While boxing events don’t happen every day or even weekly like football season, it makes the allure of cashing one big bet on a single event more enticing to sports bettors around the world – cue the Super-fights.

We display the latest odds below, with Uysk taking on Joshua in their second bout and Paul vs Silva. Last updated on September 20, 2022:

1st Fighter Bovada Bovada 2nd Fighter
Leigh Wood +200 -227 Mauricio Lara
1st Fighter BetOnline BetOnline 2nd Fighter
George Kambosos +140 -165 Devin Haney
1st Fighter BetUS BetUS 2nd Fighter
Jake Paul -180 +150 Anderson Silva

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Even before sports betting was legalized in the United States in 2018, matches like Mayweather vs McGregor had millions of boxing betting dollars on the line at online and Vegas sportsbooks. Approximately $65 million was bet in Nevada alone.

The interest in betting on boxing will never go away, spectators have been betting on boxing for over a century now, and it doesn’t look like it will ever slow down as long as these super-fights keep emerging. You can definitely still bet on smaller bouts, but many sports bettors pocket their boxing betting cash for these big headliner events – but you can always use the smaller matches as a warm-up for the main event!

If you plan to bet on boxing, you have a few options in terms of betting types. We can help you understand the popular options for sports bettors who plan to do some boxing betting, along with understanding how boxing odds work, and find you a great boxing betting sportsbook to place your bets on.


How to Bet on Boxing Online

There aren’t a ton of boxing betting types, but there are plenty of options, including a variety of props, futures and the classic moneyline bet. We recommend line shopping at the top online sportsbooks below, to make sure you get the best boxing odds for the particular match you want to wager on. But first, let’s take a look at some popular betting options:

Boxing Moneyline Bets

By far the most common of all boxing bets in the market, the moneyline is a great place to start regardless of your sports betting experience. Many of the pros stick to the moneyline for boxing bets, because predicting the outright winner of the match is a rewarding feeling in itself – not to mention all the money that comes along with it when you win!

As you’ve probably gathered, betting on a boxing moneyline is pretty straight forward. You choose the boxer you think will win the match. There are three options, however, where you can pick a draw if you feel that’s how the match will play out, but the likelihood of that happening is rare. We’ll outline an example of a boxing moneyline bet, and how to understand the odds:

We will use American odds in our example since most of our readers are from the United States. With American odds, the favorite will be represented by a ‘plus number’ and the favorite will be represented as a ‘negative number’. This number represents the probability of that boxer winning the fight.

If we use Mayweather and McGregor for our example, and fabricate some odds, let’s say, -250 on Mayweather and +150 on McGregor, that signifies that Mayweather is favored and McGregor is naturally the underdog. Basically what these numbers mean, is that you’d have to bet $250 on Mayweather to win $100, and conversely, you’d have to bet $150 on McGregor to win $100.

An easy way to remember is that if you see a positive number, that’s how much you’d win on a $100 bet, and if you see a negative, it’s how much you have to bet to win $100. The draw odds could be +3000 or more, as the probability of a draw in boxing between these two fighters would be rare, and that would mean a $1,000 wager would net you $3,000. You don’t have to bet $100, you can risk smaller or larger amounts but this is just a more simple way to calculate the odds.

boxing betting

Method of Victory

Another option if you’re bored of betting the moneyline, and want to try something new, is the method of victory wager. It’s technically a boxing prop bet, where you’re basically taking the moneyline a step further to determine how the winner will win the fight. The boxing betting options are usually standard when it comes to the method of victory:

