The NCAAB is, like many US sports betting markets, extremely popular on NCAAB betting sites, especially as it’s one of the collegiates sports. College sports attract a unique crowd, as the teams are more relatable for those living in the area than major league sports like the NFL and the NBA. If you’re interested in NCAA football odds, check out our NCAA football predictions page for expert picks against the spread. We’ve got all the latest NCAA football odds, helping you with online college basketball betting on NCAAB throughout the long season.

We’re covering all the important topics about college basketball betting — the best NCAA basketball betting sites, NCAA gambling rules, and of course, and wagering advice! By the end of this guide, you’ll be well on your way to winning at NCAAB betting.

The odds for the NCAAB title were last updated on April 8, 2024:

2024/25 NCAAB Championship BetUS BetOnline Bovada
Connecticut Huskies +1000 +1000 +1100
Arizona Wildcats +1200 +1400 +1200
Duke Blue Devils +1400 +1400 +1400
Houston Cougars +1600 +1700 +1600
Kansas Jayhawks +2100 +2000 +2000
North Carolina Tar Heels +2000 +2000 +2000
Kentucky Wildcats +2200 +2200 +2200
Purdue Boilermakers +2200 +2300 +2200
Alabama Crimson Tide +2500 +2500 +2500
Auburn Tigers +3000 +3000 +3000
Baylor Bears +3000 +3000 +3000
Michigan State Spartans +3000 +3000 +3000
Florida Gators +3000 +3000 +3000
Marquette Golden Eagles +4000 +4000 +4000
St. John’s Red Storm +4000 +4000 +4000

There’s just something pure about college basketball that separates it from the NBA Perhaps it’s the youth of the players. Or the frenzied crowds of students and alumni. Perhaps, it’s the inter-school rivalries. Whatever it is, NCAA hoops on sites like bovada are extremely worthwhile for both watching and gambling during the college basketball season. It’s the NCAA basketball betting that we’ll be focusing on throughout this article.

Best NCAAB Bets, March 2024

  • UConn is favored to repeat at +200 championship odds with BetUS.
  • Houston has the next best title odds at +550 at Bovada.
  • Purdue (+650) and Arizona (+850) are also leading contenders with MyBookie.
  • UConn is the odds-on -225 favorite to emerge from the East Region at BetOnline.
  • Arizona (+120) is a slight favorite over North Carolina (+165) in the West at Bovada.
  • Houston is a -105 pick to win the South over Marquette (+225) at BetUS.
  • Purdue (+125) holds a narrow Midwest edge over Tennessee (+225) with MyBookie.

Best online sportsbooks for NCAAB betting

Users can make NCAA selections online at these sportsbooks. Below, you’ll find a listing of some of the best US online bookmakers. These sites offer great betting odds and bonuses, so visit our review pages before placing bets.


GTBets is a popular sportsbook offering various types of wagers. Whether you're interested in college basketball (NCAAB) odds, NFL football picks, MLB baseball predictions, NHL hockey scores, NBA basketball odds, UFC fight night results, NASCAR racing odds, golf handicap tips, MMA fights, boxing matches, soccer games, tennis matches, WWE wrestling events, or just about any sporting event imaginable, you'll find everything you need right here. With so much action happening daily, you will be able to find something to bet on. In terms of NCAAB specifically, GTBets covers all the odds and betting lines throughout the long season through to March Madness and the Finals.

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BetUS has been operating since 1994, providing quality sports betting lines and oddsmakers for nearly two decades. We found their customer service to be excellent, so if you ever run into an issue with your account or wagers, feel free to contact their team directly. They offer multiple deposit options, including Bitcoin, PayPal, and Visa/MasterCard. Overall, we had a good experience with them, and we would highly recommend them for bettors seeking a comprehensive betting platform for NCAAB sports book betting.

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Bovada is among the top online NCAAB sportsbooks worldwide, offering an extensive array of sports betting products, from live betting to fixed odds betting, parlay bets, and much more. Their expert staff can assist you with any questions regarding college basketball, whether you're interested in handicapping or just finding out the latest score. It offers daily picks on the best games, so you'll know exactly how they play before you bet. You can feel confident knowing that your money is safe with Bovada because it’s earned the reputation of being one of the safest sportsbooks.

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BetOnline is one of the more prominent bookmakers in North America, providing an array of odds, prices, lines, features, and much more for making an NCAAB bet online. Their focus is primarily within the United States, so if you're interested in NCAAB, they should be your top choice. Regarding NCAAB betting, BetOnline offers many options, including single-game and season wagers. You can also place various bets, such as totals, futures, props, parlays, and teasers.

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As the leading online NCAA betting sportsbook for college hoops fans across North America, MyBookies offers a wide range of sports betting products and services. They've got what you need to place smart NBA picks from single bets to season-long lines. Whether you're starting out or an experienced pro, check out our NCAAB tips and strategies for winning money online.

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Make sure to stick with the above college basketball betting sites and avoid the likes of DraftKings and FanDuel. This is because, just like their other onshore comrades BetMGM, Caesars, PointsBet, BetRivers, Fox Bet, and Unibet, they have very high operating cost. They have no choice but to pass this on to the bettors. Combine this with their exaggerated advertising budget, and you have a recipe for a less-than-recommendable sportsbook. Stick with the legitimate reviews and sign up with one of the traditional sportsbooks above. 

Best College Basketball Betting Sites

There are more than 350 schools with a Division I basketball program across the entire country. To the benefit of bettors, a byproduct of that is thousands upon thousands of wagering opportunities during the season. It’s why so many online sportsbooks have tried to capitalize, all trying to become the best college basketball betting sites.

We’ll be the judge of that, however. After trying out hundreds of online bookmakers, we know which really are the most elite for NCAA bets. Here are our top three recommendations:

NCAAB at Bovada

Selection, selection, selection — it’s perhaps the biggest deciding factor when picking a sportsbook. It’s also where Bovada excels at, especially when it comes to offering NCAA basketball best bets.

