An astronomical number of NCAA basketball odds to bet during the playing season. That should come as no surprise, given over 350 Division 1 programs (and more on the way) are scattered across the country.

The NCAAB odds from Vegas were last updated on April 8, 2024:

Current Odds To Win NCAA Basketball Championship

2023/24 NCAAB Championship BetUS BetOnline Bovada
Connecticut -115 -120 -115
Purdue -105 -110 -105

However, if you’ve never bet on NCAA basketball lines before, you might be thrown off by the plus and negative odds or gambling terms like “moneyline.” Welp, we’re here to give you a complete guide to NCAAB lines — the best online sportsbooks to get them, odds explained, bet types, and a whole lot more.

Visit our College Basketball page if you are looking for NCAAB information, tips, and strategies on this league.

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Top Betting Sites For College Basketball Odds

Just like there’s no shortage of D1 hoops programs, sportsbooks to find college basketball odds are also not scarce by any stretch of the imagination. But there comes a point when having too many betting site options is a problem. Welp, we’ve officially reached that breaking point with Vegas odds NCAAB.

Thankfully, we’ve been around the block enough to know a good sportsbook from a bad one. And when it comes to NCAA basketball Vegas odds, these next three bookies do it the best in the business:

MyBookie’s NCAAB Odds

MyBookie‘s sportsbook menu is in the industry’s upper echelon. This not only applies to all sports but especially with Las Vegas college basketball odds.

Bettors will have no problem getting the college basketball latest line here. Whether that’s a game in Hawaii or Rhode Island, it’s all there for the taking at MyBookie.

Moreover, MyBookie really ups the ante once the March Madness tournament rolls around. While NCAA basketball championship odds are available year-round, the betting site provides a good crop of prop bets come NCAA Tournament time.

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NCAAB Odds at

With a straight-to-the-point name like, you think you’ll be able to get college basketball lines for today here? Of course, and not only for today but for the entire year. Akin to MyBookie, packs its site with the best odds for NCAA basketball.

But there’s another huge selling point about this bookmaker — its lucrative sign-up bonus. Here’s how it works: create an account at, fund your playing account, and the site will match that deposit in free play by 50 percent.

This bonus can be maxed out to an eye-popping $1000 in free play. Just imagine the amount of college basketball betting odds you can buy with a sum like that? It’s a great way to bankroll your college hoops betting.

But wait there’s more: if that first-time deposit is done via crypt and not cash, ups the match percentage to 100 percent. There’s still a $1000 award cap, but you get extra bang for your buck with this promotion.

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NCAAB Odds Bovada

With Bovada, customers know what they’re going to get. A reputation that is backed by years of experience in the industry, providing some of the most competitive and enhanced odds around. Throughout the year Bovada covers the most important betting markets and March Madness is one of those.

Bovada offers a broad range of betting promotions and bonuses that run throughout the year, as well as seasonal bonuses that come around when major events like the Super Bowl and the NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament come around.

No matter what the market is, it’s always worth checking out what Bovada has to offer. They are constantly updating their site with the latest odds and betting trends, so be sure to drop by and see what’s happening this week!

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College Basketball Odds BetOnline

Another great provider available is BetOnline, which has been in the industry for almost 2 decades. They have become a well-established online provider and remain one of the top choices for sharps and newcomers across North America.

One of the great features about BetOnline is the ability to bet on a broad range of markets and betting lines, all from one app or desktop site. This provider is dedicated to ensuring it provides a first-rate quality in all aspects of its service.

Not only do they ensure customers are playing with some of the best odds in the industry, BetOnline rewards customers for their dedication through their loyalty scheme. Moreover, they offer customers a variety of unique betting bonuses, which feature some great Free Money and Free Bets.

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BetUS is a lot like Everygame, it has been around in the industry for so long now that its reputation carries it alone. BetUS has been providing sports betting markets to players since 1994 and through a range of great promotions and consistently good odds has ensured.

One of the great things about playing at BetUS is the ability to move money in and out of your account with ease, as it offers a broad range of payment methods which include modern cryptocurrencies as well as more traditional payment methods.

We must mention the Welcome Bonus. In fact, BetUS not only offers a lucrative Welcome Bonus, but the provider also features a variety of great sportsbook bonuses and promotions. Some of these are ongoing and run throughout the year, while others pop up when season finales come around or major tournaments come around.

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College Basketball Odds at GTBets

Last on our list of suggestions is none other than GTBets. Many of the same Vegas NCAA basketball odds that you’ll see at or MyBookie are also carried at GTBets.

However, where GTBets separates itself from the competition is in extra site features. None more apparent than its GameTimeRewards program. Essentially, it’s a loyalty program that pays you to bet at GTBets over the long haul. Yes, you read that correctly, paid to play!

