Western Conference
1Vancouver Canucks8361331622117051LOWOLLL
2Winnipeg Jets7957321517613541WWOWOWL
3Dallas Stars7961261721818731LLOWLL
4Colorado Avalanche7760321922118932WLLOWW
5Vegas Golden Knights7359261919216725WLOLLW
6Edmonton Oilers7056282020116833WLLLOW
7Los Angeles Kings6858251917816018LLWOLW
8Nashville Predators686026251881880WWWWW
9Calgary Flames635924251851841WWWOWL
10St. Louis Blues62582326169182-13LLWLL
11Minnesota Wild62592225188196-8LWWLW
12Seattle Kraken61581922163169-6WOLWLOW
13Arizona Coyotes51581830168192-24LLOLLL
14Anaheim Ducks43581435151207-56LLOLWL
15San Jose Sharks35571137120222-102LLLLW
16Chicago Blackhawks35591039123208-85LOLOLLW
Eastern Conference
1Florida Panthers8259321619414252WWOLWOW
2Boston Bruins8260261220216537LOLOLOWOWO
3New York Rangers8159311719716334LWWWWO
4Carolina Hurricanes7659291819416529WLOLWW
5Toronto Maple Leafs7458231721618531LWWWW
6Detroit Red Wings7259232021318627WWOWWOWO
7Philadelphia Flyers696023221831776WLLWL
8Tampa Bay Lightning696126242082071LWWLL
9New Jersey Devils64592525198205-7WLWLL
10Washington Capitals63582122153186-33LWLOWW
11Pittsburgh Penguins6256222117015416WOWWLOL
12New York Islanders62581620170197-27WOLLWOLO
13Buffalo Sabres58592328171178-7LWOWWL
14Montreal Canadiens54591428167211-44WLLLL
15Ottawa Senators53571929190203-13LLWOWLO
16Columbus Blue Jackets48571428170210-40WLWLW
1Florida Panthers8259321619414252WWOLWOW
2Boston Bruins8260261220216537LOLOLOWOWO
3Toronto Maple Leafs7458231721618531LWWWW
4Detroit Red Wings7259232021318627WWOWWOWO
5Tampa Bay Lightning696126242082071LWWLL
6Buffalo Sabres58592328171178-7LWOWWL
7Montreal Canadiens54591428167211-44WLLLL
8Ottawa Senators53571929190203-13LLWOWLO
1Winnipeg Jets7957321517613541WWOWOWL
2Dallas Stars7961261721818731LLOWLL
3Colorado Avalanche7760321922118932WLLOWW
4Nashville Predators686026251881880WWWWW
5St. Louis Blues62582326169182-13LLWLL
6Minnesota Wild62592225188196-8LWWLW
7Arizona Coyotes51581830168192-24LLOLLL
8Chicago Blackhawks35591039123208-85LOLOLLW
1Vancouver Canucks8361331622117051LOWOLLL
2Vegas Golden Knights7359261919216725WLOLLW
3Edmonton Oilers7056282020116833WLLLOW
4Los Angeles Kings6858251917816018LLWOLW
5Calgary Flames635924251851841WWWOWL
6Seattle Kraken61581922163169-6WOLWLOW
7Anaheim Ducks43581435151207-56LLOLWL
8San Jose Sharks35571137120222-102LLLLW
1New York Rangers8159311719716334LWWWWO
2Carolina Hurricanes7659291819416529WLOLWW
3Philadelphia Flyers696023221831776WLLWL
4New Jersey Devils64592525198205-7WLWLL
5Washington Capitals63582122153186-33LWLOWW
6Pittsburgh Penguins6256222117015416WOWWLOL
7New York Islanders62581620170197-27WOLLWOLO
8Columbus Blue Jackets48571428170210-40WLWLW
Last update on Feb 28, 2024 12:15 PM

With the 2024 National Hockey League season underway, it’s time to look to the future – as in NHL Futures wagering options. Placing future bets in the preseason (or even during the regular season) can result in monster payouts when the victors hoist the Stanley Cup i July 9. With this article we present some tips to help handicappers make profitable future bets when it comes to the fastest game on ice. The early bird definitely catches the worm when it comes to successful NHL futures betting.

Best NHL Futures Betting Sites

To receive quality prices on all of your future wagers, please refer to the sportsbooks recommended in our Top 5 Table. Remember, NHL futures bets will help enhance your interest throughout the entire season.

NHL Future Betting Strategy & Tips

Although not something we would normally wager the farm on, there is money to made with NHL future bets. Options on who will win the Stanley Cup, plus the Eastern and Western Conferences, are currently the most popular markets. The best time to make future bets are prior to or early into the season, when the odds are still fairly robust and ripe for the picking. Here are some tips and strategies on how to make profitable NHL future bets.

1) Shop for the best NHL future prices

As is the case with any online betting option, future bettors need to shop for the best odds. The price on the Pittsburgh Penguins to with the Cup in 2015-16 opened at 12-1 and grew to 25-1 by Feb. 15, depending on the sportsbook used.

2) Place your bets as early as possible

Top online bookmakers will normally post odds for the Stanley Cup championship shortly after the current winner is crowned. No matter what the sport, the best futures prices are almost always posted at the end of the season.

3) Bet a mix of favorites and underdogs

On 100 unit wagers, current top chalk Chicago (8/1 odds), mixed in with Dallas (12/1) and Montreal (22/1) as longshots would guarantee a minimum 800 unit return if one of them wins the Cup.

4) Watch how the teams start out of the gate

In a league where 14 of 30 teams fail to qualify for the playoffs and the propensity of the three-point shootout and overtime games can leave making up ground a fruitless pursuit, so stumbling out of the gate can prove fatal for an NHL team. If your preseason picks look dicey, add a couple of teams to hedge your bets.

5) Back up your picks during NHL postseason play

Let's say all four of your preseason selections have made it to the final eight. Knowing those teams will bring a minimum 800 unit return you can wager another 400 units on the other four teams to guarantee a profit.

Advantages of National Hockey League Future Bets

Just as it is with all of the pro sports, the primary advantage to NHL future betting is the huge payouts that come when you cash a winning betting slip. Based on the Penguins 12/1 preseason odds to win the Stanley Cup in 2015-16, a small investment (let's say $100) cashed a monster $1,200 payout for puck bettors who backed Pittsburgh'. NHL future bets can also make for a more enjoyable season. Having some skin in the game makes following the action remarkably more intriguing – if the teams you backed to capture the Cup are winning.