At this site, you’ll find the full gamut of NCAA betting — spreads, moneylines, over/unders, props, futures, and then some (more on these bet types later on in the guide). And that applies to just about every D1 hoops game. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a D1 matchup that’s not up for gambling on Bovada.

One more thing to note about Bovada: they’re incredibly quick to get NCAA odds up on-site. As soon as one game ends, you’ll find a betting line for the two involved teams probably the next day. That combo of speed and selection makes Bovada one of the top spots to find an NCAA bet.

BetOnline’s lines for BetOnline

Like Bovada, BetOnline is no slouch when it comes to having the NCAA best bets. Every college program — from the prestigious blue bloods such as Duke to the unknowns like Pacific University — has a home at BetOnline.

However, where BetOnline really sets itself apart from other bookmakers is its sign-up bonus. While almost every sportsbook offers a welcome deal for newcomers, few promos are as lucrative as BetOnline’s. When maxed out, the bonus could be worth as much as $1000 in free play.

But wait, there’s more. Around early March, right before NCAA Tournament betting begins, BetOnline — as well as many competitors — are known to offer a “special” March Madness welcome bonus that eclipses its regular deal. So if there’s ever a time to sign up to a betting site and reap the rewards, it’s right before the championship tourney tips off.

Betting on NCAAB at BetDSI

If you haven’t gotten the memo by now, there’s an abundance of college basketball bets during the season. Therefore, a sportsbook with a loyalty program would suit bettors that are in it for the long haul. BetDSI fits that bill.

Every time you wager at BetDSI — whether that’s on college hoops or an entirely different sport — you rack up “BetPoints.” The number of points you accumulate over a 12-month period will slot you in one of three rewards levels (Gold, Platinum, or Diamond) at BetDSI. Unique perks exist at each tier for players to unlock.

But better yet, BetPoints can also be traded in for cashback. What you do with that cash, whether withdraw as winnings or re-use in the sportsbook, is entirely up to the bettor. Either way, at BetDSI, you’ll literally get paid to do college basketball gambling.

Visit our dedicated page, if you’re looking for actual NCAA basketball odds. In the table below, you’ll find the top bookies that also offer up-to-the-minute betting lines for upcoming NCAA games. Moreover, we’ve even included past scores so you can see if a team is trending up or down.

How To Bet On College Basketball

At first glance, NCAA betting rules may seem complicated. But once you actually get into it, you'll realize that's the furthest thing from the truth. Don't believe us? Welp, we're about to show you how to bet on NCAAB games.

NCAAB Betting Types

Like all major US sports betting markets, there are a range of betting types that users can wager on. With a broad range of betting options at your fingertips, NCAAB fans can search for value across all types of wagers and bet types. We’ve listed some of the most popular NCAAB betting types below:

NCAAB Moneyline

College basketball bets don't get much simpler than moneyline — just pick which team like Kansas or UCLA will win straight up. Essentially, it's a 50-50 shot. If you're wondering how to bet on NCAAB games, there is no easier market to learn than this.

However, the payout is rarely 50-50. Typically, bookies set one team as the betting favorite and the other as an underdog. The distinction can be spotted by the value of the line. Positive odds and that's you're underdog, whereas the favorite has negative lines attached.

Say North Carolina and Kentucky were squaring off. If the Tar Heels were -150 to win, they're favored, and a $150 wager on them pays out $100 exactly. On the flip side, the Jayhawks might be +130 underdogs. If you were to bet $100 on them, you'll earn back a $130 profit if they prevail.

College Basketball Game Spread

This types of bet on NCAAB games adds a point-spread "handicap" to both the underdog and the favorite. This spread will always be the same exact number and is meant to balance out the game.

Let's use the Tar Heels and Wildcats as an example once again. On the spread, North Carolina could be -3.5, whereas Kentucky is +3.5. Therefore, UNC covers only if it wins by four or more points. Whereas Kentucky has a little more cushion. They cover with an outright victory or a loss by three points or less.

Over/Under in the NCAAB

One of NCAAB best bets is without question the over/under. Nevermind who wins and by how many points or rebounds. This wager is concerned solely with the number of points both teams like Gonzaga combine for. Bookies pre-set a total and bettors simply choose "over" or "under" that scoring sum.

ncaa college basketball

College Basketball Props

This wager is focused on specific outcomes within a game. Think of props as "side bets" outside of who will win, by how many points, and so on.

Props will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. But some of the best college basketball bets of the day will be found in the American prop section. Examples include which team will score the first bucket of the game or which player will knock down the most three-pointers, among many others. You can even bet on events like the Super Bowl within the prop section.

NCAA Basketball Futures

Futures are favorites of the Vegas betting NCAA basketball scene. These are long-term plays and typically revolve around which team will win (insert any championship up for grabs here) or individual award recipients. Having read about how to bet on NCAAB games, you are now in a good position to begin wagering.

College Basketball Betting Events

Between November and March, there are NCAA basketball bets to be had nonstop. That's when the collegiate season runs and given how many teams there are around the country, it's a jam-packed slate. Still, there are a few events, in particular, you should circle on your calendar well ahead of time:

  • Start-of-the-season tournaments: Usually held in exotic locations (e.g. the Virgin Islands or Maui), these tournaments start off the hoop season with a bang. These tourneys mix and match all conferences so it's a great appetizer for what's to come in March.
  • Conference tournaments: At the conclusion of the regular season in March, every conference (all 32 of them) hosts a tournament to crown its respective champion. This makes for a mini-March Madness and a lot of NCAA bracket betting.
  • NCAA March Madness: Does this even require an explanation? It's a 68-team single-elimination tournament for the national title and it's pure chaos — in all the most fun ways. With the whole country watching, the best college basketball bets seem to happen during the NCAA Tournament.

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College Basketball Betting Tips

Before we let you go, we had to share some NCAA college basketball betting tips. This should be the backbone of your college basketball betting system:

Pick And Choose Your Battles

Look, betting college basketball is hard enough as it is. But it's even harder when you have money on anything and everything offered at the sportsbook.

It's not remotely possible to keep up with everything in college basketball. There's too many teams. Too many coach and player habits to pick up on. Too much injury reports to stay on top of. We could go on and on.

