Soccer Betting Online

The most popular sport in the world has long been known as a money-making machine, and since the creation of Major League Soccer, North American online sports betting enthusiasts have been increasingly getting in on the action. One of the world’s fastest growing leagues, MLS soccer features a favorable schedule and thousands of opportunities to make some serious coin. Ready to bury one in the back of the net? Bet on Major League Soccer!

Best Soccer Betting Sites

Believe it or not, not every online sportsbook offers a full range of MLS bets. For this reason it’s important to pick out the winners when it comes to online MLS soccer betting. Each of the sportsbooks below offers great action on every single MLS matchup, from Montreal to L.A.: 

      Wagering on the Major League Soccer Online

      Betting on MLS has something in common with major European soccer leagues in that the number of wagering options is much larger than most other sports.  Betting enthusiast have the option of choosing from a wealth of straight wagers, however many players prefer to take advantage of most sportsbook’s lineup of exotic wagers including parlays, since many games happen on the same day of the week.

      Online Odds for North American MLS Soccer

      When it comes to betting odds, punters can choose from Total number of goals, which is standard at the “ball line” of 2.5 goals, a handicap which rarely goes above a single goal and a Money line for both teams – and the possibility of a Draw. The numbers may not seem to be that high, especially when it comes to Handicap and Total goals, but the betting possibilities are endless.

      Uncovering Profitable MLS Soccer Betting Picks

      MLS soccer is not the Champions’ League, or even Europa League, so thankfully you don’t need to remember the betting trends of teams from countries you’ve never even heard of. MLS soccer is comprised of 19 teams, so teams face each other several times a season – making trends far more important. In general, only American-based pick sites will have reliable information; European sites tend to focus on their own leagues.