In recent campaigns, NFL football fans have seen a tremendous shift in power in the AFC. While the New England Patriots dominated the conference with Tom Brady in town, that’s no longer the case, and the Kansas City Chiefs figure to be among the best of the best and at the top of the AFC Odds and Standings with Patrick Mahomes and so much young talent on the team making plays each weekend. The odds were last updated on January 23, 2024:

Odds To Be AFC Winners BetUS
Kansas City Chiefs +150
Baltimore Ravens -180

With that being said, betting on AFC action has become incredibly easy, with our partners here at Online Sports Betting ready to provide all the NFL Betting Lines, NFL Vegas Odds, NFL Point Spreads, and so much more. In this piece, we take a look at what kind of bets you’ll be able to make while also taking an in-depth look at some of the top teams in the conference.


AFC Teams

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AFC Odds

In terms of AFC Odds, you will see a shift in how things go up and down throughout the campaign. This speaks to how deep the conference can be. You could have one team enter the season with low prospects, but things just click for them from the start, and they become a top contender to win the AFC Championship.

As we mentioned above, though, the Kansas City Chiefs feel they will have outstanding odds of not only winning the AFC West every season shortly but also winning the AFC title and getting back to a position to bring home another Vince Lombardi Trophy.

We saw just how incredible they were in the 2019 season, eventually taking down the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl to win their first title in 50 years. Looking to the 2022/23 season and beyond, the presence of Patrick Mahomes, on a 10-year contract, and Travis Kelce also locked in for multiple years, this team be amongst the best and looks to have dynasty written all over it.

That doesn’t mean they won’t face some stiff competition along the way. The Baltimore Ravens have emerged as top contenders because of 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson, while their defence has historically been incredible. The Ravens may not be among the favorites for the 2022/23 season, but they are there as outsiders.

AFC Playoff Odds

As soon as you’re ready to make your wager, you better believe that the AFC Playoff Odds will be there ready for you at a moment’s notice once the regular season is close to wrapping up. Once the postseason begins, the betting action is only going to heat up, especially once we get to the Divisional Rounds and then the AFC Conference Championship Game.

Whether you're looking to bet on the top squads, or you think the Raiders, Broncos, Jaguars, Titans, Texans or Colts will get to the Super Bowl for the AFC, the odds will be there ready for you.

So, how exactly does it work when it comes to making your bets? For an upcoming playoff game, you could see Vegas Lines for the moneyline, which means you’d be making a straight-up bet regardless of what the NFL Spread is (we’ll get to that further below).

For a moneyline bet, you might see even odds for the Chargers taking on the Jets. For that kind of bet, if you place $20 on New York to win, and they get the job done, you’d win $20 because the odds were even.

For the spread, this is where you might see the Jets listed as the favorite at -6, with the Chargers as +6 underdogs. For this kind of a wager, if you take the Chargers at +6, that means they’d have to lose by five points or less for you to win. If they lose by six, it’d be a push, while anything higher than that means you lose.

On the flip side of that, if you go with the Jets at -6, they’d need to win by seven points or more for you to be victorious. If they win by six points, it’d be a push, and anything under that means you’ve lost.

AFC Betting Line

The beauty of the NFL is that as soon as one set of games wraps up, the new odds will be ready to be fired up almost instantly. Indeed, the AFC Betting Line for games is likely already going to be fired up depending on when you’re checking things. If it’s early Tuesday morning, you can expect Vegas to be ahead of the game with its famous Vegas Lines.

Things are always going to change throughout the week, which is always going to be something you want to monitor. Of course, things like weather, injuries, and potential suspensions even can alter how the odds are moving.

With injuries, the Chiefs could be facing the Dolphins in Miami, but Mahomes suffers an ankle injury during practice and will have to miss the showdown. If that’s the case, it’s a guarantee Kansas City’s odds will go down to win that game and you'll see a different betting line presented. Why? For one, Mahomes is one of the best players in the NFL and there will be a significant drop going from him to the backup quarterback.

Coupled with that, playing down in Miami is never easy and it’s a long flight from Kansas City. This will only make things even more difficult for the No. 2 signal-caller in his quest to try and fill Mahomes’ massive shoes. This is what you need to keep in mind before placing your bets.

Odds to Win AFC

Reading an NFL Line for any AFC battle seems like it may be a bit tricky to understand, but we promise it’s much easier than you think. This will of course be important for when you take into account the Odds to Win AFC, as you might have a futures bet in mind for that. Fortunately for you too, our partners at OnlineSportsBetting will have everything laid out in a manner that’s not only easy to follow, but simple to process for your wagers.

At the start of when you click on a battle during the postseason, you’re going to see the moneyline, a point spread, and an over/under. The moneyline is just a straight-up bet you can make on a team. If you go with a favorite who has lopsided odds, your payout won’t be that great. If you go with the underdog, you likely won’t have great chances of winning, but your payout will be massive if your team comes through in the clutch and pulls off a playoffs upset.

The spread is what we alluded to up top with the -6 and +6 numbers. This means a team is either favored by six points or is a six-point underdog. Lastly, the over/under is another popular item you’ll see on an NFL Line in the playoffs. This is where there’s a set amount of points the NFL Las Vegas Odds have put down for a game.

An example of this would be an over/under of 52 points for a game between the Bills and Browns. If you take the over, the two teams would have to combine for at least 53 points, with 52 resulting in a push. If Cleveland wins that game 28-27, you’d win the bet because the two squads totaled 57 points, covering that 53-point line.

In general, betting the NFL postseason is easy and fun to do. For the AFC, it will always be interesting to see who has a successful regular season, then is able to continue their great season by going on a deep run in the playoffs and then getting to the Super Bowl after winning the AFC title game. Who do you think will get the job done this year?

Odds to Win AFC North

Among the most competitive divisions in the league, the odds to Win AFC North supremacy will be tough to call because of how great the play is.

With the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers having recent success, the Cleveland Browns feature star players like Baker Mayfield and Odell Beckham Jr., while the Cincinnati Bengals have the young star Joe Burrow leading the offense.

With Lamar Jackson running the offensive for Baltimore, however, coupled with the team's tremendous defense, it's tough to envision any years in the near future where the Ravens aren't legit threats to not only win the division, but go after the AFC crown as well.

AFC Betting FAQs

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