Football betting apps have taken over. The days of making a bet days in advance with a local bookie or a physical sportsbook are becoming an ancient memory in favor of NFL betting apps that allow you to bet whenever and wherever — so long as you have an Internet connection and mobile device.

The issue is that there might be such a thing as NFL gambling app overload because, well, there’s an oversaturation in the online sportsbook marketplace. This guide is meant to cut through the noise and help you find the best football app. There’s a lot to cover so let’s jump right into it.

Keep reading us we cut through the noise to tell you where to do your NFL hearing at!

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Best 5 NFL Betting Apps in 2024

We’ve reviewed hundreds of NFL sportsbook app — dead serious too. After so much time AND money spent, we think we have a good idea about what makes the best NFL betting app. We’ll get to that shortly, but here’s our “best of the best” list.

  1. BetUS — elite promotional offers
  2. Bovada — trustworthy name
  3. BetOnline — deep NFL betting menu
  4. XBet — great live betting feature
  5. WagerWeb — well-priced NFL odds


Top 5 NFL Betting Apps Reviewed

So what makes an NFL app the best anyway? Well, allow us to explain our picks below:

1. BetUS — elite promotional offers

You already know how BetUS ends up as one of the top NFL bets app: those lucrative deals we mentioned before. All this extra money in your hands helps minimize the risks of betting. If you’re not using your own money to wager, well, then you have nothing to lose — and that’s the type of bettor bookies fear most.

BetUs Arizona

What makes BetUS a one-of-kind player in the industry is its extremely user-friendly apps offers. Simply put, there’s no site where new customers stand to win as much money than BetUS. We’re talking potential payouts of thousands of dollars in free play here.

We could write an entire article on BetUS’ sportsbook promo, but we’ll just mention one welcome offer. New users of BetUS can rack up a whopping $3125 from the deposit match bonus. That money is split between the sportsbook (max $2500) and casino ($625), but it’s seriously unheard of dollar-wise. Promo code JOIN125 will unlock this killer sign-up bonus. With it, your first bet (plus more) are “on the house.”

I found it incredibly convenient to fund my account directly from my phone, and the seamless transition between the mobile and computer platforms ensured I could access all features effortlessly. Trust me, whatever you can do from your computer, you can do from the BetUS app. Overall, while the big-money deals may initially draw you in, it’s the superb mobile betting experience and additional goodies that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Pros & Cons

  • Wide variety of betting options
  • Cross-platform rewards program
  • Average bonus payouts

Final verdict: 9.3/10

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BetUS Review
BONUS $2500

150% up to $5,000 (Promo Code SU150CRYPT)

2. Bovada — trustworthy name

Bovada is Mr. Reliable in this space — and that’s a huge pro in an industry that can get a bad rap at times (more on this later). Still, Bovada has stood the test of time thanks to its trustworthiness and easy-to-use mobile site. Because of this, Bovada doesn’t need to shower users with bonus bets or gimmicks. The mobile site wins with a no-frills type of experience.

This is a perfect sportsbook for an NFL bettor just starting out. That’s because it has all the bets you’re looking for, and this goes beyond football too. NBA, MLB, NHL, and other leagues are well-stocked next to the NFL on Bovada.

Bovada Kansas

Bovada has a stellar reputation, and for that reason, they end up high on this list. There’s still some customers on the fence about betting online, thinking it’s a “scam.” For those bettors, we recommend Bovada. This place is as trustworthy as can be — hence why it’s attracted a huge userbase since opening its doors in 2011. Longevity and success of this kind only happen if the betting experience is killer, and that it is at Bovada.

At Bovada Sportsbook, I’ve enjoyed generous bonuses like a 75% match up to $750 and a 125% match up to $1250 on my first deposit, with similar deals for my next two crypto deposits. Even credit card users get a 50% match up to $250. Plus, they give $275 for referrals.

Compared to other sites, Bovada’s bonuses really stand out. They’re easy to claim and use, with bonus funds instantly credited to my account.

Pros & Cons

  • Trustworthy and respected platform
  • Loyalty-incentivizing rewards program
  • Bonuses feel inferior to competitors
  • Dated app interface

Final verdict: 9.4/10

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Bovada Review
BONUS $250

3. BetOnline — deep NFL betting menu

BetOnline is also one of the most-used mobile sites for football betting just like Bovada. That’s why you’ll often see famous fighters like Floyd Mayweather or Colby Covington sponsored by BetOnline — this site is the real deal.

One standout thing about football betting at BetOnline is its competitive odds. You’ll rarely see a competing sportsbook have cheaper lines than BetOnline. Over the long run, this value really adds up for bettors.


NFL doesn’t lack betting opportunities with 32 teams and 16 games or so a week. All those opportunities, plus others you might’ve not known about, will be available for the taking at BetOnline. This site is famous for just how deep its sportsbook menu goes, especially for the NFL — the kingmaker sport to bet on. You’ll especially see this in the NFL prop market, which is routinely loaded up to the brim by BetOnline.

