There are a whole lot of NFL betting sites out in the marketplace. As there should be since NFL games are the most bet-on sports in America by a mile. However, this sea of competition doesn’t exactly make picking between football betting sites all that easy — until this article, that is. We’re about to give you a complete lowdown on the best sportsbook for NFL betting online so stick with us!

Top 10 NFL Betting Sites

Get familiar with the list of NFL sportsbooks below. As we’re about to explain, these are among the top NFL betting websites.

Rather than scouring from online football betting site to site, we’re just going to give you a top-10 ranking, based on our unbiased sportsbook review section. Not necessarily in order from No. 1 to No. 10, but still, 10 online sportsbooks that lead the way in terms of NFL betting. Here’s our pecking order:


Bovada is undoubtedly one of the most-used football gambling sites. Now, would that be the case if the site wasn’t actually any good? Of course not. Bovada has carved out a name for itself for its reliability— the bookmaker just flat-out works like it has to and that’s been rewarded by a large user base of players.


BetOnline is another platform where bettors flock far and wide. The site is quick across the board, from paying out wins to putting up betting lines as fast as anyone. You can never go wrong with this type of efficiency.


Simply put, no one beats BetUS when it comes to free-play bonuses. Few football bet sites can deposit match the thousands of dollars in free play that BetUS routinely doles out. Free money is always being dangled at BetUS, which is never a bad thing.


XBet is a newer site, compared to some of the platforms on this list. But it’s that newness which makes it stand out. XBet is loaded with up-to-date features — all packaged around a neat user interface and experience.


With a name like BetNow, you know what this site is all about. BetNow truly delivers with a deep — and we mean deep — betting menu. You’ll be hard-pressed to NOT find the NFL betting line you’re looking for at BetNow. The depth of BetNow's NFL betting markets is truly something else.


MyBookie is the total betting package. On top of offering a tip-top NFL sportsbook, it also features a top-notch racebook and casino experience. It could effectively be a one-stop shop for ALL betting needs, not just online NFL betting sites.

For those looking for sharp NFL lines, then might be it. While NFL odds are usually similar across the best online football betting sites (more on this soon), there is some variance. Oftentimes, will offer the best prices on NFL gambling.


Trust is earned, and WagerWeb has an abundance of it. This date dates back to the mid-‘90s, and while the industry has changed drastically since, WagerWeb has remained a consistent presence. That wouldn’t be the case if WagerWeb wasn’t a trustworthy place which we can assure it most definitely is.


There’s a lot going on at Everygame and that’s what makes it such an elite destination to bet NFL online. Between a wide array of NFL bets and killer bonus bets, Everygame has a little something for everyone. That variety really makes it shine in a crowded marketplace.


In-play has become one of the best ways to bet on football games online. When it comes to live betting, Bookmaker is a clear-cut leader. Live betting relies on on super-fast line setting with no lag. Welp, that’s Bookmaker to a tee. Most of the market is trailing Bookmaker when it comes to the overall live betting experience.

NFL Bonus Bets & Promo Codes

One of the top ways to choose between the best football betting sites is betting bonuses. You see, because of just how competitive this marketplace is, sites will try to outdo each other on bonus bets. That’s a boon to bettors who stand to gain hundreds to thousands of dollars in free play from these sites.

With that type of money, you could bet NFL for free — most just one matchup, but for the next several weeks of the NFL season (this goes for the NFL regular season or playoffs). Knowing that, here’s the best NFL bonuses you should be aware of:

Bovada’s $500 Sign-Up Bonus: new players to the site will have their first deposit matched at 50 percent up to that $500 mark. Not only can free play earned be spent on NFL betting, but any other sport for that matter. A welcome bonus like this one can be redeemed within minutes.

BetOnline’s $1000 Welcome Offer Bonus: BetOnline ups the ante for new customers. The site is awarding a cool $1000 upon making a first deposit. They will also match at a 50-percent rate. Not a bad chunk of cash to fund your first bet or two.

