Table tennis, or ping pong as some may call it, is one of the most popular indoor sports to play in most Asian countries. The Olympic sport is mesmerizing to watch, and specifically, players from China have excelled in the sport over the last few decades, winning 28 gold medals, 17 silver, and 8 bronze.

The odds of the Moscow Liga Pro are available below. The odds are subject to change and will be updated as the markets move. The odds were last updated on January 3, 2024:

Czech Liga Pro Odds

Player #1 Bovada Bovada Player #2
Martin Huk -155 +110 Michal Sklenar
Dominik Kuzma -315 +210 Jiri Zuzanek
Denis Hofman -155 +110 Adam Brazda
Maksim Afanasev A -115 -115 Vitaly Bazilevsky

The main events that table tennis odds are usually posted include the World Table Tennis Championships, which occur every odd-numbered year in April or May. The tournament consists of men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles. The Summer Olympics is always a favorite for table tennis betting, but with China being such a force in the games, it’s hard to find any real value on the books.

The World Team Championships occur in even-numbered years in April or May, when the World Table Tennis Championships aren’t scheduled. The Men’s and Women’s World Cup tournaments are an excellent table tennis betting opportunity because they host teams from North America, Latin America, Africa and Oceania, which makes for a different competition without teams from Asian countries – having a relatively even playing field is great for bettors.

Finally, the ITTF World Tour Grand Finals is the final major competition in the table tennis season and offers men’s and women’s singles, U21 men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles. The tournament is a single-elimination style tournament – which is similar to the NCAA basketball’s March Madness.

Naturally, sports bettors look to wager on any televised sport you can watch live, so markets for live table tennis betting odds have popped up on many online sportsbooks.

Table Tennis

Table Tennis Leagues

There are eight elite table tennis leagues around the world, and by far, the Chinese Super League is the strongest and most regarded of all table tennis leagues. The league runs from May to August, and sometimes, foreign players are signed to the Chinese teams from other countries.

The German Bundesliga is probably the second strongest table tennis league, hosting the top German players and top international players from around the world. The Russian Premier League is a newer league but is growing exponentially with the top Russian players and a mix of international recruits as well.

The French Pro A-League is a very strong European league, with players that could easily contend with the German or Russian leagues. Four French teams made it to the European Champions League this past season, and many top players were from French Pro A.

The Austrian Premier League, Swedish Elite League, and Belgian Super Division cannot compete with the German Bundesliga, Russian or French leagues, but are still fairly strong in terms of established clubs and skilled players. The Italian league is comparable to the above mentioned, but in terms of being the best, they’re far from it.

Table Tennis Odds

Betting on Table Tennis Odds

Betting on Table Tennis Odds

While table tennis betting usually is restricted to larger tournaments or events, it seems more and more sportsbooks are offering table tennis odds on the major leagues listed above. The sport is growing in popularity and you can likely get some good value in some of the European leagues.

Table Tennis Moneyline Bets

One of the main betting options for table tennis wagering is a moneyline. Essentially, each team or player is assigned table tennis odds by the sportsbook, and bettors will place a wager on the team or player they think will win a match. You have to correctly pick the winner of the match straight up.

If you have Team A vs Team B in mixed doubles competing, and Team A is heavily favored with -400 odds, a $100 wager wouldn’t pay out very much, $25 to be exact. If you bet on Team B, the underdog at +300, you’d win $300 on a $100 wager plus your initial stake. It pays to bet on the underdog, but when it comes to betting against China, you should be careful.

Table Tennis Odds

Table Tennis Point Spreads

Some online sportsbooks that offer table tennis odds have point spread betting available on big events. Most matches are best of seven, so you can place a bet on a team winning a certain amount of games within a match. Favored teams are frequently given 1.5-2.5 game spreads, so they will have to win by more than their assigned point spread to win the game.

Underdogs will be given the same number, and in their case, they’ll have to win the series, or lose by less than their spread. So a 2.5 spread would mean the underdogs would have to lose by 2 or less.

Table Tennis Totals

Totals are a pretty easy bet for beginners who might not be as familiar with the players or teams. The oddsmakers will set a total number of games they think the match will go to, and you have to determine whether you think the final number of games within the match will be over or under the oddsmakers' prediction.

Table Tennis Betting

Table Tennis Futures

When it comes to those big tournaments or events, table tennis odds are released well in advance, called futures bets.

These bets are essentially odds on who will win the tournament overall, and you can get some great value on these bets the further ahead you place them. The odds are usually fairly high when you have so many options to choose from. Even the favored team or player has decently priced table tennis odds up until the tournament actually begins.

Top Online Betting Sites for Table Tennis Odds

Now that you’re ready to place your wagers, your first step is to find the best table tennis odds. Finding the right sportsbook with a great selection of table tennis odds should be your first priority, as some, unfortunately, overlook table tennis.

Be sure to do your research and read plenty of online sportsbook reviews before signing up, as it’s important to find a sportsbook that meets all of your table tennis betting needs, including deposit options, bonuses, mobile compatibility and more.

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