The Ultimate Fighting Championship has been one of the most exciting and high-energy sports to jump into the sports scene. Mixed martial arts is highly entertaining and each fight card reels millions of dollars in UFC betting activity

Best UFC Betting Sites

The odds from all the top-rated online bookmakers' providers offering odds on UFC events will be displayed on this page. For those that want to bet on UFC fights, they’ll be able to track all the latest events and fight results through this page.

The UFC has really come into its own in the last decade, establishing itself as the most important combat sports organization in the world. MMA has silenced the boxing world, with the biggest pay-per-view boxing fights now involving YouTube stars and ex-athletes.

While nearly every sportsbook offers UFC betting services, some of those UFC betting sites are poor and don’t offer much value to bettors. With hundreds of UFC sportsbooks available, it can be overwhelming trying to find the best book for you.

We have searched and looked into how to bet on the UFC fights using top-tier providers, providing reviews to help our readers get an idea of what each book offers.

UFC's best bets don’t always come from the same UFC sportsbook. Often it requires bettors to line shop and find the right odds to suit their wager. This can take time, but if you work from our list of the best UFC betting sites, the process will be a lot easier.

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    The UFC was founded in 1993, and is currently the largest MMA promotion company in the world, hosting the highest-level fighters in 12 weight divisions. In the mid-2000s the UFC saw a huge surge of growth and drew in millions of pay-per-view viewers - and with those high ratings, naturally, folks want to bet on their favorite fighter. There was immediately a huge demand for UFC betting online, with sportsbooks answering this request with a broad range of UFC markets.

    With regular fight nights and big UFC events, sportsbooks offer UFC odds on just about any betting opportunity, from straight-up winners to props and specials. Each fight card is stacked with up to 12 fights per night, so one evening can create endless UFC betting opportunities. 

    The challenge is finding the UFC bets with the most value. We are going to look into popular UFC betting options, and where you can find the best sportsbooks for UFC betting in our informative guide below.

    UFC Betting Online

    Learn how to bet on UFC fights like these

    Bet on UFC Fights

    The next major event is UFC 258, which features a title fight between Kamaru Usman and challenger Gilbert Burns. In order to bet on UFC fights and win, it's important to do your research before wagering. With this fight, Burns comes into it looking very strong but will struggle against the formidable Usman. Expect the fight to light up your screen, with the Nigerian champ to retain his title after picking Burns apart. Our free picks will go a long way in helping you learn how to bet on the UFC throughout the year.

    Odds for Upcoming UFC Fights

    Our picks are an analysis of the odds for upcoming UFC fights combined with what we know about the betting markets and the fighters. Here are the odds from top UFC betting sites. The odds were last updated on August 31, 2021:

    1st FighterBovadaBovada2nd Fighter
    Jan Blachowicz-265+210Glover Teixeira
    Peter Yan-220+175Cory Sandhagen
    Amanda Ribas-140+115Virna Jandiroba

    UFC Best Bets

    Follow the picks to make UFC's best bets

    How to Bet on the UFC

    While many sports bettors prefer to just bet on the outcome of the match, it’s better to get informed on all of the popular betting options to ensure you are getting the best value possible. Sometimes, the outright winner isn’t worth betting on, and punters prefer to choose another option. 

    UFC Moneyline Betting

    When choosing to the moneyline for online betting on the UFC, you are essentially picking a fighter to win the fight or betting on the outcome. You don’t need to predict the way the fight ends, but simply which fighter wins the fight overall. Whether the fight ends up being a knockout, submission, decision, or DQ, as long as you pick the fighter who wins - your moneyline bet will cash.

    If you have Jon Jones (-500) matched up against Thiago Santos (+380), Jones is pegged as a heavy favorite, so a bet on him wouldn’t return a huge payout - $20 on a $100 wager to be exact. However, if you feel that Santos, the underdog, has a chance to win, and he does, a $100 bet would return $380 in winnings plus your initial stake.

    You’re also able to bet on rounds, so essentially the same rules, with these betting lines, you’re just betting on which fighter will win Round 1, and so on. These great UFC bets are some of the most common and easiest to understand. 

    UFC Betting Sites

    Signing up at UFC betting sites will give you access to all these bets

    UFC Round Totals (Over/Under)

    Another option to bet on the UFC online is UFC totals. Here, you’re placing a wager on how long you think the fight will last. Oddsmakers are usually pretty close when it comes to predicting how long a fight will last, and usually set a number based on the matchup. Your job is to determine if you think the fight will have more or fewer rounds than the oddsmaker.

    If the Jones vs Santos fight has a total of 4.5, and you think the fight will go 5 rounds, you would pick the over. If you think it will only last 3 rounds, select the under.

    If the total has a .5, that does include halfway through the round. If the fight ended with 2:30 on the clock exactly, you would have a push on your hands.

    UFC Best Bets: Method of Victory

    Many sports bettors prefer to bet on the method of victory, as it adds a little more excitement to the fight. Not only are you selecting which fighter you think will win, but you will also select how you think they’ll win.

    The options for this method of victory prop bets are winning by decision, KO/TKO, submission or any finishing method. Each option has odds that would be similar to a moneyline, but if all experts are predicting a certain fighter to knockout another, the odds for the KO would be much higher. 

