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Las Vegas has long been the capital of gambling in the United States, and bettors have plenty of options both online and along the strip. Even since the 2018 Supreme Court decision to allow other states to license their own sportsbooks, the City of Lights has retained its throne as the center of gambling in the USA. Check out our recommendations for the best sportsbooks in Vegas and the latest news coming out of the Strip


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Latest LasVegas Betting News

Return of Gambling Expo to Las Vegas Signals Rise in Casino and Sports Betting

Oct 8, 2021

Return of Gambling Expo to Las Vegas Signals Rise in Casino and Sports Betting

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The Kansas sports betting handle in 2024 continues to significantly outpace the state's numbers from the same periods last year.

Jun 12, 2024

Kansas Sports Betting Handle Remains on an Upward Climb

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Though we still don't know when—or if—Nebraska online sports betting will be legalized, tribes are already preparing for its launch.

Jun 12, 2024

Tribes Already Prepping for Eventual Legalization of Nebraska Online Sports Betting

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The Massachusetts sports betting tax will not be increasing after the Senate voted against the proposed hike to a 51 percent rate.

Jun 11, 2024

Senate Votes Against Raising Massachusetts Sports Betting Tax Rate

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CityLas Vegas
⚖️ Sports Betting Law PassedYes
👶 Minimum Gambling Age21
🌐 Online Sports BettingYes
📱 Mobile Sports BettingYes
🏦 Retail SportsbooksYes

Best Online Sports Betting Sites for Las Vegas

Here are our top five online sports betting sites available in Las Vegas, Nevada.

  1. BetOnline - BetOnline is great for bonus hunters
  2. MyBookie - Has excellent customer service
  3. BetUS - BetUS is known for its creative props
  4. Bovada - Is a sports fan's paradise!


100% bonus up to $1000
Claim Bonus

BetOnline has a great welcome bonus, which can be even better if you make your initial deposit using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. This is a great online Vegas sportsbook for the most tech-savvy bettors. But any bettor will be able to enjoy this sportsbook fully!

BetOnline Website Preview


50% bonus up to $1000
Claim Bonus

MyBookie has a great mobile app. You can access it simply by following the link below while on your mobile device. The team of developers of MyBookie has done a great job making this a seamless connection. Bettors on the go in Vegas will be at home here!

MyBookie Website Preview


125% up to $2,500
Claim Bonus

BetUS does the meat-and-potatoes well. Bettors can enjoy some of the most creative props at BetUS. Not only do we celebrate their choices and options, but also just how competitive their odds are. The sports betting markets at BetUS are top-notch.

BetUS Website Preview


50% bonus up to $250
Claim Bonus

Bovada is a great for sports fans, especially when it comes to basketball and football. You can register your favorite NCAAF, NFL, NBA, and NCAAB teams with your Bovada account and get reduced juice on each and very bet involving those teams. This will not apply to the Golden Knights, as they are an NHL team.

Bovada Website Preview

Is Sports Betting Legal in Las Vegas?

Sports betting is definitely legal in Las Vegas! In fact, it is, in many ways, synonymous with gambling of all sorts. Other locales have been able to join Las Vegas in regulating sports betting, but they still have a long way to go to catch up.

While Vegas sports betting has been legal for quite some time and the only place sports fans could legally place bets in the United States for decades, it is still making record-breaking revenue for Nevada year after year.

It’s worth it to visit any of the below physical sportsbooks, and it’s great to bet online as well, as it’s the most convenient and simple way to do so. Many Vegas sportsbooks offer mobile apps so sports bettors never miss a moment of the action, even if they can’t get down to the physical venue.

Other options include online sportsbooks like BetUS that are available to Vegas residents and visitors. We personally prefer patronizing these offshore sportsbooks because we can still use them after we leave Las Vegas, and we can bet from just about anywhere with an internet connection.

Las Vegas Sports Betting Timeline

Las Vegas has long been the country's premier center for all types of betting—sports betting included. People wanting to place bets in person would have to travel to Sin City in order to do so. This is because PASPA had awarded the state a complete monopoly on sports betting. This was a very convenient situation for the state, which made a nice chunk of change every year on tourism and sports betting.

