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How to obtain bonus at

Getting your WagerWeb sportsbook bonus is extremely. All you need to do is choose between one of two options at sign-up, and they’ll automatically apply it to your account!

100% Bonus 100% up to $1,000
  1. 1 Create your account on WagerWeb => click here
  2. 2Step 2: Register your first deposit method
  3. 3Step 3: Choose between a 50 percent deposit bonus or 1 percent cash back
  4. 4Step 4: Watch as your selection is automatically applied to your account

WagerWeb's Mobile Betting App Bonuses

Like many other mobile sportsbook apps, WagerWeb offers instant bonus options. However, their setup is unique in that you can choose between TWO different sign-up promotions!

Positive facts about
  • Streamlined mobile betting interface customers will love
  • Extensive selections of live-betting lines updated in real time
  • Two different sign-up bonuses from which to choose
WagerWeb Sign-up Bonus All new WagerWeb users can get 50 percent back on their first deposit or 1 percent back on all bets!Take me there!Open an Account 

WagerWeb Betting App Key Features

The most important feature of the WagerWeb mobile app is the way they have separated themselves with their sportsbook bonus. Or rather, we should say their sportsbook bonuses. Plural.

Yes, they have the typical offerings you would expect from a trusted online site—free crypto withdrawals, casino promotions, reload bonuses, etc. But they also give you an option of two different bonuses after registering your account: You can either get 50 percent tacked on to your first deposit, worth up to $500, or you can get 1 percent back on a select number of bets you place. For what it’s worth, they even have a 100 percent deposit bonus for new users who bankroll their account using cryptocurrency.

Most will lean toward taking the 50 percent deposit bonus—or the 100 percent option if they’re crypto users. But higher rollers should definitely consider the 1 percent cash back. If you’re going to put together higher-stakes wagers and 1 percent of the amount you will be gambling adds up to more than $500, you’re going to come out ahead.

Beyond just their extensive deposit bonus options, WagerWeb mobile does a great job of streamlining their desktop experience for on-the-go bettors. Too many mobile betting sites and apps don’t pay enough attention to their user interface. They keep the same dimensions and designs from their normal webpage. But WagerWeb has put together a specific site for its mobile device users, where every part of the workflow has been constructed with the sole intention of adapting to smaller screens.

There will be no clunky or overly small text on the WagerWeb app. Nor do you have to worry about excessive scrolling. There are absolutely no misplaced or improperly sized prompts. WagerWeb mobile is extremely easy to navigate—and that, believe it or not, is just the beginning of their next-level on-the-go betting experience.

WagerWeb Mobile App Sign-Up

Signing up at WagerWeb mobile is a two-page process. First, their app layout includes all the fields of information required to create an account within the initial “Join Now!” section: name, country of origin, email, phone number, etc. After that, you’ll be brought to a confirmation page, where your account will both be processed and you’ll be able to come up with a preferred username and password. And just like that, you’re ready to bet!

Well, okay, you’re not quite ready to be. You have to set up a deposit method, which WagerWeb also allows you to do with incredible speed on your mobile device. They have a page where they list every accepted form of payment, and they offer quick approval seven days per week so you can create an account whenever you want. Most new users are able to bankroll their account and begin placing wagers instantly.

If for some reason you do have an issue, WagerWeb does have one of the better customer service setups in the sports-betting industry. They have been around for nearly two decades at this point. You don’t last that long in this racket unless you know how to properly service your clientele.

What’s more, WagerWeb directs you to all different forms of contact—email inquiries, chats with customer service reps, phone numbers, etc.—right on their mobile site. So long as you’re looking to have issues addressed during their typical business hours, you’ll always have a clear path to resolution.

WagerWeb Mobile Sportsbook

Believe us when we say that we’ve looked over tons of mobile sports-betting sites and that, relative to the field of major competitors, there may not be a better on-the-go sportsbook experience than there is at WagerWeb.

The folks over at WagerWeb have clearly invested a lot of time, effort and financial resources in perfecting the design and user workflow. Every possible process is clearly labeled, and the categories are self-explanatory. They separate betting events not only by sports, but also by leagues, start times, live-betting options and even wager types.

Everyone should be able to find their preferred sports at WagerWeb. They offer odds on football, basketball, hockey, baseball, soccer, badminton, boxing, cricket, squash, swimming, cycling, darts, gaelic games, greyhound racing, soccer, handball, hockey, MMA, Formula 1, rugby, snooker, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, e-gaming and much more.

Like other mobile sportsbooks, WagerWeb will also run seasonable specials on certain sports. They usually have specific reload and cash-back bonuses at the start of each football season, and there will sometimes be free-bet promotions around tent-pole events like the World Series and Super Bowl.

WagerWeb Bet Types

Using WagerWeb mobile will not limit your betting options. They offer all the wager types you can imagine, including single-game lines, futures, props, live odds, parlays and anything else that springs to mind. However, WagerWeb genuinely separates themselves with their selection of live-betting lines.

Most desktop sportsbooks these days are pretty good about offering live betting lines across every major event. But this is still an iffy field on mobile sites. Many sportsbooks will limit or nix live lines completely. Not WagerWeb, though.

They have an entire section dedicated to just live betting lines, and they are available for basically every sport and every event, however minor or major. We also found that they update their odds with admirable speed. Live lines change quickly. Sometimes, they can move while you’re just adding the bet to your receipt slip. WagerWeb alerts you to any immediate changes when they happen.

Better still, if you already have a live line on your bet slip that you haven’t submitted, WagerWeb will send you a pop-up alert if those odds move rather than just letting you know when you go to hit submit or removing it from your ledger completely.

Oh, and speaking of their bet slip: It is omnipresent. As you build out your list of wagers, they will keep a running ledger or your selections in a small window that you can move to any one of the four corners of your screen. This bet slip also gives you the one-click ability to toggle between single, parlay and if/then bet types.

WagerWeb Mobile Casino

WagerWeb’s mobile-betting experience hits yet another home run with their casino. Our favorite part about it? Their honesty. They have an explainer on their mobile casino homepage that explains they are continuously adding and fleshing out their offerings, and there is a link you can click to provide feedback and suggestions. We love the idea of being up front with customers while also allowing them to shape future services.

This is not meant to imply WagerWeb’s mobile casino lacks a bunch of keystone options. They offer all the traditional games like Black Jack, poker (various types), roulette, slots and a growing collection of specialty games. Contrary to some other mobile sites, WagerWeb has also put together an exclusive section for their mobile racebook. Similar to the rest of their mobile site, the racebook is designed exclusively for mobile devices yet offers the same lines and betting options available to you on the desktop site.

If there is one shortcoming inherent of WagerWeb’s casino, it would be the functionality of their software. It is optimized for mobile and provides a quick, intuitive experience when working properly, but it isn’t seamlessly compatible with every type of device. We read reviews where people using older-model phones and tablets struggled to get certain features to load.

Of course, this is also a backhanded compliment. WagerWeb has been so committed to keeping their mobile casino current, the tools and software they’re favoring aren’t built for outmoded devices. We saw the most negative reviews for people trying to place bets using 3G rather than 4G, 5G or WiFi.

Even people who might struggle to use WagerWeb’s casino may find the experience well worth it, though. They peddle one of the most lucrative reload casino bonuses in the business—a great incentive for recurring customers.

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