Any Larry, Moe or Curly can throw down a few dollars on the heavy favorite and call it betting, but real sports bettors are those who bet with a sense of purpose and style that they call their very own. You have to find what works for you. We find excitement in betting on underdogs or betting on games where hot streaks are measured in gut feelings not just outdated stats. When it comes to sports betting any experienced bettor will tell you that the next best thing to betting and winning is…  …losing. So follow this guide carefully!

Online Sports Betting: How To

Every online sports bet has to start somewhere, so you might as well make it on your favorite sport. There are a few keys to remember when starting that we will go over in greater detail. It’s important to start off with a small risk amount. Many online sportsbooks have a minimum $1 bet requirement which is pretty easy to get started with and takes a bit of the pressure off when popping your online sports betting cherry. Once you’ve decided on how much you feel comfortable risking, it’s time to decide if you want to bet… [+]

…on the Point Spread, or Moneyline. Point Spread betting refers to the margin of victory in a particular game, whereas Moneyline betting is just picking the winner straight up. Depending on the particular game, Point Spread betting typically has a higher payout, unless you bet on the Moneyline for a huge underdog.

5 Best Tips for Sports Betting Online

In the next section we will go over our much acclaimed 5 Best Tips for Sports Betting Online that have taken us centuries to narrow down into just 5 categories. In addition to the betting tips, we will also discuss common misconceptions when betting on sports online. Whether you are new to online sports betting, or you’ve been to the rodeo a few seasons now, our best tips for sports betting online can be found useful for any player. Some of the tips we will go over in the next section include choosing an online...

...sportsbook that best suits your playing style, bankroll management, and the all important online sportsbook bonus. Sports betting online is fun, but it’s even more fun when it’s paying for your scuba/ninja lessons.

Top 10 Strategies to Win with Online Sports Betting

Ask any online sports betting connoisseur and they will tell you that hot streaks and cold streaks are cyclical; they come and go like buses. Those bettors who stick to our top 10 fundamental strategies to win with online sports betting will continue to cash-in season after season by following these few simple rules. From NCAA March Madness betting, to the Kentucky Derby, we go over the most important strategies to keep your sportsbook on its knees. Online sports betting is more than just a click and scroll...

...of the mouse, it always involves some kind of strategy no matter how big or small. Some of our listed strategies are obvious, and some may take seasons of trial and error to learn, but luckily for you we have already tested these proven online sports betting strategies so that you don’t have to!


Know Your Sports Betting Stats

When looking for sports betting stats it’s usually not a good idea to just go by what your co-workers are splattering on about over a cup of coffee. There are more than enough online sports betting sites that are dedicated to providing the most current stats, matchup tools, betting trends, and injury reports so that you don’t have to do your own research. Water cooler talk should be kept to talking about the weather and sweater puppies, not which team has gone 7-1 Against the Spread in their last 8 road games. This section will go...

... over how to get proper sports betting stats and what to do with them so that you have a fighting chance.

Various Online Sports Betting Software and Platforms

Just like they did after your first beer, eventually your tastes for online sports betting will evolve and you may want to have more than one type of online sportsbook account. Having more than one sportsbook is perfectly fine, we’re not here to judge you. In this section we will go over the various types of online sports betting software and platforms found at different online sportsbooks. In addition to the pros and cons of the different types of online sports betting software, we will also touch on how to find which online sports...

...betting platform best suits your betting style and frequency.