There’s a lot of pomp and pageantry associated with the Super Bowl — the halftime show, the commercials, and of course, the national anthem signing. It’s true, the Super Bowl national anthem is a thing now, especially among bettors looking to make a buck off it.

Out of all the Super Bowl prop bets, the national anthem has become one of the most popular for its randomness and fun. So much that we’ve created an entire guide to betting the national anthem performance. We’re about to tell you everything you need to know about this, plus more!

2024 Super Bowl National Anthem

The 2024 Super Bowl will go down Sunday, February 11 — live at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada. Super Bowl national anthem betting takes center stage as one of the initial prop bets to seize attention on Super Sunday. Oddsmakers establish an Over/Under for the duration of singing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” along with various other anthem-related prop bets during the broadcast. The opening line for Reba McEntire‘s performance at Super Bowl 58 is set at 84.5 seconds.

Super Bowl National Anthem Length Odds

With Reba McEntire confirmed as the anthem singer for Super Bowl 58, sportsbooks unveil their predictions for the total duration of the national anthem performance. Odds are assigned to both the Over and the Under. The initial line is set at 83.5 seconds, signaling a potentially historically swift anthem rendition for the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl national anthem odds were last updated on January 26, 2024:

Length Bovada MyBookie BetOnline
Over 83.5 seconds +105 +105 +110
Under 83.5 seconds -155 -160 -155

Who is Performing at Super Bowl LVIII?

For Super Bowl 58, the NFL has chosen the legendary Reba McEntire to sing the national anthem, setting the stage for an exhilarating evening of betting entertainment. The announcement was made online on Thursday, January 18th.

History Of Super Bowl National Anthem

Chris Stapleton had the honor of signing the Super Bowl 57 national anthem last year. Played before the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles squared off, Stapleton’s rendition of the anthem went two minutes and five seconds — four seconds OVER the betting line. That’s right, the O/U national anthem Super Bowl is a betting thing (which we’ll explain shortly).

Before we get into the betting aspect, we should mention how the national anthem became such a big part of the Super Bowl festivities. Before the 1980s, the signing (and halftime show) was done by a marching band or choirs before kickoff. It wasn’t until 1982 when Diana Ross belted out the anthem that big-name singers began to be used in the spot. The Super Bowl was in Detroit that year, and Ross was a famous product of Motown Music in the city’s backyard.


Super Bowl 58 National Anthem Prop Bets


The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, the NFL has strutted out big star after big star on stage, from country artists to pop superstars. Usually, flying jets will accompany these artists mid-signing to add to the pageantry. Here’s a list of recent years national anthem performers, which ranges from Kelly Clarkson to Pink to Billy Joel to Luke Bryan and a lot more. Check out the recent list:

Super Bowl Year Time Over/Under
Chris Stapleton 2023 02:01 Over
Mickey Guyton 2022 01:52 Over
Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan 2021 02:17 Over
Demi Lovato 2020 01:49 Under
Gladys Knight 2019 02:01 Over
Pink 2018 01:52 Under
Luke Bryan 2017 02:04 Under
Lady Gaga 2016 02:21 Over
Idina Menzel 2015 02:04 Over
Renée Fleming 2014 02:03 Under
Alicia Keys 2013 02:36 Over
Kelly Clarkson 2012 01:34 Push
Christina Aguilera 2011 01:53 Under
Carrie Underwood 2010 01:47 Over
Jennifer Hudson 2009 02:10 Over
Jordin Sparks 2008 01:54 Over
Billy Joel 2007 01:30 Under
Aaron Neville/Aretha Franklin 2006 02:09 N/A
Choirs of the U.S. military academies 2005 01:53 N/A
Beyoncé 2004 02:09 N/A
Dixie Chicks 2003 01:33 N/A
Mariah Carey 2002 01:56 N/A
Backstreet Boys 2001 01:49 N/A
Faith Hill 2000 02:00 N/A

As you can see, the over bet has slightly overperformed in recent years. Since 2010, how long was Super Bowl national anthem has hit over eight out of 14 times. Five others went under and one pushed. Statistical anomaly or trending performance? You decide.

Types Of National Anthem Prop Bets

There’s a multitude of ways to bet the Super Bowl national anthem. However, we’ll quickly explain some of the best bets that are routinely available every year.


The first bet is the classic over/under on the length of the national anthem. Online sportsbooks will set a number — usually around two minutes — on how long the anthem is sung. As a bettor, you simply bet that it will go longer (over) or lower (under) than the preset number. That’s really all there is to this prop bet.

