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Dan Favale

Dan Favale leverages over 12 years of sports journalism expertise in his role as New York staff writer. He provides in-depth analysis across the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, tennis, NASCAR, college basketball, and sports betting. Dan co-hosts the popular Hardwood Knocks NBA podcast. Passionate about fitness and punk rock, Dan brings a witty flair to his seasoned coverage. His comprehensive approach have established his veteran voice across multiple sports.

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The second half of the Hitpoint Masters Summer 2024 League of Legends tournament is about to begin. OSB has picks for Day 8!

Predictions for the Second Half of 2024 League of Legends Hitpoint Masters Group Stage


Believe it or not, the first half of the Hitpoint Masters League of Legends Summer 2024 group stage is already in the books.  What will the second half of the docket hold for the eight participating teams? That’s what we’re here to figure out.  What: League of Legends Hitpoint Masters (Summer 2024) When: June 2 […]
Due to the failure to legalize Oklahoma sports betting using one approach, multiple bills are now expected to be proposed in 2025.

Multiple Oklahoma Sports Betting Bills May be Proposed in 2025


After multiple attempts to legalize Oklahoma sports betting have failed to pan out, officials may be planning for a different, potentially more aggressive approach in 2025. This news comes on the heels of yet another botched bid. The push to legalize sports betting in Oklahoma continued during 2024 legislative meetings. However, while a bill was […]
After initial optimism that Minnesota sports betting could be legalized in 2024, the latest bill to do so has officially fallen short.

The Latest Bill to Legalize Minnesota Sports Betting has Officially Failed


Well, it’s official: The push to legalize Minnesota sports betting in 2024 has failed.  A few months ago, this would have seemed like a somewhat shocking outcome. Optimism surrounding the future of sports betting in Minnesota prior to legislative sessions reached an all-time high. In fact, many painted the legalization of sports gambling in the […]
Though South Carolina sports betting has long lacked traction, this year has done little to increase the pressure on policymakers to change.

Could South Carolina Sports Betting be Impacted by Lack of Successful New Legislation in 2024?


The 2024 calendar year is not off to a great first half if you’re someone hoping for clarity on the future of South Carolina sports betting. No new legislation been proposed inside the Palmetto State. Beyond that, the manner in which initiatives have unfolded throughout other states could nod toward an unsettling, albeit inevitable, truth for […]
Wisconsin sports betting is currently limited to select on-site tribal properties. Could Florida's gambling litigation change that?

Wisconsin Sports Betting Could be Impacted by Florida Gambling Case


Ever since Wisconsin sports betting launched in November 2021, operations have remained extremely limited. As of June 2024, only six tribal properties are licensed to offer wagering. What’s more, aside from adding more on-site locations, there don’t appear to be any plans to expand sports betting in Wisconsin. Could the fate of Florida sports betting […]
Saint Louis University will reportedly release a Missouri sports betting poll this August as the push to legalize gambling continues.

New Missouri Sports Betting Poll to Release in August


How do residents of the Show-Me State feel about the potential legalization of Missouri sports betting?  Saint Louis University and YouGov are apparently going to find out. According to Legal Sports Report, a new Missouri sports betting poll will be released this August. It is not immediately clear how many participants will be included, or […]
The 2024 Counter-Strike Blast Premier Spring Final is officially off and running. Day 1 was wild. Day 2 will be the same. And OSB has picks!

Predictions for Second Round of 2024 Counter-Strike Blast Premier Final


Day 1 of the Counter-Strike Blast Premier 2024 Spring Final kicked off on Wednesday, June 12. And woo buddy, was it eventful from the jump.  What: Counter-Strike Blast Premier League Spring Final When: Wednesday June 12 through Sunday June 16 Where: London, England Venue: OVO Arena Wembley Prize Purse: $425,000 ($200,000 for first place) 2023 […]
The Kansas sports betting handle in 2024 continues to significantly outpace the state's numbers from the same periods last year.

Kansas Sports Betting Handle Remains on an Upward Climb


After launching in September 2022, Kansas sports betting has now been live for almost two years. And while the volume of wagers being placed could technically start to level off following such an extensive period, the Sunflower State remains a growth market. Look no further than the most recent handle reports for sports betting in […]
Though we still don't know when—or if—Nebraska online sports betting will be legalized, tribes are already preparing for its launch.

Tribes Already Prepping for Eventual Legalization of Nebraska Online Sports Betting


Nebraska sports betting went live roughly a half-year ago. Notably, as part of its legalization, the state did not allow online sportsbooks from the United States to enter the market. Only in-person wagering is currently permitted. But tribal casinos are already preparing Nebraska online sports betting to enter the mix. Of course, this preparation could […]
The Massachusetts sports betting tax will not be increasing after the Senate voted against the proposed hike to a 51 percent rate.

Senate Votes Against Raising Massachusetts Sports Betting Tax Rate


It’s official: There will be no Massachusetts sports betting tax rate increase this year.  That sound you hear is the collective cheering from all of the top online sportsbooks in the United States. They just saved a boatload of money. The proposed hike would have increased the Bay State sports betting tax by more than […]

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