What is the best sports betting app? This is one of the most asked and most important questions for a sports bettor. The answer is, well, it depends.You see, many betting apps are the “best” at different things. One might offer the best betting odds, another has the best deposit bonuses, then another has the best customer service. See what we mean?

That’s why in this article, we’ll be recommending 10 of the best sports betting apps around. Then we’ll explain what makes them so. Ultimately, it’s on you to pick what’s the best betting app for you and your needs. There’s a lot to talk about so let’s get right into it:


Best Sports Betting Apps

We have hundreds of online sportsbook reviews. Narrowing it down to the 10 best sports betting apps wasn’t easy, but it had to be done. These 10 bookies stood out most amongst the crowd:

#1 BetOnline Sports Betting App review


What makes BetOnline one of the best betting apps is the sheer amount of wagers offered. Any sport or any bet type, you’ll probably find it offered at BetOnline. That variety essentially makes it a one-stop shop for betting while on your phone.

Speaking of which, to access the BetOnline app, a player just needs to pull up the site from a mobile web browser. There’s no need to download an app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. That means betting on the go is incredibly frictionless.

A bettor could use the BetOnline app alone and have their entire sports betting fix — no need to bounce around between different online betting app. Get even more details about the site in our latest BetOnline review.

✅ Deep — and we mean deep — sportsbook menu
✅ Solid live betting experience on mobile

Added: ❌ Bonuses could benefit from extra options

Final verdict: 9.4/10

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#2 BetUS Sports Betting App review


Bonuses, bonuses, and more bonuses. This is what makes BetUS arguably the best app for sports betting. We mean, who doesn’t like betting for free? That’s exactly what awaits bettors of the BetUS app.

How much free money do these bonuses pay out, you ask? BetUS has so many deals, but the sign-up bonus alone is worth a hair over $3000. Heck, the refer-a-friend deal shoots up to $6000. No betting app comes even close to offering this type of free play outside of BetUS.

These offers can mostly be had by doing two things — creating a BetUS account and depositing money. Both of which can be done easily right from the BetUS app with a few thumbs on your phone. There’s no hoops to jump through to get these bonuses.

Believe it or not, these deals are only the “tip of the iceberg” with BetUS. For a closer look at the platform, gloss over our BetUS app review.

✅ Biggest bonuses in the business
✅ Mobile app works on iOS and Android devices
❌ Short expiration period on bonus earnings
❌ High rollover requirements before money can be withdrawn

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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#3 BetNow Sports Betting App review

Best Sports Betting Apps

BetNow has a feature that none of the other best sports betting app has and that’s a sportsbook rebate. For those not in the know, a rebate is refund on sports betting losses. So if you wager on the BetNow app and end up “in the red” that week (hey, it happens to the best of us), you’ll get two percent credited back in free play.

Seriously, BetNow might be the only online sportsbook offering this feature. This comes on top of offering four different sign-up bonuses, three reload bonuses, and two other rebates. Safe to say BetNow is about giving bettors options.

We recommend you glance at our BetNow app review to get a closer look at the platform.


✅ Unique sportsbook rebate
✅ Error-free mobile-betting experience


❌ Dated app look and feel

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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#4 Bovada Sports Betting App review


If you’re on the fence about this whole “betting sports online with your phone” thing cause you heard it’s scammy, then Bovada will be one of the best apps for sports betting. This is because Bovada and trustworthiness go hand-in-hand.

The Bovada app has been around since 2011 — before most bookmakers you’ve heard of — and has built a large user base. Spend a few minutes on Bovada and you’ll quickly realize why it is one of the most-used and trusted betting sites around.

The Bovada app experience, in particular, is so simple to pick up — even if you’ve never bet on sports online before. Finding and placing bets inside the Bovada app is quite hassle-free, the way it should be.

Check out our Bovada app review for more details about what makes Bovada worth checking out.

✅ Reputable sportsbook with decades of experience
✅ Clean and straightforward user experience

❌ Cheap sign-up bonus
❌ Betting prices can vary in quality

Final verdict: 9.1/10

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#5 BookMaker Sports Betting App review


The days of betting on sports pregame only are long gone. We mean, that’s still around, but the real fun is in betting sports live — when the game has started and is ongoing. When it comes to in-play betting, BookMaker is easily one of the best sport betting apps.

It offers live odds on many sports, which is what you want when you’re not at home and on your phone. Why limit yourself to just NFL live betting when you could do the same for college football, NBA, MLB, and so on?

In our experience, BookMaker did a really job of updating odds in real-time. That’s critical, especially in a sport like basketball where scoring is so frequent. Lag was nonexistent, which is not always something you can say about in-play features elsewhere.


