The Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera Division or La Liga as it’s commonly referred is the top-level professional football division of the Spanish football league system. The league was founded 91 years ago in 1929 and hosts 20 teams each season. Like all professional soccer leagues, there have been La Liga betting odds for decades, and we are seeing an uptick in European soccer betting in North America in the past decade.

In the 91 years of La Liga, 62 teams have been a part of La Liga, and only nine teams have actually been crowned champions. Real Madrid has the record for most wins with 35, and FC Barcelona has 27 titles under their belt.

Past La Liga Winners

  • 2022-2023 – Barcelona
  • 2021-2022 – Real Madrid
  • 2020-2021 – Atletico Madrid
  • 2019-2020 – Real Madrid
  • 2018-2019 – Barcelona
  • 2017-2018 – Barcelona
  • 2016-2017 – Real Madrid
  • 2015-2016 – Barcelona
  • 2014-2015 – Barcelona
  • 2013-2014 – Atletico Madrid
  • 2012-2013 – Barcelona
  • 2011-2012 – Real Madrid
  • 2010-2011 – Barcelona
  • 2009-2010 – Barcelona

La Liga season is played in a double round-robin format from August to May, where each club will play all 19 other clubs twice – one at home and one away. Teams will receive points based on their performance, which is standard for European soccer leagues. Teams receive three points for a win, one for a draw, and do not receive any points for a loss. At the end of the season, the team with the most points wins the title.

La Liga also has a system of promotion and relegation with the Primera Division and Segunda División. The three lowest placed teams in La Liga are relegated to Segunda, and the top two teams from Segunda are promoted to La Liga.

As with any professional sport, oddsmakers have been offering odds on every game in La Liga for years. If you’re new to gambling on La Liga betting odds, you should first learn the betting options available, and how you can make a profit by betting on European soccer.

La Liga Betting Odds

How to Bet on La Liga

When you decide to bet on La Liga odds, you’ll come across popular betting options that you’d find on any of the popular professional North American sports you may be used to, they will just be a little different. If you’re used to betting on soccer, you will have no problem with La Liga betting odds and the betting types available on sportsbooks.

If you’re a newbie to betting in general, the first step you should take before you jump in and start betting on La Liga is understanding soccer odds and how they work. By doing this, you can learn some important calculations you can make before placing any money on a La Liga competition.

Three-way Moneyline

Odds are, you are likely new to betting if you’re on this page, so we want to introduce you to the popular betting options you may find on any given La Liga match. If you’ve bet on any other sport, you may be used to the regular two-way moneyline, but the twist in soccer betting is that we are looking at the three-way moneyline in La Liga betting. Instead of only looking at two teams and selecting the winner between those two, there are three options. The three-way moneyline adds a tie as a third option.

When betting on a La Liga three-way moneyline, your job is to choose if you think either team will win, or if you think the game will end in a tie. Pretty simple, right?

Here’s an example of a three-way moneyline at a La Liga game:

  • Sevilla -150
  • Valencia +250
  • Draw +300

In this case, Sevilla is favored to win this match, and Valencia is the underdog. If you already understand soccer odds, you’ll know that a $150 wager on Sevilla would only pay out $100 because they are the favored team and most likely to win, and a $100 wager on Valencia would pay out $250 as underdogs.

The draw is less likely to occur, but in the case that they actually do tie after 90 minutes of Full-Time play, the draw would pay out $300 on a $100 wager.

Spread Betting

Usually called point spreads in other sports, but not in soccer due to there being no actual ‘points’ in soccer, they track goals, so we will call them spreads or goal lines. If you’re looking at La Liga betting odds, you might see a spread of -2.5/+2.5, which means that the oddsmakers are giving the underdog a head start before the game even begins. This means that the underdog team will need to win the game or lose by less than two goals, and the favored team will need to win by three or more goals.

Over/Under or Totals Betting

Totals betting in soccer is slightly different than you may be used to if you’re used to betting on other North American sports like football or baseball. To bet on the total, you will need to decide whether you think the total for both teams combined will be higher or lower than the sportsbook’s line. The only difference when it comes to soccer is that the totals are shown in multiples of .25. Depending on the sportsbook you use, you will likely see denominations of 2.5, 2.75, or 3.0.

If the total in your La Liga match is 4.5, you will need to decide if you think the total will be over or under 4.5. If you choose the under, and the game ends with a score of 4-1, your bet will lose. If you chose the over and the game ended 4-3, your bet would cash.

La Liga gambling

La Liga Futures

Futures give sports bettors an opportunity to predict the winner of the league months or even a year in advance. These La Liga betting odds are usually much riskier, but if you correctly predict the winner of that season, you could be in for a huge payout.

Your sportsbook will release a list of the teams in La Liga ranked in order by how likely they are to win the title. They will have odds listed that will determine how much money you’d win if your chosen team wins. The further away from the end of the season, you place your La Liga futures wager, the greater potential your bet has for big winnings

Odds for the latest La Liga games were last updated on November 14, 2023:

Real Madrid -225
Barcelona +300
Atletico Madrid +1000
Real Sociedad +25000
Athletic Bilbao +25000
Villarreal +150000
Sevilla +100000
Real Betis +50000
Osasuna +100000
Celta Vigo +250000

La Liga betting lines

Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on La Liga

Now that we’ve gone through basic La Liga betting types and options, finding an online sportsbook is the next step in your sports betting journey. Be sure you’re looking at the top online sportsbooks that are safe and trustworthy, and offer excellent sports betting software, right in the palm of your hand.

Be sure to bet responsibly on soccer odds and ensure you have fun with it and try some new betting options for La Liga.

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