into the toilet and flushing it. Not only will recommended sportsbooks offer more competitive lines, and offer odds on the events that are a lock, they will pay you when you win. You’d be surprised how often players report getting stiffed by a crummy book because they won big on a 6 team parlay.

2 – Forget Your Home Team

Alright, we’re as devoted to our home teams as you are, and while we’re perfectly happy to spend money on their jerseys, gear, seat covers and season tickets, it ends there. While we’d love for them to win every matchup of the pre, post and regular season, we’re only going to bet on the moneyline when we KNOW they’re going to win. Trust us here and do the same, your wallet will thank you.

3 – Drunk Gambling – DON’T DO IT!

After a few pitchers, shots, rounds of beer pong, and whatever else your pals have forced down your throat (or what was laying around in the liquor cabinet at home) it’s easy to make some very, very dumb bets. This is a no brainer, don’t make drunk bets. They’re bad for your wallet, and they’ll ruin your buzz.

4 – Betting Lines – Gone Shopping…

Shopping for the best betting lines is no different to shopping for groceries. Every store has different prices, and some stores feature specials on Bud Light, or whatever it is you’re drinking these days. Same goes for odds, while one book might be offering a reduced juice promotion on the favorite because it’s Monday Night Football, another sportsbook might be offering some great lines on the underdog. Compare odds and shop the betting lines. It’s worth it.

5 – Sports Betting for Dummies

Give yourself ten point for buying the book if you’re capable of admitting to yourself that you need some sports betting advice. Give yourself a bunch of bonus cash by signing up and depositing at any of the sports betting sites we recommend further up on this page. And of course, follow our betting tips closely to make sure you’re turning the kind of profit you’re really looking for.