✅ Great in-play betting experience
✅ Rewards program across platform


❌ Sign-up and reload bonuses have “meh” payouts

Final verdict: 9.0/10

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#6 Everygame Sports Betting App review


Like laying parlays bets? If yes, the Everygame app has your name written all over it. Everygame is really built for those multi-leg parlay bets. The site has little to no restrictions on parlays so, for instance, the same-game parlay is fully on the table in most sports .

Everygame even has special promotions if you miss a parlay by one leg, they’ll enter you in a raffle to win free play. It’s a unique offer but it just goes to show you how much Everygame is about parlay betting.

Best of all, locking in parlays from the Everygame app is cake. The app allows you to easily build parlays right from your phone.

Of course, there’s more than just parlays at the site. Read our Everygame app review for extra information.

✅ Perfect parlay-picking system
✅ Unique bonuses like parlay raffle deal


❌ Needs better sign-up bonus
❌ Confusing casino offering

Final verdict: 9.0/10

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#7 MyBookie Sports Betting App review


Sports bettors who are serious should look into the MyBookie app. They have a top-notch sportsbook, but one big pro of the site is its bettor-friendly reload bonus. Unlike a sign-up bonus, which we mentioned earlier on, reload bonuses can be re-used over and over again. These deals are essentially for life as long as a bettor keeps depositing funds via their phone.

At MyBookie, the reload bonus can be as much as 50 percent and $1250 in free play. That’s on the high end for bettors who’ve earned it though. It’s a tiered program so new users will start much smaller. Still, this is why we would say serious bettors will take a liking to MyBookie, it really rewards loyalty with this reload bonus.

Another area where the MyBookie app stands out is speed. We used both a Wi-Fi connection and cellular data to access MyBookie from our phones. Both excelled at load times with errors being rare.

Our latest MyBookie app review has even more details about this top-rated app.

✅ Good live betting system (especially on mobile)
✅ Tiered reload bonus
❌ Sign-up bonus pays peanuts compared to competitors
❌ Casino could use more games

Final verdict: 8.9/10

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#8 Sportsbetting.ag Sports Betting App review


Sportbetting.ag is essentially a jack-of-all-trades platform. Unlike the other sites on this list, there’s not necessarily one specific area where Sportsbetting.ag shines — but that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a compliment because Sportsbetting.ag does everything pretty well.

Bonuses, a deep sportsbook menu, a complimentary casino, and solid customer support, all those are tried-and-true features of the site. All of it can be had right from the Sportsbetting.ag app too.

Getting set up on the Sportsbetting.ag app to access these features is designed to be as pain-less as possible too. We went through the app’s set-up process (account creation and depositing) in a couple of short minutes. You can literally go from reading this to betting on the Sportsbetting.ag app in 10 or so minutes — seriously!

To learn more about these features, read up on our latest Sportsbetting.ap app review.

✅ Seamless mobile betting experience vs. desktop experience
✅ Plenty of big-money contests

❌ Could use more live betting options

Final verdict: 8.8/10

#9 WagerWeb Sports Betting App review


Securing well-priced odds is the most overlooked aspect of successful sports betting. It’s not just about making the right picks, but also getting these picks at the best possible odds.

In this department, the WagerWeb app is a real industry leader. Routinely on different wagers across different sports, you’ll see that WagerWeb has the best prices. This is definitely the place to go to maximize betting value.

Moreover, kudos to WagerWeb’s betting menu. It’s very easy to navigate through on the app. Bets are neatly organized by sports, league, or bet type (moneyline, futures, props). We never struggled to find the wager we were looking for on WagerWeb.

Scope out our WagerWeb app review for full details.


✅ Well-priced betting odds
✅ Variety of bonuses to pick from

❌ Cryptocurrency support for Bitcoin only
❌ App feels outdated visually

Final verdict: 8.8/10

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#10 XBet Sports Betting App review


A top-notch mobile sports betting app is a necessity nowadays with most bettors gambling via their phones (why waste time driving to a retail property?). XBet has fully embraced mobile betting with an app tailor-made for cell phone screens.

For one, the XBet app is more modern-looking than its counterparts. XBet’s green-and-grey design feels very present-day, not something stuck in the 2010s like other apps we won’t mention.

Elsewhere, the app especially excels at live betting so you can be on the go and wager without a hitch. Here again, XBet’s in-play odds stay strikingly close to the game as it’s unfolding. If you plan on betting away from home often, the XBet app might be the spot for you.

✅ Top-notch mobile betting experience
✅ Modern look and feel
❌ Bonuses and contests are “vanilla”

Final verdict: 8.7/10

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Our Testing Process Of Mobile Apps?

