Featuring the top women in the world, the WNBA presents a great basketball betting opportunity. Typically played outside the NBA, the WNBA fills the summer void for many basketball punters looking for quality basketball betting. WNBA betting odds are open on every regular season and playoff throughout the year.

As the NFL dominates the sports landscape and MLB captivates baseball fans, women’s basketball enthusiasts are drawn to the electrifying action of the WNBA. From the high-flying dunks of the Las Vegas Aces to the strategic gameplay of the New York Liberty, the league showcases top talent and fierce competition. As basketball odds fluctuate and betting guides abound, fans can engage with the excitement through apps and betting platforms.

However, it’s important to remember responsible gambling practices, especially for those in Virginia and beyond who may be prone to a gambling problem. Whether tracking the MVP race, following the Washington Mystics’ journey, or rooting for underdogs like the Indiana Fever or Dallas Wings, the WNBA offers a thrilling alternative to the NHL’s ice battles and the anticipation of the Super Bowl. With teams like the Phoenix Mercury and the Iowa-based squad making waves, women’s basketball takes center stage, inviting fans to fill their bet slips and join the exhilarating world of WNBA action.

The WNBA betting odds for the 2024 season?

The WNBA odds for the 2024 season are available. The odds are subject to change and we will ensure this page is kept up to date. The odds were last updated on April 17, 2024:

WNBA Winners Odds 2024 BetUS Bovada BetOnline
Las Vegas Aces +120 +120 +130
New York Liberty +250 +250 +250
Connecticut Sun +1200 +1200 +1200
Seattle Storm +1200 +1300 +1200
Dallas Wings +2000 +2000 +2000
Indiana Fever +2000 +2000 +2000
Phoenix Mercury +2500 +2500 +2500
Atlanta Dream +5000 +5000 +5000
Minnesota Lynx +5000 +5000 +5000
Washington Mystics +8000 +8000 +8000
Chicago Sky +8000 +8000 +8000
Los Angeles Sparks +8000 +8000 +8000

The 2024 WNBA season is kicking off on May 14th, 2024, with a four-game lineup. This year’s schedule is packed with a record-high 240 matchups, with every team playing 40 games each in their home arenas. Check out the list below for the opening matchups of the 2024 WNBA season.

WNBA Schedule for 2024

May 14th

  • New York at Washington
  • Indiana at Connecticut
  • Phoenix at Las Vegas
  • Minnesota at Seattle

May 15th

  • Chicago at Dallas
  • Atlanta at Los Angeles

May 16th

  • New York at Indiana

May 17th

  • Washington at Connecticut
  • Seattle at Minnesota

May 18th

  • Las Vegas at Los Angeles
  • Minnesota at Phoenix

May 26th

  • Indiana at New York
  • Los Angeles at Las Vegas
  • Chicago at Dallas
  • Atlanta at Phoenix

May 19th

  • Seattle at Washington

In order to help our readers make the WNBA best bets today, we’ve written an extensive guide to help our readers find success in the odds. Not only will we provide some WNBA betting tips, but we will also break down how to take advantage of the various bonuses and promotions available across top-tier providers.

Who is favored to win the WNBA championship?

The WNBA Draft has concluded, giving us a glimpse into the upcoming season’s title odds. Following Monday’s events, Las Vegas has emerged as the frontrunner with odds shifting from +115 to +100.

With star players like A’ja Wilson, Candace Parker, and Kelsey Plum leading the charge, the Aces are eyeing their third consecutive championship.

Meanwhile, further down the odds board, Indiana stands at +2000, a change from +2500, thanks in part to drafting Caitlin Clark as the first overall pick. Clark’s impressive collegiate performance, including breaking the all-time NCAA scoring record, has not only drawn attention but also increased TV ratings and betting activity at sportsbooks.

How to Bet on the WNBA

Betting on the WNBA is similar to betting on the National Basketball Association and NCAA Basketball. Online betting sites offer the most popular bets such as points spreads, moneylines, and game totals, as well as prop bets, futures, and live betting. However, WNBA prop betting is not as robust as what is available in the NBA.

WNBA Betting Odds

The difference in odds – when comparing the NBA to the WNBA – is due to a combination of the size of the league (12 teams in the WNBA compared to 30 in the NBA), the style of play, and the fact games are only 40 minutes long. Knowing the differences between the leagues is imperative if you want to have success betting on the WNBA.

WNBA Betting Odds Explained

Online betting sites offer a good mixture of WNBA odds and WNBA lines on every game. We highlight and explain the most popular bets below, talk about some WNBA betting strategies, and touch on a few types of bets lacking in the league.

What is the money line in the WNBA?

WNBA moneylines are the most straightforward betting option available on a WNBA game. Moneylines are simply a bet on what team will win the game. The favorite is the team with a negative number in front of their odds, while the underdog has a positive sign in front of their odds.

While the league only features 12 teams, there is a noticeable difference between the best and worst teams. A close game will see the favorite opening around -170 with the underdog offering odds around +140. A game with one clearly superior team may see odds closer to -2000 on the favorite and +1200 on the underdog.