Las Vegas Sports Betting Timeline


2018 Brings A Scare

This paradise was adjusted when the Supreme Court declared its monopoly illegal in 2018. Shortly thereafter, state after state began opening their regulations to allow local online and offline sportsbooks to open up shop. Many became concerned about the Las Vegas economy, which relies so much on tourism and its fame as betting capital.

By 2024, It is Clear Vegas is Here to Stay

These fears have turned out to be exaggerated. The Las Vegas betting industry is doing just fine—even in a post-pandemic world. In fact, during the most recent summer, the city set a revenue record for its betting industry.

While it is tough to imagine that the city can continue to shatter its revenue records, for now at least one thing is clear: Sin City will remain afloat with its sports betting industry intact. Not only that, but new casinos and resorts continue to open along The Strip. These multimillion-dollar investments express confidence in the city's gambling industry.

It is important to research and find the sportsbook that’s right for you, whether a physical or an offshore sportsbook. Ensure you look at an online sportsbook’s deposit options, bonuses and rules before signing up, as all online sportsbooks are different.

Legal Sports Betting in Vegas

There are numerous states in the US where bettors can enjoy the tables and slots in a legal establishment. Nevada is the original state for sports betting, as it was legalized in 1949. Therefore, Las Vegas betting has consolidated itself as one of the most popular ways to bet in the United States.

How to Bet on Sports in Las Vegas


How to Bet on Sports in Las Vegas

Nobody does sports betting like Las Vegas! With so many options between retail, online sportsbooks and sports betting apps, we are here to lend a hand and give Vegas bettors some tips for betting on the sports they love the most!

How to Bet on Football in Las Vegas

Football betting is huge across the country, and Vegas is no exception. Without any professional football in the city, Vegas bettors will likely be including NCAAF bets in their repertoire. The sites we recommend will cover all your favorite bowl games and weekly matchups!

How to Bet on Basketball in Las Vegas

Basketball is a fast-paced sport and, therefore, fits in well with Las Vegas. If this type of excitement is your thing, we would recommend trying a live sports betting app. All of the sportsbooks we recommend on this page will have that function. It is the best way to enjoy the excitement of this sport while in this most exciting of cities. Vegas has its own WNBA team, the Las Vegas Aces.

How to Bet on Baseball in Las Vegas

While Las Vegas baseball fans are probably looking beyond their minor league teams and towards the major cities nearby that do have their own baseball teams, it is clear that the best baseball bets out of Las Vegas will cover a number of different teams. Bet on the winner of this weekend's game, who will win the pennants, or who will come out on top in the World Series.

How to Bet on UFC in Las Vegas

UFC is an exciting sport, and Las Vegas does it well. Many fights are held right in Las Vegas, so getting a mobile online sportsbook is key. This way, you can watch the match while you are placing bets. Common UFC bets are over/unders and method of victory bets.

How to Bet on Boxing in Las Vegas

Boxers love the lights, and Vegas has plenty to offer as the City of Lights. Round betting is a common bet in boxing. The main tip in Vegas boxing betting is to be careful about the hype. As long as they grab the headlines, there will be plenty of people spinning their stories,

Betting on Las Vegas Sports Teams

When it comes to betting on Las Vegas sports teams, there really is not a whole lot on offer in terms of professional sports. Of the big four sports leagues, only the NHL has a team in the Vegas media district.

Betting on Vegas Golden Knights

Las Vegas is home to only one professional sports team: the Vegas Golden Knights of the National Hockey League. They are a relatively new team, having been added in the 2017 expansion into the Western Conference's Pacific Division. They started off strong with a Conference Championship in their very first year!

Making the best bets with the Las Vegas Golden Knights will require some time. We will have to wait years, even decades, to see how this team functions. What effect will home-field advantage have? Will dynasties and rivalries evolve? What is an ice hockey team doing in the desert?

In the meantime, it could be best to concentrate on general hockey betting tips and on the team roster and coaching staff.

Is Horse Racing Legal in Las Vegas?

There are plenty of places where you can place horse racing bets in Las Vegas. Whether at the racebooks along The Strip or at the online betting sites we recommend here, you will have plenty of opportunities to bet on all types of races.

