What Are The Current English Pemier League Standings

Do you know who tops the English Premier League table, who is in the hunt for a Champions League spot, and who faces relegation? Check the progress of each team below. 

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English Premier League Online Betting Tips

Like other soccer leagues, the English Premier League has sides who are considered to be much stronger than those teams around them. The betting odds offered on the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, and Tottenham Hotspur are usually quite short, but if all these teams are playing on home soil on any given week you could have yourself a nice parlay bet.

As the English Premier League is so widely watched around the world, almost every sports betting site online offers odds on at least the outcome of the matches, with some even offering dozens of Premier League betting markets.

There are some key variables to take into account when betting on the Premier League. Keep track of key injuries and current form. If a so-called juggernaut is enduring a tough spell, take the opportunity to bet against them while the getting is good.

Also, top teams have to play a lot of fixtures, especially if they're participating in the FA cup, Europa League or Champions League. They might have to rest some players depending on the week and opposition. These kind of situations occur more regualrly then you might think. And, of course, home field advantage in the Premier League means a lot. Burnley had a brilliant home record during the 2016-17 season but failed miserably on the road. Do your homework and you'll significantly improve your chances of winning on a consistent basis. 

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