XFL Betting Odds

If the NFL doesn’t pack enough of a punch for you – enter the XFL. Sportsbooks are offering a lot of XFL betting odds. The odds were last updated on May 8, 2023: 

2023 XFL Winners Odds

bovada MyBookie gtbets
Arlington Renegades -110 -110 -110
DC Defenders -110 -110 -110

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What is the XFL?

The XFL is a professional American football league that consists of eight teams in East and West divisions. The season runs during the winter and spring, with a ten-game regular season per team.

The league was originally formed by ex-professional wrestler Vince McMahon in 2001, where it played its first and only season. The league has fewer rules and rougher play – meaning harder hits and more theatrics. The league was rebooted in 2018 by McMahon for a 2020 season only to file for bankruptcy due to the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, where it was then purchased by Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia in August 2020.

Since the purchase, we won’t know if any changes will be made to the league by the new owners, but we are hoping for a speedy reboot of the XFL and a 2021 season.

In February 2020, the XFL announced that DraftKings would be the official daily fantasy sports provider for the league and main gambling operator. McMahon was an investor in DraftKings – so this collaboration makes a lot of sense. The XFL has a pro-sports betting stance, where they are looking to integrate betting right off the bat.

The XFL even has a mobile app called PlayXFL where fans can sign up and win cash prizes for predicting scores of XFL games. Attendees of games can participate in contests for more chances to win merchandise, tickets, and more.

The XFL betting stance is refreshing to say the least – with so many professional and collegiate sports being fully anti-gambling, it is nice to see a sport fully embrace sports betting and make it a part of their culture.

There could be some great value to be found in the XFL because it is such a new sport, and the oddsmakers are not quite sure how to handle the change of pace with new rules and different styles of play. This means that oddsmakers could be far off in terms of setting their lines accurately, meaning you could score some great value on your XFL bets.

Oddsmakers have admitted that setting lines has been challenging for them as they aren’t sure what to expect. The totals were the hardest betting type to set during week one of the 2020 season. And being unsure how coaches would convert extra points threw them for a loop.

XFL Teams

West Division

  • Dallas Renegades based in Arlington, Texas
  • Houston Roughnecks based in Houston Texas
  • Los Angeles Wildcats based in Carson, California
  • Seattle Dragons based in Seattle, Washington

East Division

  • DC Defenders based in Washington D.C.
  • New York Guardians based in East Rutherford, New Jersey
  • St. Louis BattleHawks based in St. Louis, Missouri
  • Tampa Bay Vipers based in Tampa, Florida

XFL Teams

How to Bet on the XFL

The first step in learning how to bet on the XFL is to understand the odds and how they work.

XFL Betting Lines

Chances are, if you’re planning to bet on the XFL, you already bet on some other sports. Usually, first-time sports bettors don’t jump into the sports betting game by betting on entertainment sports – but we could be wrong.

XFL odds will be displayed next to the team names and will be either positive or negative numbers. The positive numbers indicate that the team is less likely to win, and would be the underdog in this situation. The negative number represents the favored team and would be more likely to win.

If you have the DC Defenders +200 and the Tampa Bay Vipers at -200, that means the Vipers are favored to win that game, and the Defenders are the underdog. A bet on the Vipers wouldn’t pay out as much because the oddsmakers are predicting that they will win, but a bet on the Defenders would pay out much more if they did pull off the W.

The odds represent how much you will need to bet to win. In the case above, you would need to bet $200 on the Vipers to win $100. You can bet any denomination, but that doesn’t sound like a bet that’s really worthwhile unless you were 100% sure the Vipers would win. If you bet on the Defenders, you would need to bet $100 to win $200.

Popular XFL Betting Options

Now that we’ve covered what the odds look like, let’s look at some common betting types that you will be able to choose from when betting on the XFL

Betting on the XFL Moneyline

The easiest betting type you can place is the moneyline. It’s simple and easy to understand and great for new bettors. Your job is to determine which team will win the game – that’s it.

If the Vipers and Defenders are playing and you believe the Vipers will win, and they do win, your bet will cash. It doesn’t get much more simple than that.

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Betting on XFL Point Spreads

Point spreads are extremely popular in the NFL and almost every professional sport. Point spreads are intended to give the underdog an imaginary advantage or level the playing field in games that are one-sided. Your oddsmaker or sportsbook will decide who the favored team is, and determine the spread based on how those two teams match up.

The point spread will show you how many points a team must win or lose by, depending on which side you’re betting on. If you choose the favorite, their spread will be a negative number, and they must win the game by that many points. If you choose the underdog, they must lose by less than that number of points or win the game.

For example, if you have the Dallas Renegades at -5.5 and the Seattle Dragons at +5.5, the Renegades are favored to win the matchup. The Renegades are expected to win by more than five points, and for your bet to cash, they must win by more than 6 points. The Dragons, on the other hand, need to win the game or lose by less than 5 points. The team must cover their spread for you to win.

Betting on XFL Totals

If you’re looking at the XFL odds board and you aren’t feeling a particular team, you can always bet the totals or the over/under as it’s commonly referred to as. Totals betting is easy and you aren’t being forced to choose one team over the other. Your one job is to decide if the total amount of points scored by both teams collectively will be over or under the oddsmaker’s line.

If you have the Houston Roughnecks versus the Los Angeles Wildcats, and the total is set at 51, you will need to decide if you think both teams will score more or less than 51. We’ve learned that with the more relaxed rules of the XFL allow for more scoring opportunities and with their extra point(s) conversion rules, teams can get plenty of points in a game.

Betting on XFL Futures

While we only had one XFL season that was cruelly cut short, we haven’t had an opportunity to see futures bet through, so we are hoping that the 2021 season goes forward so we can bet on the team to win the XFL Championship.

Before the season begins, you will see odds come out on the winner of the championship and each divisional winner. These odds will be inflated because the likelihood of picking the right team is technically 1 in 8. You can select which team you think will win at the end of the season, and your work is done. The sportsbook will hold your bet slip until the final buzzer of the championship game.

Futures are a popular bet in any sport – there’s always something exciting about picking a team to win a championship months in advance. Hence why the payout is always so good when it does happen!

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Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the XFL

Now that you have a good idea of how to bet on the XFL, let’s take a look at where you can bet on XFL odds.

While your state may have legalized sports betting, many haven’t passed laws or updated legislation yet, so offshore sportsbooks are still a great option for XFL betting. The XFL is very pro-gambling, so there will likely be plenty of odds available, especially if your state has a DraftKings or Caesars Entertainment sportsbook. They also have contracts with Vegas sportsbooks that will offer odds in house as well.

If you don’t have legal sports betting in your state, or simply prefer betting online on your mobile device, you are in luck - offshore online sportsbooks are a great option for any sports bettor, and usually offer exceptional odds and a wide selection.

Finding an online sportsbook that offers the best XFL odds, a variety of deposit options and mobile betting capabilities should be your main priority. All sportsbooks are different, so you want to ensure you do plenty of research and read sportsbook reviews before signing up at an online book.

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