I simply couldn’t ignore BetOnline’s welcome bonus to be quite competitive, especially for new users. They offer a 100% free play bonus up to $1,000 for cryptocurrency deposits, while non-crypto users can still enjoy a 50% free play bonus up to $1,000. It’s a great way to cater to diverse preferences and give bettors a chance to enhance their bankrolls.

At Sportsbook, I’ve noticed their dedication to customer satisfaction firsthand. With a solid social media presence boasting 46,000 Twitter followers, they engage openly and transparently with their customers. Independent reviews and customer testimonials consistently reflect positive experiences and trust in BetOnline’s services. Out of all the bookies we’ve reviewed, this is one of the best betting apps for the NFL.

Pros & Cons

  • Extensive range of betting options
  • Cross-platform rewards program
  • Bonus payouts are relatively average compared to competitors

Final verdict: 9.5/10

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BetOnline Review
BONUS $1000

BTC bonus up to $1,000

4. XBet — great live betting feature

What makes XBet one of the best football betting app around is it’s just slick looking and feeling. XBet is a newer sportsbook and that’s noticeable right away thanks to a top-notch user experience.

The modernity of the site really comes out when mobile betting NFL, particularly in-play. Live betting is a seamless experience on-site with odds updating in real-time and almost no lag on the XBet side of things.

Xbet sportsbook Mississippi

These days, live betting is getting just as popular as pregame bets. NFL is especially tailored to this since every play can change the outcome of a matchup in an instant. For the best app to bet on NFL live, XBet takes the cake. What stands out about XBet is how darn quick they are to refresh lines mid-game. A 20-yard run burst or turnover? Boom, the in-play odds change on the spot without lag. You can’t always say that about competitors so kudos to XBet here.

I’ve had a great experience with the XBet app, especially with its impressive casino offerings, featuring 249 slot games, 38 table games, and 11 specialty games. However, the video poker section could use some expansion, as it only offers three games.

While XBet offers various sportsbook and casino bonuses, including a referral bonus, I was surprised by the absence of a loyalty program for casino members. Despite slightly higher rollover requirements for casino bonuses, the sportsbook bonuses are well-balanced. It would be beneficial to see more diverse bonuses, such as no-risk wagers and promotions tailored to poker players, along with crypto bonuses given their crypto banking methods.

Pros & Cons

  • Mobile app works in phone browser, no downloads required
  • Live betting system excels
  • Casino game selection limited, especially beyond slots

Final verdict: 9.1/10

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Xbet Review
BONUS $500

5. WagerWeb — well-priced NFL odds

By and large, NFL odds are almost the same from app to app. However, if there are any differences, you’re most likely to see them at WagerWeb.


These differences are to bettors benefit too because odds are routinely better value at WagerWeb. This is critical when betting because better odds maximize the potential wins (or minimize the losses). Over the long run, this makes an impact on a bettor’s profits and losses.

Having used the app, I can say that WagerWeb offers one of the best sign-up bonuses in the industry, with players receiving a 50% cashback bonus up to $1,000. Although there’s a 15x rollover requirement and a 20% stake limit, long-term players shouldn’t encounter any issues.

One of the standout features of WagerWeb is their 1% cashback on all wagers, which is a fantastic perk. This rebate applies to every penny you wager, making it a valuable incentive for players looking to maximize their earnings. While beating the bookie is challenging, offers like this make it more achievable for savvy players.

Pros & Cons

  • Low wager requirements on bonuses
  • Live sports betting available
  • Withdrawal methods limited to Bitcoin and cashier checks

Final verdict: 9.4/10

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WagerWeb Review
BONUS 100%

Bonus also available in BTC


Which Sportsbook Has The Best Offer For NFL Bettors?

BetUS and “best offer” go hand in hand. This sportsbook, which we’re about to get to more closely, is famous for its promotional bonuses that pay out the big bucks. We’re talking thousands of dollars in potential winnings here.

We’ll bring attention to the sign-up bonus, which is available to first-time bettors of the site. The max reward on this deal is a whopping $3125 in free play. Only $2500 of that is reserved for the sportsbook (the other portion goes to the BetUS casino), but that can afford an awful lot of NFL bets. It’s tough to find deals elsewhere better than this one.


How Do We Rate Football Betting Apps?

For full transparency, we’re going to explain our football betting app review process. We stand behind it, and we really think the suggestion sites rival big names in the space like BetMGM sportsbook, FanDuel sportsbook, or Caesars Sportsbook. Our football app reviews were heavily weighed by the following factors:

Football Betting Menu

This one is obvious, isn’t it? Having a full assortment of football bet types was the number-one thing we evaluated on. This goes for NFL, college football, hell, even the XFL and CFL. Ideally, an online sports betting app should be a one-stop shop for sports bettors where they can get all their gambling fix in one spot.

But it’s not just about the depth of the menu, it’s also about the quality. By that, we mean the value of the betting odds themselves. Ideally, bettors should place bets at good prices so they’re not leaving value on the table. Therefore, having the best odds was also factored in.

