After the MLS Playoff tournament determines the top two teams in both the Eastern and Western Conferences, the two teams move on to compete in the MLS Cup. The MLS Cup is an annual championship that determines the title holder for that season, and the Philip F. Anschutz trophy is awarded. MLS Cup odds are released each year almost as soon as the previous season’s tournament concludes.

The format of the MLS playoffs and MLS Cup are different from other soccer leagues in terms of formatting, but this is a format we in North America are used to because it is how each professional sport in the Americas uses for the postseason. The MLS Cup is the grand final of the MLS soccer season.

To honor the other soccer leagues and how they decide the winners, they have the MLS Supporter’s Shield, which is awarded to the team that finished the season with the most points – a traditional champion award in European soccer. Let’s have a look at the MLS Cup betting odds.

The MLS Cup is not only important as the winners of the season, but the winning team also receives one of the US’s four berths into the CONCACAF Champions League. However, this is only available to an American team, so if a Canadian team wins, the runner up will automatically receive the berth.

Past MLS Cup Winners

  • 2022 – LA FC
  • 2021 – New York City FC
  • 2020 – Columbus Crew
  • 2019 – Seattle Sounders FC
  • 2018 – Atlanta United FC
  • 2017 – Toronto FC
  • 2016 – Seattle Sounders FC
  • 2015 – Portland Timbers
  • 2014 – Los Angeles Galaxy
  • 2013 – Sporting KC
  • 2012 – Los Angeles Galaxy
  • 2011 – Los Angeles Galaxy
  • 2010 – Colorado Rapids

The MLS Cup is the finale of the season, and is such an exciting event, while also providing huge betting opportunities with plenty of different MLS Cup betting lines available. Sportsbooks go all out for the championships of any sport – so you can expect plenty of betting options available for the MLS Cup each and every year.

But first, let’s look at some popular MLS Cup betting options, and where we can place our wagers for the 2023 MLS Cup.

MLS Cup Betting Odds

Popular MLS Cup Betting Opt

MLS Cup Moneyline

While the usual betting type for the MLS Cup is a three-way moneyline, we are only going to focus on the regular moneyline betting type, as many sportsbooks will not offer the draw option for the MLS Cup – as there needs to be a winner of this game.

It depends on the sportsbook you use – they could offer a draw option if their rules state that it’s the end of the 90-minute regular time, in which, yes there very well could be a draw. This would be so highly unlikely and the odds would be so incredibly high we aren’t certain it would be a good bet to place – so let’s stick with the two team moneyline.

You will see your two moneyline options – the favored team and underdog and your job is to decide which team will win the game straight up.

Here’s an example of a moneyline – we’ll use last year’s MLS Cup results

  • Seattle Sounders -225
  • Toronto FC +165

Seattle is favored to win this match, and Toronto is the underdog. Since this game happened in the past and we know that Seattle won the game, if you placed a $225 wager on Seattle, you would have won $100 plus your initial stake. If Toronto won, and you bet $100 on them, you would have won $165 plus your initial stake.

MLS Cup Wagering

Spread Betting

Spreads are popular when betting on any professional sport, and in soccer, they’re called goal line bets, not point spreads because soccer tracks goals instead of points. Soccer games are usually a rather low scoring, so the spreads aren’t very high.

A common MLS Cup spread you may see is -0.5/+0.5, which means that the oddsmakers are giving the underdog a one-goal head start before the game even begins. This means that the underdog needs to win the game, and the favored team will need to win by one or more goals.

Over/Under or Totals Betting

Totals betting during the MLS Cup is just like betting on any other game. You will be betting on whether you think the total score for both teams combined will be higher or lower than the oddsmaker’s set line on the championship. The difference between soccer and other professional sports is that totals are shown in multiples of .25 since the scoring in soccer is so lower on average. You may see totals of 2.5, 2.75, 3.0, etc.

MLS Cup Odds

MLS Cup Futures

Long before the actual championship, or even before the season even begins, MLS Cup futures are released. MLS Futures are betting options that have all the team names and their MLS Cup odds based on how likely they are to win the championship. You can place your wagers months in advance and look for huge payouts once the championship ends and a victor is crowned.

It’s always possible to cash out bets as the season goes on because you’re betting so far in advance, there’s no way to determine how a team might perform. If your chosen team has been losing every game in the regular season, you can cash out your bet – you likely won’t get your full stake back but it’s good to save some of your wagers.

Odds to Win the 2023 MLS Cup

The betting odds for the MLS Cup were last updated on May 8, 2023:

BetOnline Bovada MyBookie
Los Angeles FC +450 +500 +425
New England Revolution +900 +950 +875
FC Cincinnati +900 +1000 +900
Seattle Sounders +800 +800 +800
LA Galaxy +2500 +2200 +2500
Nashville SC +1300 +1400 +1400

MLS Cup Prop Bets

There are a few props or proposition bets you can place on the MLS Cup game, and it is arguably the best time to bet on MLS props because the championships are where you’ll see the most prop options. Props are fun and unique wagers placed on events in the game that have nothing to do with the final outcome or score.

MLS Cup props

Results / FixturesMLS

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on MLS Cup Odds

Now that you have a good idea of how to bet on the MLS Cup, you need to find a trustworthy sportsbook to place your wagers at. If sports betting isn’t legalized in your state yet, or if your state has harsh rules and no mobile wagering, offshore online sportsbooks are a great alternative.

They are convenient - you can place a wager from your smartphone from just about anywhere, and they have a huge selection of MLS Cup odds that you would never see at retail or local sportsbooks.

Be sure to do your research before signing up, by reading sportsbook reviews and making sure they have everything you need before betting on the MLS Cup.

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