Instead, if you want to win at online college basketball betting, you'll need to find a niche. This could be a certain conference (e.g. the Pac-12 or SEC) or a region of the country. Once you've picked a niche, become a master on it.

Essentially, you're looking to develop specialized knowledge about this niche and the subset of teams in it. If you're only tracking 10 or so programs regularly, you'll be more in tune with these teams than the everyday bettor. Being so plugged in will allow you to spot mismatches to exploit whilst making NCAA basketball betting predictions.


Find Streaky Hot Team Going Into The NCAA Tournament

Ah yes, everyone and their mother want to know how to win NCAA Tournament bets. Of course, the unpredictable nature of March Madness complicates matters.

However, there is one tell-tale sign you should look out for before making NCAA bracket bets — recent performance. Whether a team is scorching hot or ice-cold entering March Madness tells you a lot about how it'll perform under the bright NCAA Tournament lights. 

We get it, it's easy to fall in love with "one and dones" or "five-star prospects." But that gets thrown out the window come tournament time. Ignoring baseless media hype and instead focusing on what's transpired in recent games will set you up nicely to make NCAA betting predictions come March.

That does it for our NCAA basketball betting advice. While there are more tips, nothing beats out the first-hand experience. If you're ready to do NCAA gambling and learn on the fly, check out the table. Anyone of these sportsbooks can get you started with NCAA sports betting.

Here are a few shorter NCAAB betting tips:

For those interested in learning more about the NCAAB and earning a little actual money betting on it, we've got some excellent NCAAB betting tips for you. Not only does it make sense to share these tips, it also helps us earn some extra income. Let’s take a look:

  1. Bet smart: Don’t risk your money on an unknown bet. Think about what might happen if you lose. Maybe take a break before betting again. If you think you can win, then go ahead and place the bet. You might not get rich, but you could win enough to cover your losses. Whatever the outcome, be sure to take into account our NCAAB betting advice.
  2. Find the best promotions: Bettors should ensure they read the fine print before signing up for any betting site. Some sites may offer bonuses such as extra credit or cash back on your bets, but these can only be used once daily. Other sites offer a broad range of NCAAB betting promotions that can help you to double your money and more!
  3. Live betting: Live betting is a fantastic way to get involved in a sporting event as it unfolds. You can follow an individual team or player and place bets as they happen. If you feel you know something about a certain aspect of a sport, then you can predict things correctly and win money.
  4. Line shopping: Browse the sports betting market, find the best place available for NCAAB betting, and locate the best potential value in the odds. Through having accounts with several online bookmakers, you won't be subjected to the lines published by just one; you can select which one matches your betting needs.
  5. Don’t wager with emotion: Don't just bet with your heart. Consider what you're betting against and examine whether there's any value in the odds. You might find there's no reason to think that your favorite team or player has something they haven't shown before.