    If we look at Santos and Jones again, and Jones is heavily favored to knock out Santos at +160 odds, if he does, a $100 bet on Jones to win by KO/TKO would pay out $120 plus your initial stake. You will often find these to be the best bets for UFC.

    You can always roll any number of these bet types into a parlay. That way you can make some real money after just one heavyweight main event in the octagon. Of course, parlays come with more risk, but that's how online gambling works.

    How to bet on UFC

    UFC Betting online has never been hotter

    Top UFC Betting Sites

    Now that you have an idea of some UFC betting options, the next thing you’ll need to do is open an account at an online sportsbook. Many online sportsbooks offer a great selection of UFC odds and betting options, but with so many options available, it can be hard to choose the right one for you.

    Online sportsbook reviews help narrow down the selection, as they outline a number of important criteria that you should be looking for, such as bonuses, loyalty programs, deposit and withdrawal options, and mobile compatibility.

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      Our reviews offer a great selection of trustworthy and safe online sportsbooks that offer UFC betting odds and even promotions for most fight nights. We only recommend online sportsbooks we use ourselves for UFC betting, and would never recommend a sportsbook that isn’t the best of the best.

      Many professional sports bettors sign up for multiple online sportsbooks to ensure they’re always getting the best odds because not all online sportsbooks are the same. They all have different UFC lines, different options and are inevitably competing with each other to win your business - so you can use that to your advantage.

      UFC Betting at Bovada

      Bovada is a top UFC sportsbook. It is a well-established brand that is among the most trusted. Their smooth interface makes it easy to navigate their extensive betting markets. Betting on UFC online at Bovada is a sure-fire way to get in on the action. 

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      UFC Betting at BetUS

      Bet US is a solid sportsbook, especially for bettors in the USA. Their welcome bonuses really stand out among the crowd. Here, you can choose between 100% and 125%. Of course, the higher percentage comes with a higher rollover rate as well, so choose wisely. 

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      UFC and MMA Betting at BetOnline

      Odds sharks will find their home at BetOnline. They release their odds early. This will allow you to stay ahead of the curve and make the smartest bets with the most information. 

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      How to bet on UFC Fights

      Your guide to how to bet on UFC

      How to Bet on UFC Fights

      It’s helpful to choose a sportsbook with a great mobile site or a dedicated online sportsbook app. Many are looking to place wagers from sports bars, UFC watch parties, and even from their couch. Ensure you can confidently choose an online sportsbook that has everything you need to bet on the go - now that so much of our lives on our smartphones. 

      Getting a good UFC sportsbook is only the first tip for betting on UFC fights. You also need a strategy for how to bet on the UFC. Signing up for a few online sportsbooks and monitoring the lines will help your UFC betting strategy, and ultimately help you get the most for your betting dollars. The most important thing is to have fun and to gamble on the UFC responsibly. Keep these things in mind, and you are well on your way in terms of how to bet on UFC fights.


      UFC Betting FAQs

      • It most definitely can be yes. Users can access the fights via major channels such as ESPN, which offers access to the main channel via a desktop computer. Alternatively, MMA fans can subscribe to the UFC Fight Pass and view all the fights through there.

      • These days, mobile phone technology allows users to view all kinds of content via mobile. The UFC Fight Pass allows users to access all the fights from their handheld devices. Mobile betting is also widely available.

      • This really depends on what spaces are being referred to in each circumstance. However, generally speaking, these spaces are normally bars and social clubs, which have access to ESPN, UFC Fight Pass, and many other pay-per-view sports channels.

      • We offer a range of UFC picks, not just for UFC, that provide our readers with some insight into what may happen on the fight night. Obviously, there are always upsets in MMA, but we provide picks from UFC experts working at OnlineSportsBetting.

      • UFC is available for live streaming. The best way to do it is through the UFC site and subscribing to their streaming service to access all the fights, including smaller “Fight Night” events.

      • Absolutely! UFC odds are just another type of betting odds, they don’t offer any difference to those that you’ll see in major American sports leagues like the NFL, NHL, or NBA.

      • Tablets work in the same way mobiles do, allowing users to access apps such as UFC Fight Pass or the ESPN streaming service, allowing users to watch all the UFC action.

      • Given that iOS and Android are the most popular types of software loaded onto mobiles and tablets, users will be able to catch all the UFC fights as they happen.

      • UFC betting online is highly profitable if the bettors are placing wagers on the right selections. However, how profitable betting on UFC online is really subjective and entirely down to the individual bettor.  Some will place more accurate UFC wagers.

      • Generally speaking, this isn’t a problem. However, it depends on the sportsbook, some offer this as an option while others don’t. It’s always worth checking with the individual sportsbook to be sure.

      • The best UFC betting site will be a personal decision depending on if you value welcome bonuses or customer service, for example. You can find a full list on this page. Signing up at more than one will give you more first deposit bonuses and free bet promotions.

      • You can find all the UFC best bets in our picks articles. We provide free picks and analysis for all upcoming UFC fights.

      • Finding a great UFC sportsbook is the first step in how to bet on UFC fights. You can find UFC betting tips in our pick articles on this page as well.