Former PGA Championship Winners

  • 2023 – Brooks Koepka (US)
  • 2022 – Justin Thomas (US)
  • 2021 – Phil Mickelson (US)
  • 2020 – Collin Morikawa (US)
  • 2019 – Brooks Koepka (US)
  • 2018 – Brooks Koepka (US)
  • 2017 – Justin Thomas (US)
  • 2016 – Jimmy Walker (US)
  • 2015 – Jason Day (AUS)

Betting on the PGA Championship

Sports bettors are looking forward to making PGA Golf bets, and even if you’re a beginner or intermediate sports bettor, there are always some new betting options to try each year.

Our golf betting guide is a great resource for a general golf betting run down, but this page is solely focused on PGA betting options to help you make more educated betting decisions. To find the PGA best bets, stick with us and we'll shop you how!

PGA Futures or Outright Winner

Long before the event, once the odds are released, you are able to bet on the PGA futures, which essentially is a bet placed in the future on who will win the PGA Championship. By correctly predicting the winner, your bet will cash - and usually, it will pay fairly handsomely, depending on the odds.

If you pick a mid-range player with some great vig, like Patrick Reed at +3000 for instance, with just a $100 wager, you could bring in $3,000. Futures are pretty straightforward, but there are 156 players out there, and while there are usually only odds on the top 30 or 40, it can be a long shot to pick the winner correctly.

One thing to keep in mind is that the odds change quickly, so ensuring you do your research before placing your wager, or smartly cashing out a bet when you lose confidence in your golfer - will help you in the long haul.

PGA Championship Betting Odds

PGA Match Betting

Since the PGA Championship is a match play tournament, golfers are divided into groups of three, then groups of two. This usually happens within the first two days of the tournament and bettors must predict which golfer within the group will have the best (lowest) score.

These betting types are commonly referred to as 2-ball bets or 3-ball bets. These can be a bit easier to predict, and the odds won't be as juicy as the futures, where you have a ⅓ chance of being correct.

PGA Group Betting

It’s common to be able to find some group matchups, but more often than not, it ends up being based on their nationality or country of origin. You might see odds on the “Top European player” and this essentially pins all European players against each other for the entire 72-hole tournament. This can be another fairly easy bet to make at the PGA because some countries have their standout players, but their odds just won’t be bringing you any big winnings.

PGA Championship Prop Bets

There are some entertaining and fun props available on most of the major online sportsbooks, along with some great live betting props you can take during the tournament. Some PGA prop bets include Top Senior, Top Amateur, Top lefty if a certain player will hit a hole in one, an over/under of the age of the winner - the list goes on and on.

PGA Championship Betting Tips

Betting on the PGA can be both simple, and complex. The betting options are simple, but the strategies you need to implement are more complicated and you really have to do some research. We have compiled a few simple PGA Championship betting tips and guidance that will help you to succeed:

The Course

It’s a great idea to research the course, and if a golfer you plan to bet on to win the PGA has played similar style courses. Also, some holes are better for left vs right-hand shots, so knowing the golfers' style, and how that might play out on the course will be a great help when placing your PGA bets.

The Weather

The weather can be a huge factor when it comes to betting on the PGA. While it seems like a minor factor, it can drastically affect performances. Plenty can change in terms of playing conditions between morning and afternoon - gustier winds in the afternoon tend to be a huge factor depending on the schedule and which golfers are set in that time slot. Mornings are preferred by many golfers as the conditions are more calm and favorable.


Like we’ve said many times - do your research before you bet on the PGA. Research the golfers, find some great golf beat writers who can rhyme off all of the player stats, and follow their content for hot tips and updates, and keep an eye on qualifiers. Betting on the PGA is fun, easy and surely will make watching the tournament either in person or on TV much more thrilling!

PGA Golf Championship FAQs