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  • Current betting trends available to public
  • Live betting mobile app is excellent
  • One of first books to post next-day lines
  • SIGNUP BONUS: $400 Bonus

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Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

Dean Etheridge
By , Updated on: Jan 29, 2024 07:00 PM prides itself on being the first to post its wagering lines and delivers a seamless user experience time and time again. Bet where the lines originate. High-limit bettors and sharp bettors will find themselves comfortably at home and enjoy various loyalty perks, as well as some unique bonuses and contests that give back to the community.

  • Earliest and most competitive lines
  • Simple mobile betting site
  • Variety of promotions
  • Website could use an update visually
Bookmaker Sign-Up Bonus
$400 Bonus

GIMME THIS BONUS! – New players will receive 100% up to $400 when betting with cryptocurrencies.

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Bookmaker Sportsbook Review

With over 30 years in the industry, and partnerships with top sites like the NYT, Forbes, and ESPN, is a huge force in sports betting. They’ve consistently ranked at the top of sportsbook rankings for years due to excellent odds and quick payouts.

In fact, they are leaders in setting the sharpest lines, which forces competitors to follow suit. Many top brands base odds off Bookmaker’s lines. Established in 1985 and online in 1996, Bookmaker has been known as “where the line originates” because they’ve always led the competition.

Other Key Details

Additionally, Bookmaker is available in many countries – only restricted in France, Australia, Costa Rica, Ukraine, and the UK. It is trusted by American bettors and others worldwide who can access it.

You can rest assured it’s a trustworthy sportsbook due to its reputation and loyal fans. You can bet and know you’ll get quick payouts, great bonuses, and your funds are secure.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

At OnlineSportsBetting, we want you to choose the best sportsbook to wager your hard-earned money safely. Our team of betting experts has spent hundreds of hours testing and reviewing over 100 sportsbooks to provide honest, experience-based assessments. We vetted these platforms thoroughly so you can avoid any risks. Trust our transparent reviews to find your favorite sportsbook.

How did this sportsbook earn our recommendation?

Twenty Recommendations

We don’t recommend all sports betting operators online; it’s not even close. We know over two hundred operators offering betting lines for US players. Still, only 20 sportsbooks have earned our recommendation during the decade we have been reviewing bookies.

What are they doing right?

Some sportsbooks fail even before we test them because their reputation among their existing players is so bad. Problems with payments? No thanks! Insane wagering rules for bonuses? No thanks! The customer support is M-I-A? No thanks!

Customer service is important

We only recommend sportsbooks that succeed in the above areas. We also love it when the customer support agents are friendly while helping us. Some will even give you a bonus if you ask them!

This Book has earned our trust!

You are reading this review because we trust this operator. While we can’t guarantee that you will win your bets, we can guarantee that you will see the profits in your hand if you win at this sportsbook.

Our Bookmaker Rating Latest Updates and News

  • Access the finest NFL lines as we approach the Super Bowl on February 11th. The question remains: Who will be hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy this year? We'll have to wait and see!
  • BookMaker is renowned for its impressive array of Reload Bonuses. The crypto reload bonuses are available at three different levels: Reload Gold offers 10% cash up to $600, Reload Platinum provides 15% cash up to $2,500, and Reload Diamond grants 20% cash up to $5,000. Sportsbook Betting Limits

Bookmaker is a great sportsbook for novice and pro bettors. They have higher betting limits - you can bet up to $5,000 per wager. On the phone, you can bet up to $20,000. They give sharps a great place to play. Many books have limits of 1,000 or so.

Is Sportsbook legit?

Yes, is a very legit online sportsbook you can trust. It takes bets and pays out timely. It's a great option for North American bettors.

Is Bookmaker Sportsbook legal in the USA?

Yes, is available in the US. Many popular books are banned in some states. You can access from any state.

Is Bookmaker Sportsbook legal in Canada?

Yes, is available to Canadians with no restrictions. They take Canadian currency. You can bet on a reputable book.

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