Once scoffed at by professional punters as just a novelty, NFL Prop bets are now considered mainstream by sharps and squares alike. This is especially true with the advent of mobile betting apps as LIVE props bets are now offered on sports of all sorts and on virtually every play during the course of the game. With the options numbering in the hundreds, especially during events like the Super Bowl, this article is designed to help bettors navigate the prop wagering landscape. Please read on for our prop advice and opinions.

The NFL game prop bets are out, with an endless list of markets to choose from – bettors are really spoilt for choice. The best NFL prop bets were last updated on April 3, 2024:

NFL Props 2023/2024 Bovada BetUS MyBookie
Kansas to win AFC Championship +350 +400 +350
Philadelphia to win NFC Championship +300 +330 +300
Kansas City Chiefs To win 10 Regular Season Games +700 +700 +750
Winning Conference -150 AFC -160 AFC -140 AFC
NFL Draft 2024 – 1st Qb Selected -500 Caleb Williams -550 Caleb Williams -560 Caleb Williams

Super Bowl Gatorade Shower

Color Bovada MyBookie BetNow
Yellow/Green/Lime +110 +130 +110
Blue +500 +550 +550
Red/Pink +550 +1000 +1000
Clear/Water +1000 +1200 +1100

Super Bowl Anthem

Length Bovada MyBookie BetOnline
Over 98 seconds +110 +110 +110
Under 98 seconds +110 +110 +110

NFL Sports Betting Odds

We provide the best football betting lines below so keep your eye on them and find the game that is most appealing. Don’t forget to take into account the variety of betting types available.

What Are The Current NFL Standings

Have a look at the up-to-date standings below to come up with the ideal betting strategy. Make sure you delve into the analytics so you are confident with all of your upcoming bets.

NFL Online Prop Betting Tips

While most bookmakers will post near mirror lines on straight bets, the prop line prices can vary substantially. For the best prop betting odds, please refer to the online sportsbooks featured in our Top 5 Table.

Famous NFL Proposition Bets

Betting lore has the origin of proposition wagering tracing back to Major League Baseball in the late 1800s while the William Hill group is often credited with offering the first “legal” prop betting option. Back in the 1960s, punter David Threlfall convinced the famous UK bookmaker that they should give him odds on whether a man would walk on the moon before January 1, 1970. When Neil Armstrong took one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind, on July 20, 1969, Threlfall cashed in with outer space odds of 1000/1.

Perhaps the brightest prop market flashpoint was launched by Hollywood when bookmakers posted the “Who Shot JR” prop bet in 1980. It took a kitchen appliance to heat up NFL prop betting markets. For Super Bowl XX, William “Refrigerator” Perry, who was a huge defensive tackle, opened with 75/1 odds that he would score a TD on offense. Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl 38 halftime show can be credited with inspiring the 20/1 odds on Beyonce having a “wardrobe malfunction” during the SB XLVII halftime extravaganza.

Tips on Betting NFL Player Props

Successfully navigating the basic football player props, such as Super Bowl MVP or the first player to score, plus the team props, as well as the sport cross-over and entertainment prop offerings, can be a hectic experience. Hundreds of NFL prop bet picks are offered throughout the season and the numbers ramp up considerably on Super Bowl Sunday. For that reason, our expert handicapping crew offers the following tips and advice, as well as a range of articles with the best prop bets for the NFL. Stay tuned!

1) Hone in on skill player prop bets

The NFL prop bet “Player to the score the longest TD” is a classic example here. Speedy wide receivers like Torrey Smith, who has QB Joe Flacco’s cannon of an arm tossing him the ball, can easily be researched.

2) Shop for the best wagering lines and prices

Many of the player prop offerings are standard across the board at online sportsbooks – except in line and price value. Getting the Ravens to score first at -110 is better than getting them with a -120 betting line.

3) Research the teams involved inside and out

Based on the Giants always electing to receive when they won the coin toss, and the Patriots always deferring, our research team was 99% positive the G-Men would get the ball first in Super Bowl XLVI – and they did.

4) Find bold bookmakers who offer generous limits

Player prop betting offers normally come with some fairly strict and limited wagering caps. While some online sportsbook set-prop limits as low as $50 per wager, the bolder books will often offer their standard maximums.

5) Know your cross-over sports like the NBA and NHL

Cross-over sports betting is becoming more popular every day – especially during the Super Bowl. Players involved on these tickets are normally super stars and bettors need to know how they’re currently producing.

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