What Are The Current MLS Eastern Conference Standings

Have a look below to see the MLS Eastern Conference standings. Make sure you reference the standings regularly to ensure you’re up to date with ongoings before placing your next bet.


Where Can I Bet On MLS Eastern Conference

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MLS Eastern Conference Online Betting Tips

Always consider a team’s form, who they have played, and who they are set to play. The standings can change drastically if a team manages to string together three or four wins in a row.

The standings, particularly in early season, can paint an inaccurate picture, but later in the season the saying goes that league positions never lie.

Also, be aware that almost most MLS teams struggle on the road. There was not a single team who won more away games than they lost in the 2016 regular season, although NYCFC came close, finishing with a 7-7-3 on the road record.

You May Need to Look Away From the Red Bulls for Value

We mentioned earlier that the New York Red Bulls are often short-priced favorites in their games due to their overwhelming popularity among soccer fans around the world. This means one of two things: the Red Bulls’ opponents will have attractive, long odds or you will need to look elsewhere for value in your soccer bets.

The Canadian teams, Montreal Impact and Toronto FC, both have the ability to cause major upsets against whomever they play, yet are not that well known outside of the MLS, leading to better value opportunities.

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