However, there is no racetrack in Las Vegas. You can find many in neighboring states, but Las Vegas does not have any live horse racing tracks in its metropolitan area. Despite this, off-track betting is alive and well in Sin City.

To get into horse racing betting in Las Vegas, check out our guide to horse betting. There, we cover the different types of bets and all the major races in detail!

Vegas Sports Betting Options

Vegas Sports Betting Options

It’s hard to walk down The Vegas Strip without finding a land-based sportsbook where you can place a multitude of sports bets. Most visitors who come to Vegas choose to stay on The Strip, making it likely that the hotel they stay in has an easily accessible sportsbook.

As if Vegas wasn’t already a substantially popular tourist destination, with the addition of sports teams like the NHL's Vegas Golden Knights and the NFL's Las Vegas Raiders moving to Vegas this upcoming NFL season, Vegas will see even more foot traffic in coming years. Not to mention they regularly host huge sporting events like UFC and boxing fights that bring in millions in revenue.

While the question of whether you can bet on sports in Vegas is a bit redundant, as Nevada has always been grandfathered in and not subjected to PASPA rules, it’s still important to know the legislation around sports betting in Vegas.

Aside from offshore sportsbooks, Vegas will have the most comprehensive and advanced betting structures compared to other states who just recently legalized sports betting. They offer a variety of different betting types and it’s great to get to know each betting option so you can make the right bet depending on which game or match you plan to wager on.

Betting on the moneyline in Vegas is the most popular option and a common betting type across the United States. It would be the standard betting option in most states and the easiest betting type to understand. When betting the Vegas moneyline, you will be picking which team you think will win or which fighter or competitor - whatever sport you are betting on. You will have two options, with odds denoting the favorite and underdog, and you will have to decide who will win out of the two.

Types of Vegas bets

The point spread is a little more complicated, as it shares the same principle as the moneyline, but the underdog will be given a head start by the oddsmakers. So, if a football team is favored by 7.5 points, the underdogs will start the game with 7.5, if they lose by less than seven, the underdogs win that bet. Also, if the underdogs win, the underdog bet cashes. If the spread between the two teams is more than eight, you will lose the bet.

Totals are commonly referred to in Vegas as the over/under. You may see odds with an O/U next to it, and that signifies you will be betting on the total number of points accumulated by both teams in the game. If you see oddsmakers chose a football total of 58, you will need to decide if the total number of points by both teams will add up to more or less than 58.

If you want to make things a little more exciting and rewarding, you can combine bets together to create a parlay bet slip. These are very common in Vegas, as the potential payouts can be huge due to adding all of the odds for each leg of your bet together. The odds are higher because the likelihood of all portions of your bet cashing is much less with parlays. To win a parlay, each and every prediction you make will need to occur for you to see any Vegas money.

Futures are popular during the preseason of any sport. The oddsmakers will release odds on each team to win a certain event, like who will win the Super Bowl in the upcoming NFL season for instance. This lets you put money on a team far in advance. These odds will be rather lucrative, as it’s pretty tough to accurately predict the Super Bowl winner in August when the event takes place in February.

Vegas Betting Tips

While the betting options sound easy enough, we don’t want to throw you to the wolves when it comes to Vegas betting. It can be incredibly fast-paced and keeping up with the sharks could be a little tricky if you don't know your stuff.

We have a few valuable Vegas betting tips to help you when visiting Sin City.

Ensure you do your research on the sportsbooks you plan to use when visiting. Not all lines are made equal. If you’re going to Vegas for a few days, try a different sportsbook each day or multiple places in one night. You can find better odds at some, and there are some shining stars in the atmosphere.

Research your bets before placing them. Don’t just half-heartedly wager on any team. Look into the matchup and ensure you place an educated wager instead of guessing.

Know when to step away from a wager. Not all bets are going to be worth making. If a team is heavily favored and you will bet more than you would win, sometimes it’s essential to know when to back away and let that game go. If you aren’t factoring in the amount you may win and that it may not be worth the risk, you should keep your money or bet on another game.

