There’s truly nothing much better than when the football season rolls around each fall. The hype and excitement begin in August when teams get started in training camp, and things don’t drop off at all until after the Super Bowl in February. As we will see, NFL Betting Online can start much earlier than that and it never stops.

Odds for this week’s NFL Action

The NFL winners odds were last updated on August 9, 2022:

2023 Super Bowl Bovada BetOnline MyBookie
Chiefs +700 +700 +750
Bills +800 +800 +800
Packers +1000 +1000 +1000
Buccaneers +1000 +1000 +1100
Rams +1100 +1100 +1200
Cowboys +1200 +1250 +1200

Latest NFL Betting News

Aug 3, 2022

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2022 NFL Futures: Best NFC Win Total Bets Include Packers, Giants, Bucs, Rams and More

Fortunately for all of you bettors out there, the NFL has become easier and easier to place wagers on, with countless sportsbooks out there providing you with the best and latest odds in a timely fashion. With so much talent in the NFL, it really feels like any team could beat another one on any given weekend.

So, even if a team is 8-0 heading into Week 9 and their opponent is 4-4, that doesn’t mean the undefeated team will be a sure-fire lock to come out on top.

That’s what makes NFL bets so interesting. At the same time, there are always going to be NFL betting trends to keep in mind when you put some money down.

For the average NFL gambler, he/she will likely have a favorite team they like to go with each Sunday, but the best NFL bets can sometimes force you to bet against your No. 1 organization. This is what makes the NFL betting all the more interesting each and every week. But, what must you consider before hitting the submit button on your NFL sports bet?

NFL Betting Sites

Betting on NFL Conference Championships Online

Betting on NFL Conference Championships Online

NFL Draft Betting Odds

NFL Draft Betting Odds

NFL Betting Odds

NFL Betting Odds

How to bet on NFL games

As we mentioned above, betting on NFL games has become incredibly easy for NFL fans out there because of the wide range of sportsbook partners that have been made available, who provide the latest NFL odds. At any time of the day, you’ll be able to find odds for a team, individual game and so much more.

In recent years for the NFL, though, we’ve seen so many surprising upsets in both the AFC and NFC that it’s hard to call any game a ‘lock’ anymore. For those unfamiliar with that NFL betting term, a ‘lock’ is when a team would be essentially considered to 100% come out on top in a game.

However, because of the wide range of talent in skill across the board, we’ve seen last-placed teams come out and stun teams at the top of their divisions. This is bad news for bettors who bet big on the monster favorites. While fans may have been upset that the No. 1 team lost, think of the bettors who lost a ton of money because of that upset. That’s what we’d call an NFL bad beat, no doubt.


How to bet on NFL games


For whenever you are ready to make your wagers through NFL sportsbooks, you’re also going to want to take a look at a team’s injury report. For example, if the New England Patriots are set to take on the Dallas Cowboys in Texas, and Dallas is a slight favorite on a Tuesday, then you might be inclined to go with Dallas.

But come Thursday, say Dallas’ starting quarterback suffered a hamstring injury and by Friday morning he’s been ruled out for the Sunday showdown with New England. As a result of this, you’re likely going to see the NFL odds shift and have the Patriots become the new favorite to win the game.

While backup quarterbacks in the NFL have come in and done magnificently at times, they’re not the starters for a reason: the guy in front of them is much better and already has a full grasp of the offense. Because of this, we’d recommend going with New England, especially if they aren’t battling many injuries and will be at full strength for the contest at AT&T Stadium.

Check out the current NFL Betting odds on this page.

Results / FixturesNFL

NFL Betting Spreads

When it comes to NFL betting spreads, this will be one of the most important things for you to take a look at before placing a wager, regardless of which NFL conference you decide to do research on for a bet. These spreads will indicate how much a team is favored for in a game, or on the flip side how many points a team is considered the underdog for that same matchup.

An example of this would be if there’s a Thursday Night Football meeting between the Cleveland Browns and the Seattle Seahawks. For this particular game, Seattle is listed at -6, while the Browns are at +6. This means Seattle is favored by six points, and the Browns are six-point underdogs.


Keep in mind, you’ll also have the ability to bet on the moneyline for this game. That means you can pick either Seattle or Cleveland to win straight up. If you were to pick the Seahawks, you won’t see a great payout because they’re such high favorites. However, if you think the Browns would stun Seattle, then you’d surely see a great return on your bet since the oddsmakers don’t have much confidence in Cleveland winning.

Now, if you decide to go with the spreads, that’s another story. So, if you pick Seattle at -6, they’d have to win by at least seven points for you to win your bet. If they take down Cleveland by six points, you’d see a push, while a win by anything less than six points means you’d lose your bet.

The same is the case for the Browns in this scenario. If you take them to cover +6, they’d have to lose by five points or less for you to win your wager. If they lose by six points, it’d be a push, while a defeat of seven points or more means you’d lose your bet.


