Find the best sports betting sites selected specifically for each major sport and competition from the list below.

Top Betting Sites for the Major Sports and Events

Looking for the most competitive betting sportsbooks across the broadest range of sports markets? We’ve got you covered. The team here at Online Sports Betting is made up of sports enthusiasts and betting experts with a wealth of experience in the industry.

With a team specializing in almost every sport imaginable, we ensure our readers receive the most comprehensive coverage of what’s happening in the sports betting world each and every day.

From your favorite North American major sports leagues to the smaller specific sports events taking place across the globe, we cover the lot. We regularly assess the very best sportsbooks available to players in the U.S. and ensure our readers get the best insights possible.

Here at OSB, you will find the best bookmakers, information regarding account registration, deposits, withdrawals, and the best way to find the right promotions and bonuses to suit your every betting requirement.

Read on and join our dedicated community of sports betting enthusiasts today! Bet smart, win smart.

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Bet on your Favorite Sports with a Wide Selection of Lines

Online sports betting is a constantly evolving landscape, within the past few years, we’ve seen things like live/In-play betting and mobile betting apps become front and center of the industry.

With an increasing number of online oddsmakers popping up, it can leave bettors confused as to where to begin wagering. It’s so easy to access the odds nowadays, but where’s the best place to do so?

Bettors will often find odds offered in the form of American odds. However, they may also encounter Decimal and Fractional price formats, which are as follows:

  • Decimal Odds: Popular in Europe and Canada, bettors calculate their payout by multiplying the odds by the stake. As an example, 3.50 odds X $100 wager returns a $350 profit.
  • American Odds: Often referred to as Money Line odds, American pricing uses $100 wagers as a baseline. Presented with +/- numbers; a negative line highlights the favorite, while a positive line represents underdogs. Betting on +350 odds returns a $350 profit on a $100 betting ticket.
  • Fractional Odds: Mostly used in the United Kingdom, as the name suggests, this betting line format is presented as fractions. As such, a +350 in American odds wager would be displayed as 3.5/1.

Simply put, sports betting odds are the simplest terms of how the outcome of a sporting event may unfold. The odds reflect the probability of any competition and are often used as a benchmark for understanding who is due to win and lose.



Mathed Betting Guide Explained

Types of Sports Odds and Markets Available in Sportsbooks

There is almost a limitless number of sports betting odds, from your standard Moneyline, Against the Spread, and Totals options, to the more obscure markets like Parlay and Accumulator bets.

The emergence of LIVE betting has given rise to a whole new way of wagering, allowing bettors to select very specific In-play markets. For example, bettors can now wager on the number of catches a certain player will make within a specific soccer match— as it happens!

The improvements we see in technology in mainstream life have directly affected the sports betting world, as players can now enjoy the fruits of mobile betting technology—wagering on live markets as the game unfolds in front of them.

As well as through mobile devices, LIVE betting markets are accessible through desktop sites with nearly all online bookmakers in operation today. In-play betting isn’t just available for major sports lines like tennis, but also for less popular sports such as table tennis and cricket.

Not only that, but bettors will be able to access another highly popular betting line, which is futures markets. These markets allow you to wager on the outcome of events before they have even begun, focusing on league championships, playoffs, and player markets—such as MVPs or top scorers.

How to Find the Best Sports Betting Sites?

The team at Online Sports Betting is chiefly concerned with odds. We spend hours searching for the right odds for all the top sports leagues and competitions, as we know what bettors want first.

Starting from the first preseason games of the season, right up until the finales of major American sports markets like the Super Bowl and Stanley Cup—we know what matters.

If we look at markets like the UFC and Golf, there is such high demand for odds every sportsbook offers competitive odds and bonuses for customers. This makes it even more difficult for bettors to know where to go for odds.

While it’s impossible to define the “best” sportsbooks for each individual player, we do offer an extensive list of the very best providers around, giving our readers all the tools to find the oddsmaker for them.

Find Value in the Odds with OSB's experts

Never go into the sports betting world without some basic understanding of what you’re doing. Nobody likes to lose their money!

Our team only backs the best odds—following a specific strategy or betting path is the best way to stack your funds. We provide a range of sports betting guides to give players the headstart they need.

What more, our players will have a range of picks and predictions to accompany their favorite sports odds. These insights provide not only an understanding of the odds and how to wager but how to make the right bets for your favorite markets.

Betting Lines vs Betting Odds

Two of the most common terms you’ll hear in the gambling industry; betting lines and betting odds are often used interchangeably, but they are not defined as the same thing.

The word line refers to a margin set by the bookie in point spread betting.

While sports betting lines are the handicaps given to the favorite in games with two possible outcomes. To break this down, the lines set for events are even, meaning the clearer the favorite, the higher their line is.

So, when you hear things like politics betting lines, it’s real. Betting lines is a term that is used for almost anything, from NFL to the Olympics, just know that this refers to the place to find the odds!


How to Bet on 2023 NHL Western Conference Odds

Which Betting Sites have the best Playoff Odds?

Online bookmakers are constantly trying to outprice one another, competing for the finest margins at all times. From odds to bonuses, sportsbooks are always trying to find new ways to prise customers away from rival bookmakers or draw in new players.

This is a great thing for customers. As they are inundated with bonuses and special offers, giving them a whole host of new ways to find value with bets. These kinds of offers are heightened during the playoff season.

Cappers receive the richest NFL playoff odds when they invest in early season futures, which is the case for all other betting markets.

Once the postseason comes around, we start posting previews and insights regarding the best ways to find value in the odds; including betting tips for major betting markets such as the NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL Playoffs.

Keep an eye on the futures throughout the season and check in with us for the best free picks during championship runs—playoff betting is the pinnacle of any sports betting season.

Best Championship Finals odds in the Best Sports Betting Sites

After making it through the long regular season, then enduring the intensity of playoff betting, the team here will be right here waiting to guide you through the Championship final series.

While this is common in the major sports leagues, it’s also common in more leftfield sports markets like esports betting, which feature particularly exciting championship finals series.

Be sure to tune when sports seasons reach the final stages, as these will offer the most entertaining odds and betting markets.

You Will Find Value Betting Sites' Racebooks

World-class horse racing odds are easily accessed at OSB, with major events taking place throughout the year and a whole host of smaller events making it possible to wager on “The Sport of Kings” any day of the year.

Opening qualifying races will dictate the main runners for top events later in the year, bookmakers will start posting futures odds for major races once these have been run.

The US thoroughbred Triple Crown offers some great betting opportunities, with the Kentucky Stakes, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. Off-track betting is also a major very popular market for horse racing fans, which we provide full coverage all year round.

Motor Sports Wagering at OSB

From high-octane Formula 1 event to American stock-car racing, plus MotoGP, we cover all the motorsports odds with futures and regular updates as the season progresses.

We would advise taking a look at the various sports betting options available for all motorsports markets—not only for major races like NASCAR’s Indianapolis 500 but for each and every race throughout the long season.

Bet on your favorite NCAA US College Sports

While these markets are often overlooked outside of the U.S., there are few more popular betting lines than that of the NCAA. College athletes deliver some of the most exciting sports betting action in North America.

NCAA Basketball and NCAA Football are covered by our team here at OSB throughout the year, with the very best odds from U.S. bookmakers.

When the NCAA sports campaigns kick-off, there is no better time to visit us. We offer picks, insights, and futures odds for competitions like the Final Four and March Madness. Be sure to check in with us for the latest NCAA odds.

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