Top Sportsbooks for Betting in Las Vegas

Now that you have an idea of how to bet on sports in Vegas, you need to find yourself a sportsbook to place your wagers at.

The Westgate Superbook is by far the largest sportsbook in the world, with more than 350 seats and a huge video wall to watch the games. The Palazzo at the Venetian has the Lagasse Stadium, with great food and drinks and 100 televisions to keep an eye on every game you’re betting on.

The Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa is another popular sportsbook on the Strip. It offers a 96-foot video wall, a sports bar, and a VIP area overlooking the entire sportsbook. Topgolf Las Vegas has been growing in popularity, as it combines entertainment and sports, a golf driving range, and giant televisions in its 215-yard outfield.

Other great options include the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, the LINQ Hotel, and The D.

Las Vegas Casinos and Resorts

With so many different Casinos and Resorts to choose from, we will run through some of the top-tier sportsbooks and casinos in operation in Las Vegas today. Our readers will find all the information they need below.

Circa Hotel And Casino Sportsbook

One of many Hotel and Casino Sportsbooks available in the city of lights. There is a range of casino games and slots available to bettors who are looking for some entertainment in the city. With so many hotels on offer, it's important to know you're not being taken for a ride and are getting the best quality service on offer in the city.

Aria Resort Sportsbook

The Aria resort is one of the crown jewels of the strip and the name attracts millions of players from across the globe every year. The experts here would strongly advise taking a look through our guide to the Aria Resort Sportsbook before turning up, as there are a number of important things to understand.

Caesars Palace Sportsbook

Arguably the most recognizable Casino in the world. A must-stop destination for any bettor visiting the city to gamble. Setting the benchmark for sportsbooks across the globe, the Ceasars Palace sportsbook is well worth playing on while visiting Vegas.

Lagasse Stadium Sportsbook

The most famous sportsbook in the city. With over 100 seats and world-class food being delivered to your seat, bettors are able to enjoy the biggest sporting events in the world surrounded by avid bettors and a second-to-none atmosphere. Take a look at what's on offer at the Lagasse Stadium Sportsbook before arriving in Las Vegas.

Binion's Gambling Hall Hotel

Founded back in 1951, the Binion's Gambling Hall Hotel Sportsbook rose to fame during post-war Las Vegas and has remained one of the premium betting outlets for Las Vegas residents and visitors. We'd strongly advise taking a look through what's on offer at the Binion's Gambling Hall before arriving to get a feel for where to bet and the best offers available.

The Bellagio Hotel

The Bellagio fountains are some of the most famous on the strip and a guaranteed attraction for many visitors to the City of Lights. Based on the famous town situated on the beautiful Italian Lake Como, the hotel has become one of the iconic symbols of the city and offers a great Casino facility, as well as 5-star hotel accommodation.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel

Situated on the boulevard, the Cosmopolitan is one of the last remaining true luxury hotels in the city. Offering a broad range of suits and rooms to cater to visitors from all corners of the globe, with their own interests and desires. As well as that the Cosmopolitan sportsbook is great and offers customers a unique betting experience every time.

D Las Vegas Hotel

The D Las Vegas sportsbook is excellent, and with the hotel growing in popularity, many are choosing to wager here. Offering a broad range of betting odds on the major leagues, as well as covering the odds for major sports leagues from all over the world. Certainly, one to keep an eye on in years to come.

Golden Nugget Hotel

The Golden Nugget hotel and casino is about 5 miles from the airport and offers a unique experience, not only as a guest but when betting with the Golden Nugget sportsbook. Its hotel and casino facilities draw in millions every year and with such an excellent sportsbook backing it up, the Golden Nugget is sure to go from strength to strength.

Hard Rock Hotel

The Hard Rock Hotel is part of a global brand and many who visit Las Vegas feel safer staying with the Hard Rock name. As such, the Hard Rock sportsbook gets a lot of action with bettors wagering on many of the major sports leagues in the US, as well as big fights and events that take place in the city. Check out the latest odds and insights from this great sportsbook today.

