Online Betting Guides

Any Larry, Moe, or Curly can throw down a few dollars on the heavy favorite and call it betting. But real sports wagerers are those who invest with a sense of purpose and style that they call their very own. You have to find what works for you. You have to come up with strategies. If you’re just starting out, you have to know what you’re doing at all. That’s where our online betting guides come into play. They exist for both newbies and veterans, aiming only to maximize your sports-gambling experience.

And as luck would have it, we’ve made an overview of every single betting guide we’ve published. Take your time, jump around—it doesn’t matter. These resources are available to help you in any way you see fit.

Online Sports Betting: How To

This is the most important of all our breakdowns. It covers absolutely everything in adequate detail. If you want the nitty-gritty on specific topics—such as how to read betting lines—we have more zoomed-in resources for you to cover below. But if you need a general idea of how to bet, from start to finish, that covers everything from interpreting odds, types of wagers, strategies, and much more, then you’re going to love what is, essentially, the Sports Betting 101 of our resources.

5 Best Tips for Sports Betting Online

5 Best Tips for Sports Betting Online

In the next section we will go over our much acclaimed 5 Best Tips for Sports Betting Online that have taken us centuries to narrow down into just 5 categories. In addition to the betting tips, we will also discuss common misconceptions when betting on sports online. Whether you are new to online sports betting, or you’ve been to the rodeo a few seasons now, our best tips for sports betting online can be found useful for any player. Some of the tips we will go over in the next section include choosing an online…

…sportsbook that best suits your playing style, bankroll management, and the all important online sportsbook bonus. Sports betting online is fun, but it’s even more fun when it’s paying for your scuba/ninja lessons.

Top 10 Strategies to Win with Online Sports Betting

Top 10 Strategies to Win with Online Sports Betting

Ask any online sports betting connoisseur and they will tell you that hot streaks and cold streaks are cyclical; they come and go like buses. Those bettors who stick to our top 10 fundamental strategies to win with online sports betting will continue to cash-in season after season by following these few simple rules. From NCAA March Madness betting, to the Kentucky Derby, we go over the most important strategies to keep your sportsbook on its knees. Online sports betting is more than just a click and scroll…

…of the mouse, it always involves some kind of strategy no matter how big or small. Some of our listed strategies are obvious, and some may take seasons of trial and error to learn, but luckily for you we have already tested these proven online sports betting strategies so that you don’t have to!


Know Your Sports Betting Stats

Know Your Sports Betting Stats

When looking for sports betting stats it’s usually not a good idea to just go by what your co-workers are splattering on about over a cup of coffee. There are more than enough online sports betting sites that are dedicated to providing the most current stats, matchup tools, betting trends, and injury reports so that you don’t have to do your own research. Water cooler talk should be kept to talking about the weather and sweater puppies, not which team has gone 7-1 Against the Spread in their last 8 road games. This section will go…

… over how to get proper sports betting stats and what to do with them so that you have a fighting chance.

Various Online Sports Betting Software and Platforms

Various Online Sports Betting Software and Platforms

Just like they did after your first beer, eventually your tastes for online sports betting will evolve and you may want to have more than one type of online sportsbook account. Having more than one sportsbook is perfectly fine, we’re not here to judge you. In this section we will go over the various types of online sports betting software and platforms found at different online sportsbooks. In addition to the pros and cons of the different types of online sports betting software, we will also touch on how to find which online sports…

…betting platform best suits your betting style and frequency.

How Do Odds Work

What does a +300 Moneyline mean? How about a -5.5 point spread? What is the over/under? How do you interpret American odds versus decimal and fractional lines? These are legitimate questions even for those who may have dipped their feet in the sports-betting pool before. After consuming this overview of how odds work throughout the sports gambling industry, though, you'll never have to pose any of these inquiries again.

Types of Sports Bets

This isn't your average betting-type explainer. [+]

Sure, you will get valuable, in-depth overviews of what moneyline, point spread, and over/under wagers are. But we also get into more granular, equally useful details, covering everything from parlay and future wagers to round-robin and arbitrage bets.

Moneyline Betting Explained

Though moneyline wagers are the most fundamental of all wager types, they do present an element of nuance. You need to be able to distinguish between favorites and underdogs. You also should have the ability to spot a heavy favorite or long-shot underdog. And most important of all, you must have a grasp of how much money you stand to make when working certain lines. Our moneyline primer gets into everything, including the art of quickly interpreting just what +500 or -250 odds presentations mean.