There are a couple of strategies you can take when betting on WNBA moneylines. One is to take a few favorites and parlay them for extra juice. For example, parlaying a bet on three teams with -1000, -750, and -500 odds respectively offer a payout of $50 on a $100 bet. If you bet $100 on each of them individually, you can win a maximize of $43.33 (on a $300 stake).

Another strategy is to sprinkle some smaller bets on big underdogs. A $5 bet on a +1000 underdog pays out at 10-to-1. And upsets do happen. It's worth noting that of all the WNBA betting lines, the moneyline is by far the most popular.

WNBA Point Spreads

Placing your first WNBA bet? Well, we might say avoid the point spread. But, for all you other bettors, the WNBA point spreads are available on every WNBA game and WNBA playoff game. Point spreads on the WNBA are a popular bet on the sport, as they handicap some of the lesser teams, giving them a chance to payout by covering. WNBA Point spreads range from a pick’em game to over 20 points.

When wagering on WNBA point spreads, always check the team's record against the spread before betting. When teams get hot in the WNBA, they can really ball meaning it is common to see a quality team go 9-2 ATS – even when the spreads are 15+ points on some of their games.

WNBA Over/Under Odds

WNBA over/under betting involves betting on the total points scored by both teams in the game. The over/under total on the WNBA is usually around 165 points, give or take ten points either way.

With shorter quarters, it makes sense that WNBA game totals are lower than the NBA. However, the game is seeing a slight rise in scoring, with teams now consistently topping 90 points in a game.

When betting on WNBA over/under betting lines, check out both teams' offensive and defensive statistics. There is a surprisingly large disparity in these categories when comparing the teams.

WNBA Betting Lines

The difference is especially noticeable when looking at defense. Compared to the NBA, which sees a difference of about 10.0 points between the best and worst scoring defenses, the WNBA sees a difference of 15.0 points or more in a given season.

Make sure you know the matchup and the stat differences between teams before betting on WNBA over/under betting lines.

WNBA Team and Player Prop Betting

While there is WNBA prop betting is available, online sportsbooks do not offer as many betting options as they do on an NBA game. Still, most bettors will find the selection robust enough to satisfy their team prop betting needs. If you are looking at WNBA odds today, you will find team prop betting options such as team half totals, winning margin, and race to certain points.

Where the WNBA lacks is in player betting props. Even some of the most prop friendly online betting sites, such as Sportsbetting.ag, do not open or offer very few WNBA player betting props on games.

WNBA Futures

Online sports betting sites offer WNBA futures odds on what team will win the Finals. As the league only features 12 teams, the odds are pretty tight at the start of the season. However, WNBA finals odds adjust throughout the season, as the playoff picture shapes up, and the top teams separate themselves from the rest of the league.

Following the offseason, injuries, team performance, and trades all go into successful betting on WNBA futures. A shorter season than the NBA means injuries play a bigger role in a team’s performance.

For example, in 2019 the Seattle Storm was decimated by injuries. They managed to finish with at 18-16 record but could not get far in the playoffs. In the 2020 shortened season, they are playing so well they could top their win total from last year (despite playing in 12 fewer games).

There are not many other WNBA futures available outside of who will win the championship. Some online betting sites we offer odds on specific playoff series and the playoffs overall. However, these odds do not become available until the completion of the WNBA season.

For futures, it's always worth looking back at WNBA betting trends to see what patterns may occur in the coming season. WNBA gambling is never easy, but you should try to use the tools available to you.

WNBA Live Betting

Jump into the action any time with live betting on the WNBA. Each game features a handful of live WNBA lines and odds, with the most popular being moneylines, point spreads, and totals. Live betting odds and lines consistently move throughout the game. Some markets, such as WNBA moneylines will close if the game turns into a blowout.

WNBA All-Star Game Betting

Like its counterpart, the NBA All-Star Game, the WNBA All-Star Game is much more of an exhibition match than a true basketball game. It is commonplace to see both teams top 110 points, with the majority of All-Star games the last ten years featuring a total between 230 and 255 points.

The game has also switched to the team draft format, with two captains selected to draft their teams. The draft format has led to two close games – a seven-point win in 2018 and a three-point win in 2019.

The only drawback to the draft format is it often means online sports betting sites take their sweet team handicapping the game.

The 2024 WNBA Season

The WNBA exists as the women’s counterpart to the NBA. As of 2022, 12 teams exist in the league, which was founded in 1996. The WNBA season traditionally lasts 40 games from May until September. It is followed by the WNBA playoffs, which includes two single-elimination rounds before the best-of-five semifinals and WNBA Finals.


Best WNBA Online Sportsbooks

There are many great online betting sites offering WNBA betting odds. However, knowing which one (or ones) to join is always a time-consuming ordeal. To help make the process easier, we suggest you check out our online sportsbook reviews. While all the sites we recommend are quality, reliable, and safe online betting sites, they have some differences and some sites are better for some types of bettors.

Once you have found your site, make sure you sign up through the links on this site. Doing so will make you eligible for a great welcome bonus, which you can use to bet on the WNBA.

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