All NCAAB Games for the 2023/24 Season

🏀 NCAA2023-2024
StatusAwayAway ScoreHome ScoreHome
Mar 06 - 19:00FTSt. Bonaventure7586George Washington
Mar 06 - 19:00FTBoston College6757Miami (FL)
Mar 06 - 19:00FTNorthwestern4953Michigan State
Mar 06 - 19:00FTGeorge Mason6951Rhode Island
Mar 06 - 19:00FTSaint Josephs6673Richmond
Mar 06 - 19:00FTTennessee6659South Carolina
Mar 06 - 19:00FTHouston6759UCF Knights
Mar 06 - 19:00FTTCU9381West Virginia
Mar 06 - 19:00FTWagner6057Sacred Heart
Mar 06 - 19:00FTLIU Sharks6672Merrimack Warriors
Mar 06 - 19:00FTSt. Francis (PA)6271Central Connecticut State
Mar 06 - 19:00FTFairleigh Dickinson6182Le Moyne
Mar 06 - 19:30FTXavier6672Butler
Mar 06 - 19:30FTFordham6466UMass
Mar 06 - 19:30FTSouthern Indiana6478Tennessee State
Mar 06 - 20:00AOTEast Carolina7780SMU Mustangs
Mar 06 - 20:00FTFlorida Atlantic8076North Texas
Mar 06 - 20:00FTMcNeese State8157New Orleans
Mar 06 - 20:00FTHouston Christian6878Lamar
Mar 06 - 20:00FTRadford6760USC Upstate
Mar 06 - 20:30FTUConn7467Marquette
Mar 06 - 20:30FTIncarnate Word5271Texas A&M-CC
Mar 06 - 20:30AOTNorthwestern St.8083TX A&M Commerce
Mar 06 - 21:00FTBrigham Young6368Iowa State
Mar 06 - 21:00FTVanderbilt7793Kentucky
Mar 06 - 21:00FTIndiana7058Minnesota
Mar 06 - 21:00FTMississippi St.6975Texas A&M
Mar 06 - 21:30FTUtah State9070San Jose State
Mar 06 - 22:00FTEastern Illinois5768Siu Edwardsville
Mar 06 - 22:30FTFresno State5879New Mexico
Mar 06 - 23:59FTCS Northridge7072Hawaii
Mar 07 - 12:30FTGeorgia Southern7671South Alabama
Mar 07 - 13:00FTMissouri State6035Murray State
Mar 07 - 15:00FTCoastal Carolina6680Louisiana Lafayette
Mar 07 - 15:30FTValparaiso6186Belmont
Mar 07 - 17:30FTPacific43102Pepperdine
Mar 07 - 18:00FTTexas State7559Southern Miss
Mar 07 - 19:00FTCanisius6274Fairfield
Mar 07 - 19:00FTIona6077Manhattan
Mar 07 - 19:00FTMarist6473Quinnipiac
Mar 07 - 19:00FTNiagara6659Siena
Mar 07 - 19:00FTUAB10072Temple
Mar 07 - 19:00FTRutgers6678Wisconsin
Mar 07 - 19:00FTBucknell8057American University
Mar 07 - 19:00FTLehigh7661Lafayette
Mar 07 - 19:00FTEvansville5953Illinois State
Mar 07 - 19:00FTIPFW6575Oakland
Mar 07 - 19:00FTCleveland State8270Youngstown State
Mar 07 - 19:00FTJacksonville8788Stetson
Mar 07 - 19:00FTHoly Cross6481Colgate
Mar 07 - 19:00FTNavy6170Boston University
Mar 07 - 19:30FTCoppin State6078Morgan State
Mar 07 - 19:30FTSouth Carolina St6879N. Carolina Central
Mar 07 - 19:30FTTennessee State5961Western Illinois
Mar 07 - 19:30FTUtah Tech7974UTRGV
Mar 07 - 19:30FTSouthern Utah6087Stephen F. Austin
Mar 07 - 20:00FTCalifornia Baptist5771UT Arlington
Mar 07 - 20:00FTUtah Valley State6360Tarleton
Mar 07 - 20:00FTSeattle5964Abilene Christian
Mar 07 - 20:00FTSt. Peters5661Rider
Mar 07 - 20:00FTDelaware State5967Md.-East. Shore
Mar 07 - 20:00AOTNorthern Kentucky9997Wright State
Mar 07 - 20:00FTNorth Alabama7177Austin Peay
Mar 07 - 20:30FTNicholls State8054SE Louisiana
Mar 07 - 20:30FTGrambling St.7473Alabama A&M
Mar 07 - 20:30FTSouthern Univ.6557Alabama State
Mar 07 - 20:30FTMiss. Valley St.6774Alcorn State
Mar 07 - 20:30FTArkansas-Pine Bluff8489Jackson State
Mar 07 - 20:30FTMarshall8674Georgia State
Mar 07 - 21:00FTColorado7975Oregon
Mar 07 - 21:00FTHoward5877Norfolk State
Mar 07 - 21:00FTWashington7468Washington State
Mar 07 - 21:00FTWisc. Milwaukee9584Wisc. Green Bay
Mar 07 - 21:00FTSam Houston St.7266Louisiana Tech
Mar 07 - 21:00FTFlorida International7683UTEP
Mar 07 - 21:30FTArizona8865UCLA
Mar 07 - 21:30AOTIllinois (Chi.)8482Southern Illinois
Mar 07 - 22:00FTSiu Edwardsville6378Morehead State
Mar 07 - 22:00FTCS Fullerton7484UC Riverside
Mar 07 - 22:00FTUC Davis7063UC San Diego
Mar 07 - 22:00FTCal Poly6882UC Irvine
Mar 07 - 22:00FTUC Santa Barbara7674Long Beach State
Mar 07 - 23:00FTCalifornia5880Stanford
Mar 07 - 23:00FTUtah Utes8592Oregon State
Mar 07 - 23:00FTArizona State7381USC
Mar 08 - 12:00FTRadford6377High Point
Mar 08 - 13:00FTMissouri State5975Indiana State
Mar 08 - 14:00FTWilliam & Mary7962N. Carolina A&T
Mar 08 - 14:00FTLongwood6956Winthrop
Mar 08 - 15:30FTBelmont6267Northern Iowa
Mar 08 - 16:30FTHampton5655Elon
Mar 08 - 17:00FTCitadel7684Mercer
Mar 08 - 18:00FTAkron8490Western Michigan
Mar 08 - 18:00FTCharleston Southern5560UNC Asheville
Mar 08 - 19:00AOTVCU Rams8691Dayton