Point Spread Betting Explained

The point spread bets still entail predicting an outcome to the entire game, but they differ drastically from the moneyline, in that you're more concerned with forecasting margins of victory or loss. [+]

This distinction is carried out with odds such as -1.5 or +1.5. This guide gets deep into the meaning of these lines while also providing a synopsis of how much money you can stand to make using point spreads.

Moneyline vs. Point Spread Explained

Some people have trouble remembering the differences between moneyline and point spread betting. [+]

The concept of covering can confuse them, but more notably, it's often difficult to decide which wager type is right for you. We've taken the guesswork out of the equation by showing you how to choose.

Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting is all about predicting the final score. [+]

But we are not talking about a specific score. Your job instead is to decide whether two teams will combine to exceed (the over) or fail to meet (the under) a predetermined final score. While addressing every aspect of the over/under, this page also delves into how over/under lines are used in futures.

Futures Betting Explained

Futures are exactly what they sound like. [+]

You're gambling on an outcome that won't take place for months, usually a division, conference or league championship. These bets can be harder to hit, because you're wagering against fields that span anywhere between four and 30-plus teams, but they can also be highly profitable. Allow us to show you how by visiting the page linked above.

Parlay Betting Explained

Parlay betting is easy enough to understand: You combine single wagers—like moneylines, point spreads, and the over/under—into one gigantic bet that noticeably drives up the potential payout. [+]

The catch? Parlays mandate that every one of your predictions hit, otherwise you'll be left with a bad beat. We go into hyper detail about this topic, identifying the pros and cons depending on the wager types you're melding together.

A Guide to Betting on Props

Prop betting continues to be an under-explored sector of the sports gambling world. [+]

The lines you're investing in are off-beat, which can catch some people off guard. You needn't fear them. They're fun. Consider props a means to bet on the game within a game, mainly player and team accomplishments. This page breaks down everything for you, including strategies, to the point you'll be a props expert by the time you finish it.

Betting Strategies

There is no such thing as a foolproof betting strategy. [+]

That said, many approaches are better than others. We've put together a list of all the most popular gambling philosophies, outlining not only how they work, but also the situations in which they figure to be the most effective.

Arbitrage Betting Guide

Arbitrage betting is among the most popular strategies amongst long-time gamblers. [+]

Thanks to this guide, now you can join in on the fun. It covers everything you need to know about arbitrage, which entails identifying odds inefficiencies at separate sportsbooks and capitalizing on them by investing in both sides of the same game. It sounds weird on the surface, but it can work when implemented properly. We have explained why within our guide.

Matched Betting Explained

The matched betting strategy is a lot easier to digest than arbitrage betting. [+]

It also consists of investing in both sides of the same game, but your mission is to do so while using promotional money you've received from your sportsbooks. Hiccups abound in this approach, but we tackle them all in kind, so you can be sure you won't mess up should you decide to give matched betting a try.

Round Robin Bets Explained

Round robin bets should be more popular, but people tend to think they're overly complicated. [+]

Believe us when we say they're not. Just look at them as a series of mini parlays. Let's say there are three moneylines you wish to bet on. Rather than build a single parlay with all of them, you can choose to place a round robin bet, which would construct three different two-outcome combinations all for one lump sum that's spread evenly across them. Still not sold? Check out the guide. You'll leave satisfied.

Betting Odds Calculator

Betting odds calculators are a godsend. [+]

They tell you exactly how much you stand to win once you plug in your wager type, the amount you're betting and the odds you received. You'll invariably have the hang of knowing prospective payouts right away in some cases, but betting calculators—which can be found using a quick Google search—are incredibly handy when you are putting together a bet slip with numerous wagers on it.

Parlay Odds Calculator

Parlay odds calculators are musts. [+]

It doesn't matter if you're submitting a two-bet parlay or 10-bet parlay. You won't be able to calculate your potential return just by line of sight. These wagers are combining a bunch of single-bet odds and folding them into one giant wager with a fatter possible payout. Let an odds calculator do the work for you, so you can know just how much you're playing for. There are other benefits to this tool, as well—all of which are broken down within.

Betting Slip Explained

Most people don't give a second thought to their betting slip. [+]

That changes now. It has so many functions. The most obvious one: keeping track of your wagers as you browse your sportsbook. That's great. But they also serve as their own odds calculators and, equally important, wager receipts so that you can both keep track of how your investments are faring and have proof of your transaction should your sportsbooks be experiencing technical difficulties. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Betting slips do so much more, and we get into it all.