With every bet made at GTBets, whether that’s on college basketball daily lines or an entirely different sport, you rack up rewards points. These points will earn you the cashback from GTBets that you can use freely. Furthermore, points can also earn you perks like sweepstake entries or merchandise. The GameTimeRewards feature for long-term bettors will make a habit out of wagering on NCAA basketball game lines.

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Between the above bookmakers, you’re in good hands to gamble on Las Vegas odds NCAA basketball. If you’re looking for full-length reviews, plus sign-up bonus details, check out the table below. Also included are a few more betting sites that just missed our cut.

March Madness brackets and odds can be found here. March Madness is the playoffs of the NCAAB season.

College Basketball Lines Explained

Next, we're going to show you how to read college basketball lines. You might be asking yourself, what's the difference between positive and negative odds NCAA basketball? How much money do I stand to make from this bet? All good questions that we're about to provide answers to.

Let's say you're betting USC versus Arizona — the two most storied basketball programs on the West coast. It's an NCAAB moneyline wager so you're simply picking who wins (we'll cover moneyline and other basketball bet types shortly). You see the Trojans are +150, while the Wildcats are -180. What's this even mean, right?

Well, the negative college basketball odd attached to Arizona means they're favored to win by bookmakers. On the flip side, USC, with its positive line, are the underdogs.

The NCAA basketball line makes a huge difference on your possible payout. Essentially, you earn $100 profit for every $180 you wager on the Wildcats, assuming they win straight up. No small winnings by any means, however, the Trojans NCAAB Vegas odds are far more lucrative. If they indeed pull off the upset, you'll take in $150 for every $100 you stake.

At the end of the day, you need to balance the risk versus the reward. This is the essence of any NCAAB betting line or any other sport for that matter.

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Types Of NCAAB Odds

NCAAB odds come in bunches. There's a multitude of ways to gamble on college hoops — all of which we're about to explain in detail.

College Basketball Money Line

We touched on this college basketball line briefly before, but let's rehash — a bettor must simply pick which team will win the game straight up. No strings attached whatsoever on the NCAA basketball moneyline.

Typically, these Vegas odds college basketball are more lopsided. That's because it's essentially a 50-50 bet. If you're looking for wagers that are more "even money" then the next one should have your attention.

College Basketball Spread

Point spreads effectively act as a handicap that both teams must play with. In order to "cover the spread" the favorite has to win by a certain point total. The underdog can lose, but so long as it's within that same spread, they'll too cover. Of course, an upset victory from the underdog also covers.

On spreads, this NCAAB odd is equal both ways. Using our previous example, Arizona could be five-point favorites. Therefore, USC must be five-point dogs. This is a hard rule that Vegas NCAA basketball oddsmakers don't budge on.

College Basketball Over Under

For those uninterested in which team wins or by how many points, the over/under NCAA basketball bet is for you. These NCAA basketball betting lines are concerned only with how many points will be tallied by both teams. Bookies pre-set a total, say 150 points, and bettors simply pick "over" or "under" that sum.

In case the game ends with a combined 150 points exactly, the bet ends in a "push." This is a college basketball Vegas odds version of a tie. Bettors on both sides will have their money returned in full.

College Basketball Live Odds

The three wagers we just covered can either be bet on pregame or live. Pregame wagers must be made before tip-off or at halftime. However, with live odds NCAA basketball, you can stake a bet while the game is ongoing — anytime and anywhere.

Bookies will update NCAAB live odds in real-time. That means every make or miss of a shot can moves lines for college basketball. This betting method is great for those that want to get a "feel" for a matchup before committing any money.

NCAA Basketball Props

The easy way to think of props is "side bets." These types of NCAA college basketball odds deal with mini-events within a game. The prop selection will vary widely from bookie to bookie, but it can range from the norm (which individual player will finish the game with the most points) to the unordinary (how many minutes will it take to cut down the nets).

NCAA Basketball Futures

Last on our list of NCAAB betting lines are NCAA basketball futures odds. As the name implies, college basketball futures are long-term plays. These can take multiple months to settle, depending on when the wager was placed. You'll find NCAA basketball future odds on mostly championship winners (both conference and national championship), along with end-of-the-year accolades for individuals (e.g. Naismith Player of the Year).

NCAA Basketball Latest Lines

Alright, folks, that does it for us. Our crash course on college basketball betting lines is now complete and you're well on your way to winning the big bucks while gambling!  Of course, this is an NCAAB futures bet on the 2023-2024 national title winner. Villanova seems to be the ever-slight favorite among online oddsmakers. As an example, depending on which bookie you use, you can flip a $100 bet into earnings of $700 to $900 if the Wildcats in-fact cut down the nets in March.

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