When looking at this year’s Super Bowl Prop Bets 2024, you’ll notice there is no shortage of options that don’t directly relate to the game. These types of wagers are our favorite within the Super Bowl betting lines and betting odds. Here are some of the prop bets we’ll be going over:

  • Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds
  • Super Bowl National Anthem Props
  • Super Bowl Halftime Show Bets
  • Super Bowl Commercial Wagers
  • Off-Beat Props
2024 Super Bowl Bovada BetOnline BetUS
Kansas City Chiefs +115 +115 +120
San Francisco 49ers -135 -140 -135

Best Super Bowl Prop Bets

The 2024 Super Bowl showdown is drawing near. As the Big Game approaches, sportsbooks are releasing hundreds of prop bets on everything imaginable to make Super Bowl Sunday even more fun and exciting. Prop bets for Super Bowl 2024 can be found at Bovada. Make sure you double-check them, as they are subject to change right up until kickoff. Remember, Super Bowl prop bets are meant to be fun, so remember that when it comes to placing your Super Bowl 58 prop bets - not all betting has to be so serious!

Super Bowl prop bets allow you to wager on outcomes that don't directly affect the final score. From the length of the national anthem and halftime show to the color of the Gatorade dumped on the winning coach, prop betting brings entertainment for casual fans and betting experts.

Let's dive deeper into key prop categories and betting strategies.

Super Bowl Coin Toss Odds

No amount of statistical analysis can help you determine the result of the Super Bowl Coin Toss. This is one of those bets rooted purely in luck, and people love it. One of many popular simple Super Bowl 2024 prop bets to take advantage of each year.

NFL Super Bowl Prop Bets 2024

The classic Super Bowl opening coin toss always brings intrigue at right-around even -105 odds for both heads and tails. With no strategy possible, this pure 50-50 gamble can deliver an exciting early win.

If it helps, the coin toss came up tails last year. Prior to that, the NFL saw two consecutive years of it turning up heads.

Is tails due to make another run in 2024?

OSB Pick: Tails (-105)

Tails To win the Coin Toss

Super Bowl National Anthem Props

Length of National Anthem: Over 1:55 (-222) vs. Under (+155)

Brevity is never a strong suit when it comes to the Super Bowl's National Anthem. Artists tend to draw it out.

And hey: It'll probably sound great.

OSB Pick: Over (-222)

Over 1:55 length

Super Bowl Halftime Show Props

With Usher confirmed as the star Apple Music Super Bowl 2024 halftime performer, intriguing prop bets on his song choices are hitting the betting boards!

Most sportsbooks list "Yeah!" as the favorite to be Usher's first song at +225 odds. His huge hit indeed seems the logical opening choice to pump up the crowd. However, Usher has so many iconic jams to choose from across his decades-long career. "My Way" checks in at +250, while "Love in this Club" rounds out the top choices at +300 odds.

For bettors who believe Usher may opt to open with something newer, "I Don't Mind" features enticing +400 odds. And if you expect him to kick off the performance with a real throwback, take a chance on "U Remind Me" at +500.

In terms of guests, Lil Jon and Ludacris carry tempting +700 odds to make cameo appearances alongside Usher's set. A surprise Jay-Z visit would be epic but seems unlikely at longer +850 odds. Ultimately, betting against any shock guests feels safest given the typical 12-minute halftime time constraints.

The over/under on total songs performed is set at 9.5 tracks. History suggests taking the over since modern halftime shows cram in song snippets via mashups. Still, nine-plus complete songs in 12 minutes does feel ambitious even for an electrifying talent like Usher. Tread carefully here.

OSB Pick: "Yeah!" (+225)

Yeah! song will be played first

Super Bowl Commercial Props

How Many Commercials Will Run: Over 96 vs. Under 96

Forecasting the number of Super Bowl Commercials is always a little bit of a crapshoot. The total depends on plenty of factors, including how much ad space each company buys, the number of timeouts, the number of scores, and even the number of penalties.

In today's fast-paced digital age, though, we're betting on a bunch of shorter ads, which would support the over.

OSB Pick: Over (-120)

Over 96 commercials

MVP and Offensive 2024 Prop Picks

Quarterback prop betting markets always dominate the Super Bowl props landscape, and 2024 is no exception. With Patrick Mahomes and Brock Purdy leading two offensive juggernauts, their props carry fair value.

Player performance props for Mahomes and Hurts also warrant attention. Mahomes' passing touchdown over/under sits at 2.5 TDs. While juice leans to the over at -150 odds, that's still a worthy wager given Mahomes' three TD tosses in the AFC title game.

Hurts is projected to throw for 235 yards against a tough Chiefs pass defense. But with Purdy's added scrambling ability, the over 235.5 passing yards feels within reach at +105 odds. Even if Kansas City contains Purdy' arm, his legs could help this over hit.

Exotic 2024 Super Bowl Prop Picks

Part of the fun of Super Bowl prop betting comes from wagering on quirky outcomes unrelated to the on-field action. Be it the national anthem length, coin toss call, or color of the dunked Gatorade, exotic props offer low-stress bets with potentially big payouts.

One overlooked exotic market asks whether any scoring drive will eat up over 90 seconds of game clock. Considering both these teams can strike fast, taking yes at +170 odds is enticing. Slow extended drives could hit in a competitive Super Bowl amid defensive stands.

Lastly, Orange stands out at +150 odds as the Gatorade shower color of choice. While clear water pays out at +220 as the underdog, Orange has been dumped on winning Super Bowl coaches roughly a third of the time. Orange provides nice balance between quality payout potential versus realistic probability.

Craft Your Live Game Prop Bets

As the Super Bowl unfolds in real time, look to pounce on advantageous live prop opportunities. Sportsbooks unleash hundreds of in-game player props on receptions, rushing yards, scoring plays, and more.

If the scoring pace lags early, for instance, grabbing a profitable over/under on QB passing stats could pay major dividends. Or bet player matchup props if an unexpected matchup emerges. The key is staying nimble with live wagers.

Teams props also require attention as scoring margins and lead changes occur. Does either team reaching 30+ points offer value? How about wagering on a backdoor cover for the trailing team late? Be ready to capitalize whenever live stats or scores shift dynamics.

Stick With Your Super Bowl Prop Strategy

Amid the endless prop possibilities, what betting tips can help you profit on Super Bowl Sunday?

Building props around a likely game narrative is key. Open by deciding how you envision the big game unfolding, then construct consistent prop wagers around that overarching storyboard. If you foresee a shootout, for example, stack props indicating an offensive explosion.

Additionally, comparing props across sportsbooks allows you to identify and pounce on the best numbers. Shop lines aggressively and move quickly if advantageous odds stand out. Super Bowl prop betting gets extremely popular in the final hours, so don't hesitate too long.

Most importantly, pursue props you actually feel good about. While upsets happen, chasing illogical long-shots rarely pays off in low-scoring football. Prioritizing sensible wagers with true upside works better over the long run.

So, before you start making any prop bets for Super Bowl 2024, check out all the best online sportsbooks below so that you can find the one that's perfect for you:

Super Bowl Prop Betting FAQs

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