How did we hone-in on the top-10 best sports betting apps? Welp, the old-fashioned way — we rolled up our sleeves and tested each app individually. We did this hundreds of times because, well, the marketplace isn’t short on online sportsbooks.

With each site, we ran through all the things a normal bettor would do — sign up for an account, deposit money, bet, bet some more, cash out, talk to customer service, and so on. We graded sportsbooks on many of these categories. In the end, those grades influenced our top-10 rankings you see above. It was a time and labor-intensive process, but that’s the only way you can truly rank these sites so it had to be done.

Why Should You Trust OnlineSportsBetting.net??

Every piece of writing you see on this site is by fellow bettors and intended for sports bettors. We are not “marketers” or “tourists” — we’re in the trenches wagering on NFL and obscure soccer leagues in Eastern Europe too. This first-hand experience makes us uniquely qualified to review sports apps.

Only a fellow bettor could understand when a betting line is off compared to the marketplace. Only a fellow bettor will pick up on a slower-than-normal payout time. Only a bettor realizes a bonus really has no “catch” to it. So trust us because we’re one of you — an online bettor looking to get gambling action without any hassles.

The Most Important Things In A Good Sports Betting App

There are a few common denominators among the top-10 betting apps we listed. More or less, all five share the following qualities:

High-quality betting menu

Two things makes a betting list high quality. The first is just offering a variety of bets in the first place. If it’s the sportsbook, we want the menu to span different sports, leagues, and countries. Moreover, these markets should have the full gamut of bet types — moneyline, spreads, props, futures, and so on.

The second thing that creates quality is well-priced betting lines. If most bookmakers have one team as -110 favorites, but the other has the same team at -125, then one is clearly better for the bettor. That would be the -110 odds because that’s preserving betting value the most.

Superb Mobile Experience

Mobile betting used to be a “nice to have” feature, but now it’s one of the most important aspects of any app. Importance is only going to grow too. There’s a new generation of bettors that only know how to bet on their phones. It’s a far cry from old-school bettors who had to rummage through the depths of the Internet on their computer to get a wager in — all while dodging spyware and sketchy payment systems.

These days, the mobile experience is made or broken by how well the app works on the go. Anything a bettor can do using a large-screened computer should also be available on a small phone. That includes transferring money in and out, finding a bet easily, placing wagers, and even getting real-time odds on in-play.

Big Promotional Bonuses

With a marketplace this crowded with competition, most apps only have one way of differentiating themselves — offering loads of free-play bonuses. That’s a win for bettors though who can now rack up free money to gamble with. Obviously, the best apps are either more charitable with their deals or just offer a big variety of bonuses for players to choose from. Either option is a win, but an app with both is definitely in the upper echelon.

Android Sportsbook Apps

Outside of the United States, Android is the dominant software in most phone devices. That’s why every sportsbook worth its salt supports Android devices. Either their app can be downloaded straight from the Google Play Store or the app just works fine with an Android web browser (no download needed). Android users are pretty much covered on every betting platform.

iOS Sportsbook Apps

The same goes for iOS users on iPhones. No betting app that’s smart (and likes making money) would fail to support iOS, which is the dominant phone software in the lucrative U.S. market. However, Apple is strict with its App Store. So many of the apps we mentioned in this article aren’t even downloadable from there. That doesn’t mean they can’t be used on mobile though as most are supported on web browsers inside your phones.

How To Start Using Sports Betting Mobile Apps

1. Access the sports betting app: some apps require it to be downloaded to your phone. However, the majority of apps work just fine by accessing the mobile web page on your phone and that’s it!

2. Create an account: the sign-up process at most apps takes minutes. Just input your information (name, age, address, email, etc.) and you’ll be set up with a few clicks. You might be asked to verify this information with a copy of your ID or house bill so don’t lie about anything.

3. Deposit money: you’ll need to fund your account with real money. Apps offer different payment methods (bank wire, debit card, etc.).

4. Start betting: scan the apps until you’ve found bets worth putting money on — in sports, casino, or horse racing. Choose how much money to risk and boom, you’re betting now!

Best Betting Apps For Each State

App betting varies from state to state. To make this process easier on you, we’ve created in-depth betting guides to several U.S. states. Find the one you live and get the full lowdown on mobile betting there:

Best Betting Apps For Each Sport

Have an affinity for betting a specific sport or league? Welp, we have app betting guides by sport too. Here’s what’s at your disposal:

All Our Mobile Betting Apps Reviews

We quickly reviewed the top-10 betting apps on this page, but the full, in-depth reviews for each app can be had below:

Best Sports Betting Apps FAQs

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