BetUS’ Eye-Popping Bonus: this deal is almost too good to believe, but it’s the real thing. BetUS is giving out a max reward of $2500 for online sports betting to new players of the site. This type of money blows just about every competitor out of the water. BONUS CODE: JOIN125

BetNow's Sports Rebate: enough with just free-play bonuses, how about a rebate program for NFL bets? That’s what BetNow offers. The site will refund NFL betting losses at a 2-percent clip. Rebates at online sports betting sites are almost unheard of so you can’t knock BetNow for offering this. BONUS CODE: none for rebate Crypto Promo: it pays to play with cryptocurrency at This fine sportsbook is doling out $1000 in free play for first-time deposits with crypto like Bitcoin. BONUS CODE: DOUBLEUP

How Do We Rate Betting Sites?

You’re probably thinking to yourself, “how do you test football sportsbooks anyway?” That’s a must-ask question — and one we don’t take lightly one bit. Allow us to explain what factors went into our methodology:


All right, this one can’t be understated. Unfortunately, gambling on football online can get a bad rap because of sketchy oddsmakers. These are bad apples more than anything else because most of the best NFL betting sites are credible and safe to use. We wouldn’t recommend any site that has the slightest bit of a reputation for screwing bettors out of their hard-earned money.


Who doesn’t like free money? When so many things elsewhere are going up in price, it’s nice to have a betting site to fall back on that’s actually giving money back. So when we’re rating the best NFL sportsbooks, we’re looking for sites not afraid to give back. It can’t just be one promo either, it has to be several to give bettors multiple free-play opportunities.

NFL Betting Markets

This one goes without saying right? You can’t be considered one of the best football betting sites if you don’t actually offer a good NFL betting experience. This is a two-pronged deal. One, you have to offer a diverse set of NFL betting markets to begin with. This means offering every type of bet — from same-game parlay bets (SGP as it's shortened to) to MVP futures bets to Super Bowl betting. Two, NFL wagers should be priced at competitive odds. This way, a player can stay on one site rather than having to rotate from bookie to bookie to find the best NFL bet for themselves.

NFL Betting Features

This isn’t your grandma’s NFL betting anymore. The days of being content with pre-game NFL lines and that’s it are over. Today, NFL bettors want extra features to enhance their gambling experience. One is definitely live betting, which allows for real-time gambling while NFL games are ongoing. Another feature is early cash-out, which affords bettors the opportunity to settle bets before the final outcome. Platforms that have these types of on-site features earn brownie points from us.

Banking Options

Banking options on NFL online betting sites shouldn’t be a hassle. The expectation should be an easy and low-fee way to deposit money into the online sportsbook — whether that’s traditional cash (a check, credit card, or debit card, for example) or crypto, which is all the rage as of late. Not only that, but payouts should be fast. No bettor wants to wait a week to get their money withdrawn. Being a reliable banker — both when depositing and withdrawing — is a key component of our ranking model.

Customer Support

This one is obvious, right? Nobody likes crappy customer support services so we emailed, called, and bugged every department. If the response time was slow, we dinged that sportsbook. A huge part of the user experience hinges on customer support so we took this aspect seriously.

What Sites Have The Best Odds For NFL Betting?

best football betting sites

Remember earlier when we mentioned in passing that top NFL betting sites have consistent NFL coverage? Well, they do — and that’s largely by design.

You see, most of the best betting sites for football don’t actually set the lines themselves. No, there’s usually a third-party company that they source NFL lines from. And here’s the thing, that same third party supplies odds to a range of online sportsbooks.

The result? NFL betting odds are largely the same across the board whether it’s NFL futures, moneyline bets, point spread betting, over/under, NFL prop bets (including player props), or anything else. It’s never a bad idea to “line shop” and compare odds between sites before plunking down any money. But don’t bank on finding killer odds off of this. You’ll get it from time to time, but it’s not the norm.

Welp, that just about covers it for us. You can read our FAQs for any remaining questions. The last thing we'll leave you with is this: offshore sports betting sites are many times a better option than a regulated sportsbook like DraftKings Sportsbook, FanDuel Sportsbook, BetMGM Sportsbook, or Caesars Sportsbook. Offshore rivals all those in terms of betting promos and overall NFL gambling experience. Plus, they can be used throughout the country, whether you're in New York or Virginia. Offshore is legal NFL betting, or shall we say, loose betting because states usually look the other way with it.

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