  • Win via knockout (KO) – the fighter is knocked down and unable to beat the referee’s count.
  • Technical Knockout (TKO) – When a fighter is knocked down and gets up to beat the count but the referee halts the fight due to it not being safe to continue.
  • Opponent Retired (RTD) – When a boxer returns to his corner at the end of the round and doesn’t return to the following round.
  • Unanimous Decision (UD) – When all three judges agree which fighter won the fight when it goes to points after all rounds have been completed.
  • Split Decision (SD) – When two of the three judges select the same boxer to win, and the third selects the other.
  • Majority Decision (MD) – When two of the three judges select one boxer and the other judge chooses the draw.
  • Technical Decision (TD) – Usually this occurs when a fight has to be stopped because of an accidental injury, like a headbutt, and the fighter is not able to continue. The result is usually left to the judges to decide the outcome.
  • Opponent Disqualified (DQ) – One of the fighters could be disqualified due to a number of reasons, mainly due to being repeatedly fouled or violated other rules.

If a Mayweather is favored by -250 to beat McGregor, and also favored to win by knockout at +150, if Mayweather does knock McGregor out, both bets would cash. If some bettors are really confident on this outcome, they could parlay it and combine the odds for some big winnings.

Total Rounds

This is basically a totals bet, if you’re familiar with those, or the over/under as its commonly referred to as. When it comes to boxing betting, the oddsmakers will select an estimated round that they believe the fight will end, and you will select if the actual fight will last longer or be cut shorter than their projected number.

If your boxing betting line is 11.0, that’s 11 rounds. If you think the fight will only go to 8 rounds, you will take the under. If you think the fight will last longer than 11, you take the over. It’s fairly straight forward, and if it ends in the 11th round, you’ll get a push and your initial stake will be returned.

Round Betting

Many intermediate and professional sports bettors like to bet the rounds, to make watching the match a little more exciting, and it’s a great opportunity to get some extra value for your boxing betting dollars. Essentially you have an individual moneyline bet for each round, so you will choose who wins the round in itself. Then place another wager for the next round, and so on and so forth.

You could take McGregor to win the first round if you think he will come out hot and have a lot to prove in his first career boxing fight. Betting on boxing by the rounds can be done live, from anywhere, as long as your online sportsbook has the capabilities.

Where to Bet on Boxing?

Now that we have a brief outline of popular boxing betting types, we can find a place to place those wagers. Online sportsbooks are a great option, especially for those states that don’t quite have brick-and-mortar sportsbooks available yet.

They offer a safe, secure and convenient way to bet on boxing, without having to leave your house. There are a few great sportsbooks that offer excellent boxing betting odds, as well as great bonuses and promotions to new users. Doing the proper research before signing up to bet on boxing is crucial, as you want to make sure you’re using a reputable sportsbook.

We have taken some of the guesswork out for you, compiling a list of online sportsbooks we use ourselves, to ensure we recommend the best online sportsbooks for betting on boxing.

Our online sportsbook reviews pages are in-depth, detailed and contain all of the important factors we consider to be important when selecting an online sportsbook. Some of these criteria include bonuses, sign up processes, deposit methods, odds selection, mobile capabilities, and more!

The Latest Odds From The Best Sportsbooks

  • Tyson Fury to fight Francis Ngannou and win the bout -600 GTBets.
  • Jermell Charlo to beat Tim Tszyu in the September bout at odds of -278 with Bovada.
  • Golovkin vs Alvarez to go over 3.5 rounds -4000 at MyBookie.
  • Gennady Golovkin to beat Canelo Alvarez in the first round +10000 at BetUS.
  • Adrian Peterson to have an exhibition bout against Le'Veon Bell and win it -230 at MyBookie.
  • Jake Paul to beat Mike Tyson in an exhibition bout -140 at BetUS.
  • Tyson Fury to potentially fight Hafhor Bjornsson (The Mountain) and win -3500 at MyBookie.
  • Chris Eubank Jr to beat Conor Benn in October -182 at Bovada.
  • Golovkin vs Alvarez to go over 5.5 rounds -1200 at BetUS.
  • Caleb Plant to win his next bout against Anthony Dirrell as the clear favorite at odds of -1250 at BetOnline.
  • Gennady Golovkin to beat Canelo Alvarez by KO, TKO or DQ +900 at GTBets.