Mar 08 - 19:00FTOhio7259Miami (Ohio)
Mar 08 - 19:00AOTEastern Michigan6265Central Michigan
Mar 08 - 19:00FTBall State7080Bowling Green
Mar 08 - 19:00FTNorthern Illinois7868Buffalo
Mar 08 - 19:00FTEvansville5879Drake
Mar 08 - 19:30FTVMI6698East Tennessee St
Mar 08 - 20:00FTKent State7186Toledo
Mar 08 - 20:00FTPresbyterian6061Gardner Webb
Mar 08 - 20:00FTSouth Dakota Coyotes6277Oral Roberts
Mar 08 - 20:00FTWestern Illinois5782UALR
Mar 08 - 21:00FTWichita State7585Tulane
Mar 08 - 21:00FTPepperdine5257San Diego Toreros
Mar 08 - 21:30FTIllinois (Chi.)4774Bradley
Mar 08 - 22:00AOTBoise State7977San Diego State
Mar 08 - 22:30FTMorehead State8478UT Martin
Mar 08 - 23:30FTLoyola Marymount7078Portland
Mar 09 - 12:00FTGeorgetown7886St. John's (N.Y.)
Mar 09 - 12:00AOTBrown8481Yale
Mar 09 - 12:00FTMemphis8492Florida Atlantic
Mar 09 - 12:00AOTArkansas8892Alabama
Mar 09 - 12:00FTCampbell6790Monmouth
Mar 09 - 12:00FTLe Moyne5161Merrimack Warriors
Mar 09 - 12:00FTMercer5770Samford
Mar 09 - 12:00AOTLongwood8079High Point
Mar 09 - 12:30FTSt. Louis7365St. Bonaventure
Mar 09 - 12:30AOTGeorgia Southern8085Appalachian State
Mar 09 - 13:00FTRhode Island5850Fordham
Mar 09 - 13:00FTSiena5468Iona
Mar 09 - 13:00FTDavidson7189Saint Josephs
Mar 09 - 13:00FTWestern Kentucky7982Liberty
Mar 09 - 14:00FTNiagara6263Marist
Mar 09 - 14:00FTQuinnipiac8974St. Peters
Mar 09 - 14:00FTTexas A&M8660Ole Miss
Mar 09 - 14:00FTOklahoma8094Texas
Mar 09 - 14:00FTIowa State5865Kansas State
Mar 09 - 14:00FTCornell9876Columbia
Mar 09 - 14:00FTWest Virginia5692Cincinnati
Mar 09 - 14:00FTGeorge Washington6567Duquesne
Mar 09 - 14:00FTMaine Black Bears5884Bryant University
Mar 09 - 14:00FTWagner6656Central Connecticut State
Mar 09 - 14:00AOTGardner Webb7283UNC Asheville
Mar 09 - 14:30FTRichmond4664George Mason
Mar 09 - 14:30AOTSouth Carolina9389Mississippi St.
Mar 09 - 14:30FTCreighton6967Villanova
Mar 09 - 14:30FTNotre Dame7682Virginia Tech
Mar 09 - 14:30FTEast Tennessee St7362NC Greensboro
Mar 09 - 14:30FTWilliam & Mary5667Towson
Mar 09 - 15:00FTSouth Florida7076Tulsa
Mar 09 - 15:00AOTUMBC Retrievers8994UMass Lowell
Mar 09 - 15:00FTAlbany7275Vermont
Mar 09 - 15:00FTBinghamton6477New Hampshire
Mar 09 - 15:00FTLouisiana Lafayette6289Arkansas State
Mar 09 - 15:00FTUtah Tech7184Stephen F. Austin
Mar 09 - 15:00FTJacksonville State7381Sam Houston St.
Mar 09 - 15:00FTMiddle Tenn. St.7084Louisiana Tech
Mar 09 - 15:30FTMiss. Valley St.6768Jackson State
Mar 09 - 15:30FTNorthern Iowa7294Indiana State
Mar 09 - 16:00FTLa Salle5464Loyola Chicago
Mar 09 - 16:00FTKentucky8581Tennessee
Mar 09 - 16:00FTFairfield9692Mount St. Mary's
Mar 09 - 16:00AOTCanisius7370Manhattan
Mar 09 - 16:00FTKansas4676Houston
Mar 09 - 16:00FTCharlotte8272East Carolina
Mar 09 - 16:00FTColorado State8273Air Force
Mar 09 - 16:00FTMiami (FL)7583Florida State
Mar 09 - 16:00FTArkansas-Pine Bluff95104Alcorn State
Mar 09 - 16:00FTFlorida International7077New Mexico State
Mar 09 - 16:00AOTBethune-Cookman6766Florida A&M
Mar 09 - 16:00FTUtah Valley State7467Abilene Christian
Mar 09 - 16:30FTFlorida7879Vanderbilt
Mar 09 - 17:00FTUCF Knights7977TCU
Mar 09 - 17:00FTMarquette8680Xavier
Mar 09 - 17:00FTColorado7357Oregon State
Mar 09 - 17:00AOTGrambling St.8487Alabama State
Mar 09 - 17:00FTSouthern Univ.5666Alabama A&M
Mar 09 - 17:00FTSeattle6669Tarleton
Mar 09 - 17:30FTBoston College6761Louisville
Mar 09 - 18:00FTPrinceton10583Penn
Mar 09 - 18:00FTPrairie View A&M7893Texas Southern
Mar 09 - 18:00FTBaylor6878Texas Tech
Mar 09 - 18:00FTClemson7681Wake Forest
Mar 09 - 18:00FTNortheastern6575Stony Brook
Mar 09 - 18:00FTWofford5775Chattanooga Mocs
Mar 09 - 18:00FTTexas State7468Troy
Mar 09 - 18:00FTBradley6772Drake
Mar 09 - 18:00FTUC Davis8878Long Beach State
Mar 09 - 18:30FTGeorgia7892Auburn
Mar 09 - 18:30FTNorth Carolina8479Duke
Mar 09 - 19:00FTWyoming8647Fresno State
Mar 09 - 19:00FTUtah Utes6566Oregon
Mar 09 - 19:00FTOral Roberts6379South Dakota St.
Mar 09 - 19:00FTCal Poly8792UC San Diego
Mar 09 - 19:30FTSouthern Utah6859UTRGV
Mar 09 - 19:30FTSacramento State7264Idaho
Mar 09 - 19:45FTNC State7381Pittsburgh
Mar 09 - 20:00FTUConn7460Providence
Mar 09 - 20:00FTNorth Texas7155Rice
Mar 09 - 20:00FTGeorgia Tech5772Virginia
Mar 09 - 20:00FTMorehead State6955UALR
Mar 09 - 20:00FTGrand Canyon6847California Baptist
