The NFL season arrives every September, and it’s a time of the year when sports fans worldwide are fired up to see come. Whether you’re looking for incredible touchdowns, eye-opening interceptions, or hard hits, the National Football League delivers repeatedly. For sports bettors, the best news is that NFL betting has never been easier, with NFL Betting Odds being updated daily and up-to-the-minute updates being provided at the heart of every campaign.

2025 Superbowl Winners Odds

The odds for the 2025 Super Bowl are now available. Check back with this page for the latest odds as the market moves. The 2025 football betting odds were last updated on May 2, 2024:

Super Bowl 59 - Winner Bovada BetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs +450 +550
San Francisco 49ers +600 +600
Baltimore Ravens +1000 +900
Cincinnati Bengals +1100 +1200
Buffalo Bills +1100 +1400
Philadelphia Eagles +1200 +1400
Detroit Lions +1400 +1400
Dallas Cowboys +1800 +1800
Atlanta Falcons +2000 +2800
Houston Texans +2000 +2200
Green Bay Packers +2200 +2200
New York Jets +2500 +2500
Los Angeles Chargers +2500 +4000
Los Angeles Rams +2500 +2500
Miami Dolphins +3000 +2800
Pittsburgh Steelers +3300 +4000
Cleveland Browns +3500 +4500

These top sportsbooks also offer odds on the NFL Draft.

In this piece, we will be breaking down exactly what you should be looking for regarding NFL lines and what they mean, how to analyze an NFL spread, and so much more.

NFL Betting Lines

As things progress and you’re making your football wagers, the NFL Betting Lines will always be the first thing you take a look at. These numbers will represent the different kinds of football odds you’ll have for the bets you make for a team, player, prop bet, futures bet, or anything else football-related you can bet on.

For example, you could see NFL Week 1 lines that massively favor the Green Bay Packers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, LA Rams, Las Vegas Raiders, and multiple other teams for their showdowns to kickstart the season. It will then be on you to decide whether or not you think they’ll end up covering the spread, or choose those teams for a moneyline bet.

Breaking this down even further, let’s say that your favorite team is the Green Bay Packers and you’re dead set on placing a Week 1 bet on them. As soon as the Vegas NFL odds are out, you’ll be able to see the line for them heading into their first showdown. If they’re playing the New York Jets, you’ll likely have the Las Vegas NFL odds favor Green Bay in a big way.

So, for this particular example, we’ll say the Packers are listed at -8, with the Jets at +8. This NFL line means the Packers are favored by eight points, with New York set at eight-point underdogs. You’ll have multiple NFL betting options with this line.

You could take the Packers to cover that NFL spread, which would mean they’d have to win by at least nine points for your bet to hit. If they win by eight, it’d be a push, while a win by seven or less is a loss for you. A moneyline bet on the Packers would be an option too, but because they’re such high favorites, you wouldn’t receive a high payout.

In that same game, you’ll also see an over/under line. For a Packers-Jets showdown, you might see it listed at around 44.5 points. Again, it’ll be on you to make a decision as to whether or not it will be a high-scoring affair, or if the two defenses will step up and make it a low-scoring game.

If you take the over, the two sides would have to combine for 45 points for you to win. If the Packers take down the Jets 28-21, you’re in the clear because that total is 49. However, if they win 21-14, you’d lose your bet because only 35 points were scored in that game.

NFL Odds This Week

One important thing to remember for your NFL bets is that the NFL odds this week will surely be different than the ones throughout the season. You could have the Cowboys favored to win a game for one game, but then the script will be changed seven days later, and they'll find themselves underdogs for a completely different battle.

That speaks to the incredible amount of talent in the NFL, with each team holding so many great stars on the offensive and defensive side of the ball. This is apparent in every single NFL conference. For the Kansas City Chiefs, it's not often they'll find themselves behind in the eyes of the oddsmakers, but it can happen.

Typically, you'd think that because of Patrick Mahomes' incredible arm strength and ability to make plays outside of the pocket, the offense would be able to put up at least 28-35 points per game. So, seeing their over/under odds placed with a high number each weekend will be common.

But what if Mahomes and his Chiefs are getting ready to take on a top defensive team? We saw how that could unfold when the two teams faced off at the 2021 Super Bowl final. Offensive teams may look flashy, but this game has two sides.

Usually, as we mentioned above, the Chiefs might be expected to drop 35 points in a game, but going up against the Bears on the road on a snowy field would likely prevent that from happening.

It would be best to consider many different aspects before spending money. The Chiefs example shows how many other variables can affect an NFL game.

For that Chiefs-Bears battle, if the over/under is set at 50 points at the start of the week, but then you notice the weather report taking a turn for the worse, go ahead and hammer the under!

NFL Offensive Line Rankings

The average National Football League fan often underappreciates the guys up front who go to war in the trenches. Indeed, offensive lineman never gets the love they deserve for their incredible job protecting quarterbacks and opening up holes.

For NFL bets, though, the NFL Offensive Line Rankings are undoubtedly something you need to consider before putting any money on the line. This will mainly be the case if an offense faces off against an incredible pass rush.

For a Week 5 NFL tilt, you might see the Cleveland Browns take on the Seattle Seahawks. In this instance, assume the Browns feature an offensive line that struggles. Meanwhile, for Seattle's defense, its defensive ends and defensive tackles lead the league in sacks and quarterback hurries.

This would be a recipe for disaster for the Browns. Suppose you've got a terrible offensive line. Suppose, as well, that your team is getting ready to face a team known for posting plenty of sacks. In that case, the Cleveland quarterback is going to have a nightmare kind of day, assumedly.

In this instance, it'd be wise to bet big on the Seahawks to win this game. And, not even consider touching the Cleveland Browns with a 10-foot pole. So, for your bets, always consider the offensive line. You could be betting on a regular-season game or the Super Bowl, one of the most significant sports events of the year. In any case, the play of the offensive line must always be something you're thinking about.

NFL Over Under

We previously discussed the NFL Over-Under kind of bets in this piece, but these odds aren't limited to games. You can also find different over/under lines for how many touchdowns a player might throw in a season. Or, how many games a team will win throughout the year, and many more kinds of bets out there!

For the touchdowns example, you might find the NFL Las Vegas odds list Cowboys starting quarterback Dak Prescott with an over/under of 35 touchdowns. This is a high number. But, given Prescott's great talents, 35 is undoubtedly a reachable number.

Picking that over/under would also give you more reason to watch the Cowboys every week. That shouldn't be a problem if they're one of your favorite teams. We hope you don't see an NFL bad beat coming your way on this particular bet.

Let's draw up the worst-case scenario. It's Week 16 in the NFL, and Prescott has thrown 31 touchdowns on the year. In a game against the Giants, Prescott throws three touchdowns heading into the fourth quarter, and he's at 34 for the year. You've taken the over and need two more to win and one to push.

Late in the game, Dallas is down at the five-yard line, but Prescott throws a sick touchdown pass. However, that score is brought back due to offensive pass interference. On the next play, Ezekiel Elliott bursts his way up the middle for a touchdown to win the game. Prescott stays at 34 touchdowns for the year, and you've lost your bet. That'd be an absolute heartbreaker.

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