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How to obtain bonus at BetNow

Leverage a bonus on the BetNow betting app and your first few wagers are “on the house.” Bonuses pay out hundreds in free play and best of all, it’s quite easy to attain these. Here are four quick steps to earning the bonuses:

$1000 Bonus 100% up to $1,000
  1. 1 Create your account on BetNow => click here
  2. 2Step 2: Register a form of payment
  3. 3Step 3: Choose how much money to deposit into your account
  4. 4Step 4: Automatically receive a 100 percent bonus from BetNow

BetNow Mobile Betting App Bonuses

Not only is it easy to win bonuses on the BetNow app, but there’s also a good variety of ’em. So you won’t just be banking free money on the BetNow sports betting app once or twice. No, no, it’s going to be a repeated thing. Later on this page, we’ll detail some of those options so stay with us for money-making advice!



Positive facts about
  • Extensive mobile sportsbook
  • Highly rated customer service
  • Lifetime 25 percent reload bonus
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BetNow Betting App Key Features

Many sportsbooks delved into the mobile betting side of the business a while after they launched their actual website. The BetNow sportsbook app is among the exceptions. It has been on top of mobile betting essentially since it launched for reasons we’re about to explain.

User-Friendly Experience

This optimization includes automatic redirection. Some sportsbooks still insist you download actual applications from the Apple or Google app store. Not BetNow. You only need to visit their website from your mobile device’s browser, and you’ll be immediately brought to their mobile site. From there, the site adapts to whatever screen you’re on for a hassle-free playing experience across the BetNow mobile sportsbook.

Seamless Access

Bettors are increasingly betting from anywhere and anytime. They could be at a bar, at work, school, in the car — and there’s always a temptation to lay down a bet. Sometimes it’s even strategic to bet right away when breaking news drops and it has an impact on a wagering line.

Using the BetNow mobile site in that instance is the ideal scenario. You cannot only be anywhere and still submit your wagers, but the transaction speed is lightning quick–designed exclusively to ensure customers must go through as few steps as possible.


BetNow Mobile App Sign-Up

Registering for a sportsbook account on mobile can be slow if not well-designed. BetNow simplifies this process on mobile.

Streamlined Information Entry
While you still need to provide essential contact details like email and location, BetNow minimizes the required data input to expedite registration. They have also sped up the approval process for various methods, enabling you to start betting sooner.

Swift Deposits
Making deposits becomes quick and easy after creating an account with a username, password, and saved payment info. This feature is especially handy for reloading your account before an upcoming event.

Efficient Payouts
BetNow ensures that payouts for returning customers are equally fast and straightforward to request, whether done from your mobile device or desktop computer.

BetNow Mobile Sportsbook

Making your way through BetNow’s mobile sportsbook is the most pleasant of breezes. They have assembled their entire experience is structured around the distinct specificity with which you can navigate.

Diverse Markets

All the different sports you can bet on are clearly marked with their own tabs. They also have an “Other Sports” tab that will expand the list if you want to wager on something less mainstream. Here is a sample size of the betting markets available cross-site:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • MMA
  • Boxing
  • Motor Sports
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Aussie Rules
  • Entertainment
  • eSports
  • Horse Racing
  • Rugby
  • Table Tennis
  • Politics
  • Volleyball
  • WWE

Countless Betting Lines

From there, they provide you with a bunch of subsections within each sport to help narrow down your options. Let’s say you want to check out football. They will have betting sections for the NFL and college football, and then within those categories, there will be tabs for single-game odds, championship futures, alternative futures, props, etc.

BetNow’s mobile sportsbook is so easy to poke around you don’t have to think about using it. They have perfected betting on the go. And yes, that’s saying something. So many other sportsbooks are used to the desktop-device setup, in which they can shove a whole bunch of competitions and lines onto one page. That type of model is tough to zip through in general, and it can be untenable on the smaller screen of a mobile device.


BetNow Mobile Casino

Looking to try something other than a sportsbook while on your mobile device? Maybe you want to play a slot machine? Or try your hand at blackjack? Or sit down at a poker table? BetNow has you covered here as well with their casino.

There is virtually no difference in BetNow’s mobile casino experience when comparing it to their desktop. They still offer all the same table games—roulette, blackjack, video poker, keno—and the same slot machine and video game selections.

In fact, some of the graphics for video games can actually look better on your mobile device. This might seem counterintuitive given how flashy many desktop and laptop computers are nowadays, but most of BetNow’s casino non-slot, non-table games—such as 10s or Better, All American, and Aces and Spaces—are made specifically to be played on mobile devices. So, in those cases, your experience on mobile should actually outstrip what you’d get on your desktop.

Are you a big card player? Perhaps you’re thinking you’ll need to download a separate app or software to play poker, or that you won’t be able to join any tournaments or certain rooms. Well, we’ve got great news: BetNow is very in touch with what mobile card players need. You do not need to download another app to play cards or join live tables against others. That can be done right from their mobile site.

Finally, if you’re going to use the mobile casino, we highly recommend remaining on the lookout for exclusive promotions. BetNow’s casino always has separate deposit and reload bonuses for its users, and they have been known to offer mobile specials. These usually manifest in the form of free gameplay, but the fact they exist at all is proof that BetNow gets how important it is to maximize the user mobile experience. On-the-go gambling is the future of the sports and casino betting industry, and BetNow’s app is at the forefront of it.

$1000 Bonus

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