Mar 09 - 20:30FTNew Mexico8587Utah State
Mar 09 - 20:30AOTFurman7976Western Carolina
Mar 09 - 20:30FTDePaul6286Seton Hall
Mar 09 - 20:30FTMissouri8084LSU
Mar 09 - 20:30FTMarshall6481James Madison
Mar 09 - 20:30FTHampton5080Delaware
Mar 09 - 21:00FTOklahoma State7185Brigham Young
Mar 09 - 21:00FTMinnesota6690Northwestern
Mar 09 - 21:00FTUC Irvine8171CS Fullerton
Mar 09 - 21:30FTDenver6160UMKC
Mar 09 - 22:00FTArizona6578USC
Mar 09 - 22:00FTIdaho State6860Northern Arizona
Mar 09 - 22:00FTSan Diego Toreros79104Santa Clara
Mar 09 - 22:00FTUC Riverside8164UC Santa Barbara
Mar 09 - 22:30FTUNLV6575Nevada
Mar 09 - 23:00FTArizona State4759UCLA
Mar 09 - 23:59FTCSU Bakersfield5774Hawaii
Mar 10 - 00:30FTPortland5172San Francisco
Mar 10 - 12:00FTNebraska8570Michigan
Mar 10 - 12:00FTLongwood8559UNC Asheville
Mar 10 - 12:00FTMonmouth5983Charleston
Mar 10 - 12:30FTWisconsin7078Purdue
Mar 10 - 14:00FTOhio State7351Rutgers
Mar 10 - 14:00FTBucknell6568Colgate
Mar 10 - 14:00FTAustin Peay9194Stetson
Mar 10 - 14:00FTDrake8480Indiana State
Mar 10 - 14:30FTTowson6656NC Wilmington
Mar 10 - 15:00FTSMU Mustangs7074UAB
Mar 10 - 15:00FTTemple8482UTSA Roadrunners
Mar 10 - 16:00AOTLehigh8479Boston University
Mar 10 - 16:00FTFurman7784Samford
Mar 10 - 16:30FTMichigan State6465Indiana
Mar 10 - 18:00FTNew Orleans7866SE Louisiana
Mar 10 - 18:00FTArkansas State6765Appalachian State
Mar 10 - 18:00AOTStony Brook9188Drexel
Mar 10 - 18:30AOTEast Tennessee St8584Chattanooga Mocs
Mar 10 - 19:00FTIllinois7361Iowa
Mar 10 - 19:00FTNorth Dakota St5868St. Thomas (Minn.)
Mar 10 - 19:30FTMaryland6985Penn State
Mar 10 - 19:30FTSacramento State7469East. Washington
Mar 10 - 20:30FTTX A&M Commerce6964Northwestern St.
Mar 10 - 20:30FTTexas State6873James Madison
Mar 10 - 20:30FTDelaware5873Hofstra
Mar 10 - 21:30FTNebraska O.7372North Dakota
Mar 10 - 22:00FTIdaho State8376Northern Colorado
Mar 11 - 18:00FTTowson5661Charleston
Mar 11 - 18:00FTNew Orleans5771Lamar
Mar 11 - 19:00FTCleveland State7174Oakland
Mar 11 - 19:00FTEast Tennessee St6976Samford
Mar 11 - 19:00FTSt. Thomas (Minn.)4959South Dakota St.
Mar 11 - 19:00FTArkansas State7191James Madison
Mar 11 - 19:30FTMontana State9182Weber State
Mar 11 - 20:30FTStony Brook6359Hofstra
Mar 11 - 20:30FTTX A&M Commerce5172Nicholls State
Mar 11 - 21:00FTSanta Clara6579St. Marys (CA)
Mar 11 - 21:30FTWisc. Milwaukee8275Northern Kentucky
Mar 11 - 21:30FTDenver6663Nebraska O.
Mar 11 - 22:00FTPortland State8187Montana
Mar 11 - 23:30FTSan Francisco7789Gonzaga
Mar 12 - 11:30AOTDavidson6371Fordham
Mar 12 - 12:30FTOklahoma State6277UCF Knights
Mar 12 - 14:00FTGeorge Washington6061La Salle
Mar 12 - 14:00FTGeorgia Tech8084Notre Dame
Mar 12 - 15:00FTWest Virginia8590Cincinnati
Mar 12 - 16:30FTLouisville8594NC State
Mar 12 - 16:30FTSt. Louis7471Rhode Island
Mar 12 - 17:00FTNew Hampshire5966Vermont
Mar 12 - 17:15FTCanisius7761Mount St. Mary's
Mar 12 - 18:00FTBryant University7077UMass Lowell
Mar 12 - 18:30FTLamar5776McNeese State
Mar 12 - 19:00FTMiami (FL)6581Boston College
Mar 12 - 19:00FTWagner5447Merrimack Warriors
Mar 12 - 19:00FTWisc. Milwaukee7683Oakland
Mar 12 - 19:00AOTStony Brook7982Charleston
Mar 12 - 19:30FTManhattan5760Iona
Mar 12 - 20:30FTSacramento State7174Montana State
Mar 12 - 21:00FTFlorida International7667Jacksonville State
Mar 12 - 21:00FTGonzaga6069St. Marys (CA)
Mar 12 - 21:00AOTNicholls State8173Texas A&M-CC
Mar 12 - 21:30FTDenver6876South Dakota St.
Mar 12 - 21:45FTSiena6567Niagara
Mar 12 - 23:00FTIdaho State5872Montana
Mar 13 - 11:30FTSaint Josephs6457George Mason
Mar 13 - 12:00FTFlorida State8676Virginia Tech
Mar 13 - 12:30FTUCF Knights7387Brigham Young
Mar 13 - 13:00FTRice8188Wichita State
Mar 13 - 14:00FTFresno State7773Wyoming
Mar 13 - 14:00FTFordham6269VCU Rams
Mar 13 - 14:30FTNotre Dame5972Wake Forest
Mar 13 - 15:00FTAlabama A&M7563Alcorn State
Mar 13 - 15:00FTOklahoma7077TCU
Mar 13 - 15:00FTUTSA Roadrunners6164Temple
Mar 13 - 15:00FTUSC8074Washington
Mar 13 - 16:00FTXavier7672Butler
Mar 13 - 16:30FTSan Jose State6272Colorado State
Mar 13 - 17:00FTLa Salle7375St. Bonaventure
Mar 13 - 17:00FTNicholls State7692McNeese State
Mar 13 - 17:30FTOregon State5767UCLA
Mar 13 - 18:00FTCoppin State5175Norfolk State
Mar 13 - 18:30FTGeorgetown5674Providence
Mar 13 - 18:30FTRutgers5165Maryland
