Every early February, football fans count down the minutes until the biggest game in the world takes place. Yup, we’re talking about the Super Bowl. And far before it arrives, you’re going to have Super Bowl Odds and Super Bowl prop bets that will surely be mouthwatering when you see them on your computer screens.

Remember to keep checking back with this page as the Super Bowl 2025 odds are constantly changing as the preseason gets underway. The Super Bowl odds were last updated on April 3, 2024:

Super Bowl 59 - Winner Bovada BetOnline
Kansas City Chiefs +450 +550
San Francisco 49ers +600 +600
Baltimore Ravens +1000 +900
Cincinnati Bengals +1100 +1200
Buffalo Bills +1100 +1400
Philadelphia Eagles +1200 +1400
Detroit Lions +1400 +1400
Dallas Cowboys +1800 +1800
Atlanta Falcons +2000 +2800
Houston Texans +2000 +2200
Green Bay Packers +2200 +2200
New York Jets +2500 +2500
Los Angeles Chargers +2500 +4000
Los Angeles Rams +2500 +2500
Miami Dolphins +3000 +2800
Pittsburgh Steelers +3300 +4000
Cleveland Browns +3500 +4500

With so much talent in the NFL, in both the AFC and NFC, there will be plenty of teams who will be in the running to go on a deep postseason run. But, who will be involved when the Super Bowl odds 2024 are released?

Whether you’re looking at a futures bet, moneyline bet, a prop bet or even pairing multiple odds together for a big-time bet, our sportsbook partners will have everything you need to move forward. In this article, we break down the different NFL Super Bowl odds you’ll be able to find and how you can move forward with your NFL Super Bowl bets. Read on so you’re best prepared before submitting your wagers.

Super Bowl Betting Odds

Get ready for an action-packed road to Super Bowl LVIII! The excitement is already building around the 2024 Super Bowl championship futures odds and betting lines. Can Patrick Mahomes lead the Chiefs to exceed Vegas’ expectations and repeat as Lombardi Trophy kings? Which longshot contenders can stun and serve an epic upset?

As everyone knows by now, the Chiefs won the 2023 Super Bowl, and then shortly after they lifted the Vince Lombardi Trophy high into the sky, they were already the favorites to repeat as the Super Bowl champs. That will happen when you have Patrick Mahomes in the middle of a massive 10-year extension that was worth more than $500 million.

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You know storylines will get heated with playmakers like Tyreek Hill down in Miami. Will Tua Tagovailoa break out and beat the Dolphins’ juicy odds to win? And how about Detroit morphing into a fierce playoff force behind rising coach Dan Campbell? We”ll we see the 49ers’ sensation Brock Purdy bring the Trophy home? Only time will tell!

The exhilaration and Super Bowl futures intrigue only rises as the 2024 playoff drive kicks in. Grab those betting slips tight because this road to crown football’s 2024 champion will be legendary!

Remember that the above sportsbooks also offer odds on the NFL Playoffs and on the NFL Regular season.

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Bet on Super Bowl Odds

The beauty of the Super Bowl is you’re going to have Vegas Super Bowl odds far before the event itself, right before the Super Bowl, and in the middle of the game. That’s what makes the game so special: All the Different Super Bowl Odds you’ll have to bet on will be too many to keep track of. The most popular odds you’ll find will be the futures ones, which can be found in the table above. You’ll find that kind of a breakdown for when you want to Bet on 2024 Super Bowl odds each and every season leading up to the last game of the year.

In the middle of the NFL season, those odds will be changing quite a bit because some teams will be going through hot streaks and seeing their stock rise. Injuries will also play a role in how things shape. Say for example the Steelers are 9-2 to start the season and their odds skyrocket. However, in Week 12, their starting quarterback goes down and is ruled out for the rest of the season. The odds will of course change.

You’re also going to be finding odds for both teams in the AFC and NFC for who will end up winning the respective conference championships. This is huge because those two teams who win the AFC and NFC will of course go on to play in the Super Bowl. Once that matchup is set, you’re going to see all kinds of different odds for those two teams.

How to Read Super Bowl Betting Odds

When you look at the Vegas odds for Super Bowl LVIII in 2024, you’ll see various formats including futures odds to win the Super Bowl, point spreads, over/under lines, and MVP odds. Understanding these NFL Super Bowl betting odds is crucial.

Super Bowl LVIII Point Spreads

Point spreads set a margin of victory one 2024 Super Bowl team needs to cover. Odds with a minus (-) indicate the favored team and the point spread. The plus (+) shows the underdog’s spread.

If you see 49ers -3.5 and Eagles +3.5 point spread odds:

  • San Francisco covers the Super Bowl line by winning by 4+
  • Philly covers by winning outright or losing by 3 or less

Super Bowl LVIII Moneyline Odds

Moneyline odds show what each team pays out straight up.

Let’s imagine a scenario with 49ers moneyline -150 and Eagles moneyline +130. That would mean the following:

  • A $150 bet on the 49ers profits $100
  • A $100 wager on the Eagles profits $130

Super Bowl Over/Under Totals

Sportsbooks predict the total points scored. You bet whether teams finish over or under the posted total without picking a winner. If the Super Bowl over/under is 45, wager whether both teams combine for over or under 45 points.

Super Bowl MVP Odds

Separate from game outcomes, MVP odds let you bet on which player will win the Super Bowl MVP award as the most valuable performer.

For example, odds can be:

  • Mahomes MVP: +210
  • Hurts MVP: +510

If you bet $100 on Mahomes at +210, you would receive a $310 payout ($210 profit plus returned $100 bet). Whereas $100 wagered on Hurts at +510 odds profits $610 if he wins Super Bowl MVP.

Super Bowl Props Odds

You might find prop bets odds, over/under odds, and more. For over/under, betting on the total for the game is a fun one, but you also will see countless fans bet on each quarter's over/under or the halftime over/under. Remember too that as soon as the Super Bowl comes to a close, it won't be too long before the odds for the next Super Bowl end up getting posted too.

Super Bowl Odds FAQs

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