Top Online Sportsbooks for Betting on the NHL All Star Game

Now that you’re ready to start betting on the NHL All-Star Game, you need to find the best online sportsbook possible. There are few sportsbooks that offer a wide range of NHL props, and a variety of NHL All-Star game odds, so be sure you check their NHL section before you sign up.

We can take some of the sportsbook hunting guesswork out for you – we evaluate and review the top online sportsbooks and ensure they are the right choice for NHL All-Star Game betting purposes.

Remember to gamble responsibly and don’t forget to have fun betting on the 2023 NHL All-Star Game.


NHL All Star FAQs

  • Which is the best sportsbook for NHL All Star betting?

    As always, it's very difficult to say which is the "best" sportsbook for every bettor, as each bettor has their own preferences. However, we would strongly advise taking a look at our list of the best sportsbook available today and finding the right one to suit your needs.

  • Who were the captains in the NHL All Star 2020 game?

    The 2020 NHL All-Star captains were as follows; 

    • Pacific Division: Conor McDavid
    • Atlantic Division: David Pastrnak:
    • Central Division: Nathan MacKinnon
    • Metropolitan Division: Alex Ovechkin
  • When did the NHL All Star game begin?

    The All-Star games have been around for over half a century, with the first NHL All-Star game played on October 13th, 1947.

  • How are players selected for the NHL All star game?

    Firstly, fans will vote online to select the captains of the four divisions. From there, the player with the most votes in his division will then be declared the captain. Next, the NHL Hockey Operations Dept. selects the 40 remaining players, which are divided into six forwards, three defensemen, and two goaltenders per team. There are a total of 44 All-Star players.

  • Is NHL All Star betting profitable?

    NHL All-Star betting is definitely profitable. It really depends on the type of bet you make and whether or not the bettor has done the necessary research before placing the wager.

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