Mar 13 - 18:30FTFlorida International5978Sam Houston St.
Mar 13 - 18:30FTCanisius5276Quinnipiac
Mar 13 - 19:00AOTVanderbilt8590Arkansas
Mar 13 - 19:00FTLehigh5574Colgate
Mar 13 - 19:00FTAir Force5682New Mexico
Mar 13 - 19:00FTKansas State7874Texas
Mar 13 - 19:00FTNC State8365Syracuse
Mar 13 - 19:30FTSt. Louis7383Duquesne
Mar 13 - 20:00FTMd.-East. Shore8187N. Carolina Central
Mar 13 - 20:30FTMichigan5766Penn State
Mar 13 - 21:00AOTStanford8776California
Mar 13 - 21:00FTMiddle Tenn. St.7067Louisiana Tech
Mar 13 - 21:00FTCSU Bakersfield7883UC Riverside
Mar 13 - 21:00AOTCalifornia Baptist7463Utah Valley State
Mar 13 - 21:00FTDePaul5758Villanova
Mar 13 - 21:00FTIona6368Fairfield
Mar 13 - 21:30FTMissouri5964Georgia
Mar 13 - 21:30FTAlabama State5056Grambling St.
Mar 13 - 21:30FTCincinnati7252Kansas
Mar 13 - 21:30FTBoston College7655Clemson
Mar 13 - 23:30FTArizona State5790Utah Utes
Mar 13 - 23:30AOTCS Northridge8784UC Santa Barbara
Mar 13 - 23:30FTAbilene Christian5760Stephen F. Austin
Mar 13 - 23:30FTMontana State8570Montana
Mar 14 - 11:00FTKent State6759Toledo
Mar 14 - 11:30FTSaint Josephs6661Richmond
Mar 14 - 12:00FTMinnesota6777Michigan State
Mar 14 - 12:00FTXavier6087UConn
Mar 14 - 12:00FTFlorida State6792North Carolina
Mar 14 - 12:30FTTulsa7984East Carolina
Mar 14 - 12:30FTBrigham Young6781Texas Tech
Mar 14 - 13:00FTMississippi St.7060LSU
Mar 14 - 13:30FTBowling Green6656Central Michigan
Mar 14 - 14:00FTVCU Rams7359UMass
Mar 14 - 14:30FTSt. John's (N.Y.)9172Seton Hall
Mar 14 - 14:30FTMaryland5687Wisconsin
Mar 14 - 14:30FTWake Forest6981Pittsburgh
Mar 14 - 14:30FTWichita State7165Memphis
Mar 14 - 15:00FTJackson State6273Texas Southern
Mar 14 - 15:00AOTFresno State7587Utah State
Mar 14 - 15:00FTTCU4560Houston
Mar 14 - 15:00FTUSC4970Arizona
Mar 14 - 15:30FTArkansas6680South Carolina
Mar 14 - 16:00FTMiami (Ohio)6375Akron
Mar 14 - 17:00AOTSt. Bonaventure7574Loyola Chicago
Mar 14 - 17:30AOTSan Diego State7471UNLV
Mar 14 - 17:30FTUCLA6668Oregon
Mar 14 - 18:00FTMorgan State6578Howard
Mar 14 - 18:30FTWestern Michigan5582Ohio
Mar 14 - 18:30FTUTEP6657Liberty
Mar 14 - 18:30FTOhio State9078Iowa
Mar 14 - 18:30FTNiagara5965Marist
Mar 14 - 19:00FTTulane7181North Texas
Mar 14 - 19:00FTOle Miss7180Texas A&M
Mar 14 - 19:00FTNC State7469Duke
Mar 14 - 19:00FTProvidence7873Creighton
Mar 14 - 19:00FTKansas State5776Iowa State
Mar 14 - 19:30FTDuquesne6557Dayton
Mar 14 - 20:00FTDelaware State7158South Carolina St
Mar 14 - 21:00FTSt. Peters5048Rider
Mar 14 - 21:00FTNew Mexico State6989Western Kentucky
Mar 14 - 21:00FTColorado State8578Nevada
Mar 14 - 21:00FTCS Northridge6875Hawaii
Mar 14 - 21:00FTPenn State5961Indiana
Mar 14 - 21:00FTStanford6279Washington State
Mar 14 - 21:00FTCalifornia Baptist5781Seattle
Mar 14 - 21:00FTTemple7560SMU Mustangs
Mar 14 - 21:30FTBethune-Cookman7358Southern Univ.
Mar 14 - 21:30AOTBoston College6066Virginia
Mar 14 - 21:30AOTVillanova6571Marquette
Mar 14 - 21:30FTGeorgia8085Florida
Mar 14 - 21:30FTCincinnati5668Baylor
Mar 14 - 23:30FTStephen F. Austin78109UT Arlington
Mar 14 - 23:30FTUC Riverside6786Long Beach State
Mar 14 - 23:30FTUtah Utes5872Colorado
Mar 14 - 23:30FTNew Mexico7666Boise State
Mar 15 - 12:00FTMichigan State6267Purdue
Mar 15 - 12:30FTUTEP6563Sam Houston St.
Mar 15 - 13:00FTEast Carolina5981South Florida
Mar 15 - 13:00FTMississippi St.7356Tennessee
Mar 15 - 14:30FTWisconsin7061Northwestern
Mar 15 - 15:00FTBethune-Cookman5365Grambling St.
Mar 15 - 15:00FTWichita State6072UAB
Mar 15 - 15:00FTMiddle Tenn. St.5485Western Kentucky
Mar 15 - 15:30FTSouth Carolina5586Auburn
Mar 15 - 17:00FTKent State7360Bowling Green
Mar 15 - 17:30FTSt. John's (N.Y.)9095UConn
Mar 15 - 18:00FTHoward8074Norfolk State
Mar 15 - 18:30FTOhio State7477Illinois
Mar 15 - 18:30FTSt. Peters6260Quinnipiac
Mar 15 - 19:00FTNorth Texas7177Florida Atlantic
Mar 15 - 19:00FTTexas Tech5982Houston
Mar 15 - 19:00FTTexas A&M9787Kentucky
Mar 15 - 19:00FTPittsburgh6572North Carolina
Mar 15 - 19:30FTOhio6265Akron
Mar 15 - 20:00FTOregon6759Arizona
Mar 15 - 20:00FTProvidence6879Marquette
Mar 15 - 20:00FTDelaware State7158N. Carolina Central
Mar 15 - 21:00FTTemple5854Charlotte
Mar 15 - 21:00FTMarist6165Fairfield
Mar 15 - 21:00FTSeattle7280Grand Canyon
Mar 15 - 21:00FTIndiana6693Nebraska
