Online Sports Betting (OSB) is an online publication providing sports news and coverage of online betting markets from the industry's best bookmakers.

We strive to ensure that our readers have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the latest news and insights regarding industry developments in the United States and beyond.

Our goals

The team here tracks every facet of the US sports betting industry, as well as important markets across the international betting scene, detailing unique betting markets in every corner of the globe. We focus on specific areas, such as:

  • Sports betting markets
  • An understanding of the to wager
  • A depth of knowledge about current legislation for every state
  • The top-tier betting platforms available
  • Regulatory developments

Sponsored posts

Be aware that we do not accept sponsored guest posts, nor do we get any other kind of purchased content. As part of our policy, we do not run any “native ads” as we have a strict rule regarding sponsors promoting their content on OSB.

This is integral to the company policy, as we do not want our readership to be confused about the source of our news content.

Contributing writers

Online Sports Betting works with various independent writers worldwide to ensure that our readers receive only the highest quality sports and entertainment coverage.

In keeping with our policy, we work with only the most talented writers in the industry to ensure our professionally reporting gives a real insight into the goings on in the sports world. We don’t steal content, and any writer found plagiarising will be removed from our writer's roster.

Errors and omissions

One of the company's goals is to ensure we provide clarity and a depth of understanding in all the content we produce online. All the work we publish is Q&A and reviewed by various editors, ensuring that we use multiple levels of review before our readers view the content.

On the rare occasion that an error occurs, we implore our readers to make us aware, and we will make the corrections accordingly. If you find that is the case, please do not hesitate to contact our content management team by contacting us directly through the website email address.

Who we are

The Online Sports Betting team comprises journalists and authors with backgrounds in sports and the gambling industries. This stretches to online gaming and casino betting, though the focus has always been on sports and regulatory changes in the US.

OSB journalists have worked published for sites and publications from North America to Australia. We mainly work with British and American writers, some of whom have published their work in the Washington Post, the BBC, ESPN, and Bleacherreport.