Planet Hollywood Hotel

Right on the Boulevard, the Hollywood Planet Hotel is a real favorite and carries itself on reputation. Much like the Hollywood Planet Hotel sportsbook, which also commands a great number of bets every year. The Hollywood Planet hotel has become a place to come back to year after year for many loves of the city, so be sure to see what's on offer in their book today.

Lagasse's Stadium Palazzo Hotel

A grand 5-star hotel located in the center of the city. An almost unmatched level of service, offering customers the whole package. This includes a new breed of sports bar to support the ever-growing Palazzo sportsbook: a world-class restaurant and entertainment club.

Luxor Hotel

It's a 4-star hotel this time and one you'll recognize immediately from the movies. The Luxor features a giant black pyramid, with a huge Pharoah in front of it, styled the Egyptian-style pyramids. While the Luxor is great for aesthetics, it also features some of the most competitive odds in the city through the Luxor Hotel sportsbooks.

Mandalay Bay Hotel

There are few names more synonymous with Las Vegas than the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The Hotel features a beach-style interior with many recently restyled rooms to choose from when staying. The Hotel is excellent, but the Mandalay Bay Hotel sportsbook is the main feature here. Its reputation among sharp bettors is warranted, as it continues to provide the odds on all the major events worldwide.

MGM Hotel

The MGM Hotel, or MGM Grand, is lit in dark green at night and has established itself as one of the major sportsbooks and betting facilities on the strip. The MGM sportsbook is one that acts as a benchmark for many others in the city. Moreover, the MGM name is recognized around the world and many visitors from abroad quickly associate the brand as being the very best in the city.

Mirage Hotel

The Mirage Hotel features a huge water feature outside the entrance and regularly holds shows in the evening to entertain visitors to this legendary city. Not only do the Mirage facilities entertain guests, but the Mirage Hotel sportsbook is one of the major offerings to customers. With a seemingly endless list of sports betting markets available to users, the Mirage is certainly a great option for bettors.

New York New York

An odd idea, naming a hotel after a city in the same country the very same country. Nonetheless, the New York New York sportsbook and hotel offer users a great way to experience the joys of gambling in Las Vegas, while in the comfort of such a complete facility. The Hotel is first-rate and it has quickly established a reputation as one of the leading sportsbooks in town.

Paris Hotel

Directly across the famous Bellagio, this French-style casino draws in thousands every year. With a great range of food to choose from, the Paris Hotel is the perfect provider for wagering on major sports leagues and sports events across the world. The Paris Hotel sportsbook is not to be overlooked!

Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa

The Red Rock Hotel was recently renovated, now offering customers a quite unique experience and one which will dazzle first-timers to Las Vegas. As well as a great range of facilities, the Red Rock Hotel sportsbook offers very competitive odds and a broad range of betting markets - check out their sportsbook for the latest odds on major events.

Venetian Hotel

One of our absolute favorites. The Venetian is a classy hotel, offering customers an experience unlike that which they'll find in many of the other hotels in Vegas. The pool area is world-famous and attracts celebrities from across the globe every year. As well as the facilities, the Venetian Hotel sportsbook is excellent and is one of the main reasons these customers keep coming back.

Wynn Hotel

This hotel is famous not only for its service quality but also because the Wynn has a first-rate golf course attached to it. The Wynn Hotel sportsbook covers all the golf events on the calendar and all other sports betting markets available in the City of Lights. Overall, it is complete and offers unique betting opportunities.

The M Sportsbook

The M Sportsbook is a unique facility and one of the only places in the city where bettors will be provided with desk space, a swivel leather armchair, lamp, and individual television to track whatever market they please. A unique betting opportunity in Vegas.

Treasure Island Hotel

The Treasure Island Hotel sportsbook and casino is at the centre of the strip and offers customers the chance to wine and dine, enjoy the nightlife, then move onto the tables at their own discretion. The facility has become famous over the years, as one of the newer betting locations in the city this can be hard, having committed to providing a decent service to visitors.

Top Online Sportsbooks for Las Vegas

With all of this in mind, we have reviewed hundreds of online sports betting sites and can be sure that we are only recommending the best ones available in Las Vegas. Check out the list below to see our recommended online sportsbooks.

Legal Sports Betting in the Other States