2024 NFL Futures: Which Team is the Best Pick to Win Super Bowl 59?

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2024 NFL Futures: Which Team is the Best Pick to Win Super Bowl 59?

Now that NFL free agency is winding down, you can probably guess what time it is: It’s “Let’s take a look at Super Bowl 59 futures” o’clock, of course.

  • What: Super Bowl 59 (Super Bowl LIX)
  • When: Sunday, February 9, 2025
  • Start Time: TBA
  • Where: Caesars Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana

Indeed, some might think it’s too early to bet on Super Bowl 59 outcomes. That’s their prerogative. And make no mistake, there is heightened risk involved. NFL training camps don’t open until the middle of the summer. Plenty can change between now and then. 

Still, for the most part, all the biggest trades and signings have already been completed. We have a better-than-general idea of what rosters will look like. What’s more, betting on NFL futures is most lucrative before training camps ever open. You can see for yourself below, where we have the latest online NFL betting odds to win Super Bowl 59:

To Win Super Bowl 59BetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs+500
San Francisco 49ers+650
Baltimore Ravens+900
Cincinnati Bengals+1200
Buffalo Bills+1400
Detroit Lions+1400
Philadelphia Eagles+1400
Dallas Cowboys+1800
Green Bay Packers+2200
Houston Texas+2200
Los Angeles Rams+2500
New York Jets+2500
Atlanta Falcons+2800
Miami Dolphins+2800
Chicago Bears+4000
Jacksonville Jaguars+4000
Los Angeles Chargers+4000
Pittsburgh Steelers+4000
Cleveland Browns+4500
Indianapolis Colts+6000
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+6600
Las Vegas Raiders+8000
Minnesota Vikings+8000
Seattle Seahawks+8000
Arizona Cardinals+10000
Denver Broncos+10000
New Orleans Saints+10000
New York Giants+12500
Washington Commanders+12500
Tennessee Titans+15000
New England Patriots+20000
Carolina Panthers+25000

Just to reiterate: Please remember to double-check these NFL Super Bowl futures until you actually submit your wager. Our Super Bowl 59 betting odds are accurate entering Wednesday, March 27, 2024. That gives the best NFL online betting sites plenty of time to make adjustments. And rest assured, they will make adjustments. These 2024 NFL online futures will shift before the regular season begins during the first week of September. They will move even more throughout the season, as the league’s hierarchy establishes itself. That’s the risk you run when betting on the Super Bowl nearly one year in advance.

Still, like we said, that doesn’t make this a fool’s errand. We have enough information to rally our top NFL Super Bowl 59 contenders entering the 2024 NFL regular season. Who are they? And who are, as of March 2024, picking to win Super Bowl 59? Read on to find out.

The Kansas City Chiefs Remain Atop Super Bowl 59 Futures

Winning back-to-back Super Bowls is one thing. But rattling off three in a row? That’s unheard of. Seriously. No NFL team has ever won three consecutive Super Bowls. And yet, the reigning champion Kansas City Chiefs (+500) remain odds-on favorites entering next season. Can they make history with a Super Bowl 59 victory?

It’s hardly outside the realm of possibility. The Chiefs are returning their entire core from last season, including defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who helped cobble together one of the three most feared defenses in the league and just signed a new contract. 

Oh, yeah, the Chiefs also still have this superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes. They have earned their status as favorites.

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl 59

Are the San Francisco 49ers Still Top-Tier NFL Contenders?

Repeated failures at the highest level have a way of upending perception. That’s not happening to the San Francisco 49ers (+650) when looking at their Super Bowl 59 betting lines. Only the Chiefs, who they lost to in the big game this past February, are in front of them.

Anecdotally, though, people seem to be out on this core. Not only did they just lose in the Super Bowl, but they fell in the NFC Conference Championship during each of the prior two years. Maybe they’re not meant to get over the hump.

On the flip side, the Niners deserve credit for continuously contending to win at the highest level. Their defense remains intact, and it’s not impossible that quarterback Brock Purdy improves over the offseason. Bake in the relatively static state of the NFC, and they absolutely remain a threat to win it all.

San Francisco 49ers To win Super Bowl 59

Beware of the Houston Texans

Houston Texans (+2200) quarterback C.J. Stroud already showed he’s capable of leading a playoff-caliber team with a modest amount of weapons around him. Imagine what he can do with another year of experience and the addition of running back Joe Mixon.

Indeed, the Texans will have their work cut out for them. Both the Indianapolis Colts (+6000) and Jacksonville Jaguars (+4000), fellow members of the AFC South, have designs on being much better in 2024. 

But Houston is now built to be incredibly explosive in every offensive category you can fathom. Don’t be surprised if last year’s 10-win squad turns into a 12- or 13-win faction next season. 

Houston Texans To win Super Bowl 59

Better Bet to Win Super Bowl 59: Buffalo Bills, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens or Detroit Lions

All of these teams are working off monumental 2023 NFL regular season campaigns. And their place in the league’s pecking order is reflected when looking at their odds to win Super Bowl 59:

  • Baltimore Ravens (+900)
  • Buffalo Bills (+1400)
  • Detroit Lions (+1400)
  • Dallas Cowboys (+1800)

Which squad is the bigger threat? Well, right out of the gate, we’re eliminating the Cowboys. It’s clear they aren’t built to big games as presently constituted, and they made zero splashes in free agency.

Lots of people are in on the Lions, especially after they managed to retain both their offensive and defensive coordinators, each of whom was expected to have head coaching opportunities. We just can’t get there. Despite showing signs of defensive improvement, the secondary still has some holes in it.

That leaves us with Baltimore and Buffalo. Our initial inclination is to go with the Ravens. They have Lamar Jackson, one of the three best players in the NFL

At the same time, they haven’t shown a willingness to spend big after giving him his extension. Reorienting the roster through the draft is risky when you’re hoping to rumble with fellow heavyweights.

Believe it or not, we’re going with the Bills. They have overhauled what was a shaky defense, at times, last year and remain electric on the offensive side. Scooping up Buffalo at 14-to-1 to win Super Bowl 59 is a bargain.

Buffalo Bills To win Super Bowl 59

Our Way-Too-Early Super Bowl LIX Prediction

And our projected winner of Super Bowl 59 is…none other than the Chiefs.

This is anticlimactic on its face. But again, no team has ever won three straight Super Bowls. Expecting the Chiefs to remain healthy and engaged enough to rattle off another title is low-key risky. 

Then again, the landscape around the rest of the NFL hasn’t shifted nearly enough to shake our faith in Kansas City. None of the foremost contenders have made truly monster moves. Could a dark horse like the Miami Dolphins (+2800) or Los Angeles Chargers (+4000) emerge after improving their defense? Sure. But as of now, the NFL feels like it has two truly elite teams: The Chiefs and the Niners. 

And forced to choose between them, it isn’t even much of a choice for us. The Chiefs have shown the ability to dominate on both sides of the ball when it matters most unlike any other team of the era. Though our Super Bowl 59 prediction is subject to change once actual games get underway, we’d honestly be surprised if we move off this pick at any point.

Kansas City Chiefs To win Super Bowl 59

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