NFL Betting Trends


NFL Betting Trends

While it may be difficult to think about, sometimes betting against your favorite team maybe your best option if you want to hit on a wager. If that is too tough for you to consider, trust us when we say we understand your decision and appreciate your loyalty. With that being said, there’s some NFL betting trends that will avoid that issue altogether.

Lately, one of the biggest NFL betting trends we’ve seen is bettors placing more and more bets on over/unders on Sundays. This is especially going to be the case when two high-flying offenses get ready to meet for a highly-anticipated showdown.

With Patrick Mahomes at the helm for the Kansas City Chiefs, it feels like KC is always going to put up an incredible amount of points. Hey, the team didn’t sign him to a 10-year, $502 million contract in July of 2020 to not keep throwing incredible touchdowns and keep the scoreboard operator working overtime.


Because of Kansas City‘s incredible offense, which also features another incredible talent, they’ve become a popular team to include for over/under bets. In a Week 5 game, let’s say they’re taking on the Miami Dolphins and the over/under is set at 51 points.

Bettors would be intrigued to take this bet because not only is Miami not known for having an outstanding defense, but Mahomes and Co. figure to drop around 30 points each ball game regardless of who they’re taking on. Meanwhile, for Miami, they’ve got an exciting offense that is certainly capable of putting up plenty of points as well.

This may lead bettors to jump at the over for this bet. Remember, though, the two teams must combine to score at least 52 points for you to win. If they score 51, it’d be a push. Anything under 51 means you’d, unfortunately, lose your wager.

What other NFL bets can you make?

While the over/under bets and moneyline bets are popular ones, that won’t be what you’re limited too. Prop bets and futures bets are of course going to be enticing wagers to make as well.

In case you need a refresher, prop bets are the more fun bets that you’ll be able to find out there. A good example of a prop bet would be who would be the first player to score a touchdown in a game. For the Cowboys, you could see a prop bet that has odds for Ezekiel Elliott to score first, and be able to bet on him finding the end zone early on.

In order for your bet to hit, Elliott would have to record a rushing touchdown for the Cowboys to open the scoring for you to win your bet. If Dak Prescott throws a touchdown first instead, you’d lose that particular wager.


What other NFL bets can you make?


For an NFL futures bet, this is when you’re predicting something to happen down the road.

The most common futures bet for the NFL would be picking the Super Bowl winner, which is one of the biggest events of sport, before the season starts. So, if you think the Patriots will win it all a month before the season even gets underway, that’s a futures bet you can make. You can pick any team to win the Super Bowl as your futures pick. Because you’re picking the winner so far in advance, you’ll see an amazing payout if that team comes out to win, especially if they have 10-1 or 15-1 odds.

Every year, from August through February, NFL online sports betting takes center stage in North America and around the globe. With a compressed schedule, offering games that are bunched together on weekends, the National Football League is one of the easiest pro sports to wager on. Having a week between NFL contests gives handicappers plenty of research time. Top online sportsbooks cover every NFL regular season and playoff game – all the way up to Super Bowl Sunday.

NFL Sports Betting Sites

Simply put, football is the foundation of sports betting. Online wagering websites always see a surge in business during the NFL season. The top-rated sportsbooks listed below bring bettors every second of the National Football League action directly to their computers. Collect an NFL bonus and get into the game!

Betting on the NFL Online

Unlike sporting events such as soccer, where the action is played out on a daily basis, the NFL is a global betting phenomenon because of its compact schedule. At the start of each NFL, week sportsbooks post hundreds of wagering options. Handicappers then have several days to decipher the information and can place their bets – at their leisure. NFL betting online is cream of the sports wagering crop!

Online NFL Odds

When pigskin prognosticators log on to online sportsbooks during the NFL season, they are greeted with a flood of betting odds. Live wagering lines add even more spice to the pot as NFL punters can bet on the action, with continuously updated odds, as the game plays out on the gridiron during every contest.

NFL Betting Picks

Being armed with a knowledge of the game isn’t always enough when it comes to successful NFL wagering, To get an edge over the bookies, bettors often turn to the internet to dig up NFL betting picks published by the pros. While many sites charge for this service, premier betting information websites will normally give you their picks, tips, and opinions – free of charge. That will always be the case at!

NFL Latest Betting Updates – Preseason 2022/23

  • The Kansas City Chiefs to win the Championship +750 at MyBookie
  • Aaron Rodgers over 6.5 regular season interceptions -115 at BetUS
  • AJ Dillon over 750.5 rushing yards in 2022 regular season -125 at Bovada
  • Carsen Wentz over 10 interceptions in the regular season -115 at MyBookie
  • Green Bay Packers to win the Championship +1000 at BetOnline
  • Aaron Donald over 12.5 regular season sacks -105 at BetUS
  • Buffalo Bills to win the Championship +800 at Bovada
  • NFL regular season defensive player of the year T.J. Watt +700 at Bovada
  • NFL regular season MVP Josh Allen +700 at MyBookie
  • Los Angeles Rams to win the Championship +1200 MyBookie