Promotional Bonuses

Having an easy-to-redeem bonus code was another thing we looked for. Bettors should be getting their money’s worth when betting, and that means offers like a welcome bonus, odds boost, and NFL contests. Getting free money from the sportsbook helps bettors last an entire NFL betting season, which is obviously long. “It’s a marathon, not a sprint” as they say and bonuses help greatly.

Betting Experience On Mobile

This is a biggie, obviously. How the sportsbook app performs on the go matters dearly to our review process. Any noticeable lag or wonky issues on the mobile app were penalized. The last thing you want as a bettor is to be stopped out of a bet because the mobile app just doesn’t work. That’s an awful betting experience that no user should have to tolerate on a regular basis.

Banking Methods

Banking is a cornerstone of a good online betting experience. Both depositing and withdrawing should be a seamless experience. We mean, is there anything more frustrating about having your money stuck in limbo? Probably not. So we judged sports apps by how many payment options they supported (checks, credit cards, crypto, Paypal. etc.) and how fast transactions were processed.


Last but certainly not least, we look for trustworthiness. We mentioned this earlier, but this space has gotten a black eye because of “bad apple” sportsbooks. A lot of the scammy stuff has been cleaned up, but it’s not completely gone. Still, none of the sites we covered here have issues with trust. When reviewing a sportsbook, we dig into their privacy policies, security protocols, and licensing to confirm they can be trusted to protect users. We only recommend sites that meet our strict criteria. You can be sure your money and personal information are safe on the sites we have covered.


How To Use Sports Betting Apps?

Contrary to popular belief, using a football bet app is quite easy. It makes no difference if you’re on iOS (iPhone or iPad) or Android, these platforms support it all.

Once upon a time, you needed to download these apps to your phone from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. A few still require that, but it’s mostly a thing of the past. All bettors need to do is access the sites from the web browser on their phone or tablet. The sites are responsive to any screen size. From there, just navigate the site like normal and lay down a bet. It’s really that easy.


Are Sports Betting Apps Legal?

There’s still a lot of confusion over whether sports betting is legal or not. At the federal level, in the United States, it is. However, at the state level, it varies widely. For instance, here’s the legality of football betting apps in a few select states:

  • Connecticut: the northeast has been harsher on sports betting, but not Connecticut. Sports legal betting is a thing here and has been for years now.
  • Colorado: no one should be surprised Colorado was one of the first states to legalize betting. The state is known for its liberal laws and betting is no exception.
  • Illinois: it took a while for Illinois to come around to online wagering, but it did. Here’s another state with it 100 percent legalized.
  • Iowa: same thing here, Iowa has fully legalized betting — both in-person and online.
  • Kansas: it’s legal folks, knock yourselves out!
  • Maryland: yep, online betting in its fullest form is legal here too.
  • Massachusetts: despite the DraftKings sportsbook being a local company, it took years for Massachusetts to legalize betting before it finally did in 2022. Everything is legal now, thankfully.
  • Ohio: one of the most diehard fanbases for sports got legal gambling pretty early. Everything is a green light in Ohio too.
  • Wyoming: there’s not a whole lot going on in remote Wyoming, but sports betting is a thing there too.

See? The vast majority of states in the U.S. have legalized sports betting. You have very little to worry about besides actually making the right picks.

That just about covers it when it comes to the best football betting apps. The information we’ve outlined is more than enough to get you fast-tracked into betting this NFL season (or the next). If you have any remaining questions, give our FAQ a thorough read.


Sign Up With Many Betting Apps

Here’s some advice: don’t be afraid to sign up for more than one app. That’s because you can benefit greatly from having a few apps in your hand. For one, you can rack up extra bonuses for free play. That’s obviously going to help build your betting bankroll for the NFL, which matters greatly over the long season.

Two, having a few apps on hand will allow you to “line shop.” This is another word for comparing betting lines from app to app. Maybe you’re betting on the Cowboys moneyline. If you were to shop lines, you might get those odds better at one site than another. It would behoove you to place the bet where the odds are more in your favor. The only way you’ll spot these betting odds misprices is if you have multiple apps and you browse them carefully before putting money down.


Is It Legal To Use Betting Apps In My State?

Well, it depends. Every state has different rules around betting apps. We will say this though, you can skip the confusing laws and just stick to an offshore betting app. Unlike DraftKings or FanDuel, offshore sportsbooks are available in all 50 states — even ones where betting remains illegal. That’s because these apps are operated in foreign countries and don’t have to play by U.S. rules. This makes going offshore the more easy choice for many bettors.


Responsible Gambling

NFL betting should be fun. The moment it stops being fun, well, then we have ourselves a problem — and a potentially big problem at that. We just wanted to leave a quick word on the importance of gambling responsibility. This means only betting what you can afford to lose and wagering strictly when you’re in the right state of mind. Combing betting with substances or with mental issues can cascade in a hurry.

If you find yourself in a situation when betting begins to do more harm then good, then we urge you to take a step back. There are gambling hotlines or gambling responsibility teams at bookmakers that can help you out. They’re the experts but we just wanted to mention help is available if needed.


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