Mar 15 - 21:00FTLong Beach State8379UC Irvine
Mar 15 - 21:30FTFlorida10288Alabama
Mar 15 - 21:30FTBaylor6276Iowa State
Mar 15 - 21:30FTAlabama A&M6572Texas Southern
Mar 15 - 21:30FTSan Diego State8670Utah State
Mar 15 - 21:30AOTNC State7365Virginia
Mar 15 - 22:30FTColorado5852Washington State
Mar 15 - 23:30FTHawaii6568UC Davis
Mar 15 - 23:30FTUT Arlington8784Tarleton
Mar 15 - 23:59FTColorado State6174New Mexico
Mar 16 - 11:00FTBrown9081Princeton
Mar 16 - 11:00FTUMass Lowell6166Vermont
Mar 16 - 13:00FTSaint Josephs6066VCU Rams
Mar 16 - 13:00FTDelaware State6770Howard
Mar 16 - 13:00FTMississippi St.6673Auburn
Mar 16 - 13:00AOTWisconsin7675Purdue
Mar 16 - 14:00FTCornell5769Yale
Mar 16 - 15:00FTUAB9383South Florida
Mar 16 - 15:30FTSt. Bonaventure6070Duquesne
Mar 16 - 15:30FTNebraska8798Illinois
Mar 16 - 15:30FTTexas A&M9095Florida
Mar 16 - 17:00FTTemple7473Florida Atlantic
Mar 16 - 18:00FTNew Mexico6861San Diego State
Mar 16 - 18:00FTIowa State6941Houston
Mar 16 - 18:30FTMarquette5773UConn
Mar 16 - 19:30FTSt. Peters6863Fairfield
Mar 16 - 19:30FTKent State6162Akron
Mar 16 - 20:30FTNC State8476North Carolina
Mar 16 - 20:30FTUTEP7178Western Kentucky
Mar 16 - 21:00FTOregon7568Colorado
Mar 16 - 21:30FTTexas Southern6675Grambling St.
Mar 16 - 21:30FTLong Beach State7470UC Davis
Mar 16 - 23:30FTUT Arlington7489Grand Canyon
Mar 17 - 12:00FTBrown6162Yale
Mar 17 - 13:00FTFlorida6786Auburn
Mar 17 - 13:00FTDuquesne5751VCU Rams
Mar 17 - 15:15FTTemple6985UAB
Mar 17 - 15:30FTWisconsin8793Illinois
Mar 19 - 18:40FTWagner7168Howard
Mar 19 - 21:10FTColorado State6742Virginia
Mar 20 - 18:40AOTGrambling St.8881Montana State
Mar 20 - 21:10FTColorado6053Boise State
Mar 21 - 12:15FTMichigan State6951Mississippi St.
Mar 21 - 12:40FTDuquesne7167Brigham Young
Mar 21 - 13:30FTAkron6077Creighton
Mar 21 - 14:00FTLong Beach State6585Arizona
Mar 21 - 14:45FTWagner6290North Carolina
Mar 21 - 15:10FTMorehead State6985Illinois
Mar 21 - 16:00FTOregon8773South Carolina
Mar 21 - 16:30FTNevada6063Dayton
Mar 21 - 18:50FTColorado State4456Texas
Mar 21 - 19:10FTOakland8076Kentucky
Mar 21 - 19:25FTMcNeese State6586Gonzaga
Mar 21 - 19:35FTSouth Dakota St.6582Iowa State
Mar 21 - 21:20FTSt. Peters4983Tennessee
Mar 21 - 21:40FTNC State8067Texas Tech
Mar 21 - 21:55FTSamford8993Kansas
Mar 21 - 22:05FTDrake6166Washington State
Mar 22 - 12:15AOTNorthwestern7765Florida Atlantic
Mar 22 - 12:40FTColgate6792Baylor
Mar 22 - 13:45FTUAB6569San Diego State
Mar 22 - 14:00FTWestern Kentucky6987Marquette
Mar 22 - 14:45FTStetson5291UConn
Mar 22 - 15:10FTNew Mexico5677Clemson
Mar 22 - 16:15FTYale7876Auburn
Mar 22 - 16:30FTColorado102100Florida
Mar 22 - 18:50FTTexas A&M9883Nebraska
Mar 22 - 19:10FTVermont4764Duke
Mar 22 - 19:25FTGrambling St.5078Purdue
Mar 22 - 19:35FTCharleston96109Alabama
Mar 22 - 21:20FTLongwood4686Houston
Mar 22 - 21:40FTJames Madison7261Wisconsin
Mar 22 - 21:55FTTCU7288Utah State
Mar 22 - 22:05FTGrand Canyon7566St. Marys (CA)
Mar 23 - 12:45FTDayton6878Arizona
Mar 23 - 15:15FTGonzaga8968Kansas
Mar 23 - 17:30FTMichigan State6985North Carolina
Mar 23 - 18:10FTWashington State5667Iowa State
Mar 23 - 19:10AOTOakland7379NC State
Mar 23 - 20:00FTTexas5862Tennessee
Mar 23 - 20:40FTDuquesne6389Illinois
Mar 23 - 21:40AOTOregon7386Creighton
Mar 24 - 12:10FTColorado7781Marquette
Mar 24 - 14:40FTUtah State67106Purdue
Mar 24 - 17:15FTJames Madison5593Duke
Mar 24 - 18:10FTClemson7264Baylor
Mar 24 - 19:10FTGrand Canyon6172Alabama
Mar 24 - 19:45FTNorthwestern5875UConn
Mar 24 - 20:40AOTTexas A&M95100Houston
Mar 24 - 21:40FTYale5785San Diego State
Mar 28 - 19:09FTClemson7772Arizona
Mar 28 - 19:39FTSan Diego State5282UConn
Mar 28 - 21:39FTAlabama8987North Carolina
Mar 28 - 22:09FTIllinois7269Iowa State
Mar 29 - 19:09FTNC State6758Marquette
Mar 29 - 19:39FTGonzaga6880Purdue
Mar 29 - 21:39FTDuke5451Houston
Mar 29 - 22:09FTCreighton7582Tennessee
NCAA - Quarter-finalsMar 30 - 18:09FTIllinois5277UConn
NCAA - Quarter-finalsMar 30 - 20:49FTClemson8289Alabama
NCAA - Quarter-finalsMar 31 - 14:20FTTennessee6672Purdue
NCAA - Quarter-finalsMar 31 - 17:05FTNC State7664Duke
NCAA - Semi-finalsApr 06 - 18:09FTNC State5063Purdue
NCAA - Semi-finalsApr 06 - 20:49FTAlabama7286UConn
NCAA - FinalApr 08 - 21:20FTPurdue6075UConn
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