Omit A Word

A sportsbook also regularly adds this pop. It’s a simple yes-or-no bet on whether any word in the national anthem will be omitted by the singer when performing at the Super Bowl. No is usually strongly favored, but that just creates a big betting opportunity on the yes outcome.

Shown First

If you’ve watched the Super Bowl anthem performance, you know it’s not just the singer shown on screen amid the Star Spangled Banner. The TV broadcast will cut shots back and forth between the two teams playing. You probably won’t be surprised to learn even this is bet-able.

Usually, you’ll find a bet on which team (it can be any player or coach) is shown first while the anthem is being sung. Sometimes, the bet can be more specific such as which quarterback is spotlighted during the anthem first. All these mini-bets will be carried by any sportsbook worth its salt.

Longer Anthem or Scoring Drive

This bet is also common. The goal as a bettor? Decide which is shorter — the signing of the anthem or any scoring drive during the big game? It’s only two betting options, but more times than not, the favorite will be a shorter scoring drive. Any drive that results in a touchdown or field goal counts as scoring so that explains why the favoritism.

Artist-Specific Props

Last but not least, you’ll see a sportsbook release odds related to what the national anthem singer does. These are almost super personal to that year’s performer. For example in 2022, there was a prop bet on the color of Chris Stapleton’s hat. He’s a big hat-wearer so a random prop bet like this was on-brand for him. Betting sites can really push the boundaries on these types of bets depending on who the singer is.

Understanding Super Bowl National Anthem Odds

We’ve just covered popular props such as the national anthem Super Bowl time bet. However, you might be hung up on how to even read these national anthem odds. We’re here to tell you it’s easy easier than you think and here’s why.

Using the Super Bowl national anthem time prop as an example. Let’s hypothetically say that Alicia Keys sings it in 2024. Sports betting sites might set her over/under at two minutes exactly. The over betting option could be -140 odds, while the under is +120 odds. What does this even mean?

American odds expressed like that are cake to understand. The minus sign means that outcome is the favorite, while the plus sign signifies it’s the underdog.

Furthermore, at +120 odds, this means a $100 bet on the under would payout $120 in profit if correct. This formula applies to any plus-sign odds.

Negative lines, however, are a bit different. Using the same -140 example, you’d have to risk $140 to earn a $100 profit. Why the difference? Welp, because the betting favorite outcome pays less than the underdog.

This payout and odds structure applies to any and all bets — not just the Super Bowl national anthem over under. Odds seem difficult at first glance, but as you can see, it’s mostly straightforward once you get the hang of it.

National Anthem Betting Tips

This is part history, part advice but let’s go back to 2021 real fast. That year, the national anthem was a duet between Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan. Online sportsbooks set the over/under on how long is the national anthem at the Super Bowl at 1:59.

Welp, a day or two before the big game, someone leaked the national anthem performance. Here’s the thing, they were standing outside Raymond James Stadium — the 2021 Super Bowl host in Tampa. This person clocked a practice session between Church and Sullivan at 2:16. That proved to be in line with the real run time which finished at 2:17.

If you were lucky enough to see that video earlier, you would’ve had inside information to easily win the bet. We say early because top sports betting sites eventually took the bet down — however, they had to honor bets made before then.

It was a crazy turn of events, but honestly, this type of information is the only thing that really helps you. The Superbowl national anthem bet(s) are pure randomness — you can’t really research this one. But that randomness is the exact reason the prop bet national anthem Super Bowl is so popular among bettors. You just never know what’ll happen.

Where To Bet On Super Bowl National Anthem?

Last thing before we let you go, check out one of the betting sites listed below for all your Super Bowl betting needs. That includes on the game itself (moneyline, spreads, etc.) to props (national anthem, coin toss, Gatorade color, MVP, etc.). As we said before, you’ll likely have to wait until the Super Bowl matchup is decided before most bets become available. When that happens, any one of these sites will offer the full gamut of Super Bowl odds to bet on.

The five sites above are the highest rated in our latest sportsbook reviews for the offshore industry. One major reason why recommend these bookmakers is because of their bonus bets — they’re top-notch. Matter of fact, offshore platforms routinely beat out big names like BetMGM, Caesars Sportsbook, DraftKings Sportsbook, and FanDuel in free-play deals.

This means you could bet on the Super Bowl national anthem for free. Yes, FREE. Hit one of the sites and leverage a deal right now. Then after you’ve redeemed free play, go to the Super Bowl prop menu and start laying bets on the anthem and more. It’s really that easy!

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