What Are The Current NHL Standings

Before you place your wagers, refer to the NHL standings, as it will give you the necessary insight before placing your next wagers. You'll want to know where each team sits in the current standings, both in terms of their divisional position and in the chase for the two wild card playoff spots in each conference.  [+]

Being well informed about the current ongoings in the league provides you with an advantage on the bookmakers. And you'll need all the help you can get to make sure you're always one step ahead. 


Where To Bet On The NHL Online

To determine which offshore sportsbooks are tailored to your individual hockey wagering needs, please consult the online websites that make up our top recommended list posted below. 


      2015-16 NHL's Best Goals 

      NHL Online Betting Tips

      NHL handicappers need to understand betting lines that are hockey specific, as well as which sportsbooks offer the most competitive betting lines and prices.

      Popular, and sometimes controversial betting options such as NHL prop bets routinely get mainstream media attention, while futures on NHL are often frowned upon given the slim odds of ever cashing in. Options like NHL 3-Way wagering lines and puck totals are fully explained as you get deeper into the NHL betting information at OSB.

      How To Handicap NHL

      Just knowing your hockey is not enough to make you a successful long-term NHL handicapper. This is especially true when it comes to betting on your favorite teams – the heart can often cloud the mind. Reading up on NHL free pick articles is a valuable tool that helps bettors cash more winning tickets. Stop by OSB anytime to receive free picks and game tips for wagering on the lightning fast action from the NHL.