At OSB, we're fully transparent about our revenue model. Our main source of income comes from affiliate marketing. This approach supports our operations and allows us to maintain our commitment to providing unbiased, expert sports journalism.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

So, what's this affiliate marketing all about? It's pretty straightforward. We've got links to various sportsbooks on our site. When you click on these links and maybe sign up or place a bet, we get a small commission. This isn’t just about profit for us; it’s about building a platform where top sports journalism thrives.


Your Clicks, Our Lifeline

Every click matters. When you, as a user, click on a link to one of our partner sportsbooks and take action, it contributes to our earnings. These commissions are vital, allowing us to hire experienced sports journalists and experts in sports betting, ensuring our content remains relevant, accurate, and of the highest quality.


Our Unbiased Approach

Despite our affiliate business model, our main priority at OSB is always editorial integrity. We uphold a strict policy of unbiased reviews and we can't emphasize this enough – our content is completely impartial. We partner only with sportsbooks that meet our high standards, and we never recommend sports betting sites that have been flagged for malpractice.

Not every sportsbook we recommend is a partner. We also feature bookies that we don’t have a commission-based relationship with. These are included purely based on their merit and the value they offer to you. It's easy to spot these, as we don't provide affiliate links to them.

Whether a sportsbook is a partner or not, if they don't measure up to our standards, we don't endorse them. This approach ensures that the recommendations you see on OSB are always based on quality, not commission.


Our Trusted Partners

We're proud to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the sports betting world. These partnerships are vital, but rest assured, our recommendations are based on genuine merit, not just business deals. Here are some of the elite partners we work with: